Honeygain Review: Is This a Legit Way to Make Money Online?

If you spend at least half as much time online every day as we do, we’re sure you’ve come upon numerous offers to make money online. “My cousin works from home and makes $1,234 every Tuesday…” – sounds familiar? Nowadays, it’s hard to find a comment section not littered with messages like these.

Most money-making opportunities you’re presented with online scream spam straight from the get-go. They promise little to no work and massive earnings. However, we all understand that we’d all already be billionaires if it was possible to do it overnight! 

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t jump to thinking there are no legit ways to make money online in your free time. While the earnings might be modest, you can surely make a buck or ten effortlessly as you browse the web – and in this review, we’ll present a passive income opportunity just like that.

Honeygain: What It Is and How It Works

The app we’re trying out this time is called Honeygain. Introduced in 2019, it’s not a newbie on the market by any means – in fact, it’s known as one of the first internet-sharing applications ever launched.

The main idea of Honeygain is pretty simple: by running the application on your device, you’re sharing a portion of your unused internet bandwidth. Your pay is based on the amount of traffic you share (or, if you use the Content Delivery feature, the time your device is in Active mode – more on that later!), and you can use both WiFi and mobile data.

While the competition has certainly grown in the last few years, Honeygain remains not only the biggest player in the arena but also the one with the most accessibility options. As of 2022, it is available on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and even Linux (via Docker). This means you can generate passive income on your computer, your tablet, or smartphone – or even all three.

Each Honeygain account can have up to 10 devices sharing their bandwidth simultaneously, as long as each of them is connected to a different network and uses a different IP address. You can have more devices connected if you need to – it’s just that no more than 10 can be actively sharing at the same time.

How Much One Can Make, Exactly?

As you share your internet bandwidth with Honeygain, you get paid 3,000 Honeygain credits per every 10 GB. 3,000 credits translates to $3 – so it’s clearly not about to pave you a way to a millionaire’s life in the Bahamas. However, it’s a nice deal when you consider just how little you need to do to get it!

If you use a desktop device (read: computer) and live in one of the 41 countries where the Content Delivery (CD) feature is currently available, you can turn it on and make 6 extra credits per every hour your device is in Active mode. Other ways to make extra money include using Honeygain’s generous referral program and winning free credits in either the in-app lottery called Lucky Pot or regular contests on Honeygain’s social media pages.

Trying the app out ourselves, we managed to make $14.22 in two weeks with a couple of Android devices. This includes a $5 sign-up bonus we collected by using the coupon code GET5, currently offered to website visitors and displayed in a colorful popup. Not too shabby for running the app in the background on your device and not even using it actively! The money you make can be collected in either PayPal (USD) or your crypto wallet ($JMPT).

Could It BE More Passive?

Once you register on Honeygain, download and install the application, you can simply leave it running. That’s it – there’s no need to watch ads, complete surveys, or do anything else to generate passive income! As mentioned above, you can play the daily in-app lottery or invite your friends and family to join so you can enjoy the benefits of the referee – however, these are optional, so you can do without them just as well if that’s how you like it.

It’s important to note that Honeygain is developed to only share as much internet bandwidth as possible without affecting your device’s performance or your browsing experience. You can use your computer, tablet or smartphone just like you normally would while the app is running and generating passive income out of sight.

The only exception is Honeygain iOS: since iOS doesn’t allow background activity for most types of applications, you’ll need to leave the app running on-screen. Luckily, you can enable a power-saving mode and dim your screen, making the app perfect for running at night. 

Making money with Honeygain is definitely not a scam: we’ve tried it, and we can vouch for it now. Of course, it’s not going to replace your primary source of income – but it’s still a nice way to treat yourself to a free extra pizza every now and then!

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