Hone Your Inner Chef With the Best Cooking Classes You Can Stream at Home

We all are going through tough and uncertain times. We remember the days when we could step out to get a meal before class or grab some street food because we can’t be bothered to make a meal in our homes. But as this time has forced us to have a relationship with our kitchen, what’s better than having these famous chefs in our homes, virtually, to direct our steps when it comes to making a meal with attitude?

We have listed chefs to help navigate our cooking pots and pans. From amateur to star-studded chefs, all from around the world, read on as we round up our eight favorite chefs, who are currently doing cooking classes from home.

David Chang

The creative and sarcastic chef, David Chang, is honoring our Instagram feed with recipes of his famous meals. Not to worry, it’s not as complicated as you think. He posts videos on his Instagram on most days so be sure to tune in here and get some of that kitchen knowledge.

Massimo Bottura

The famous and inventive chef behind Gucci’s new Italian restaurant, Massimo Bottura, is more than willing to teach anyone how to cook. Now, who wouldn’t want to learn some culinary art from the best of the best? He has launched a nightly free cooking series via his Instagram page and is open to all. Navigate those hands as fast as you can because you’re about to be labeled a sous chef.

Christina Tosi

This quarantine period has birthed in most people, a yearning to learn new skills and if baking is not on that list, then you need to think again because the Milk Bar founder, Christina Tosi, has launched a #BakersClub movement which she hosts from her home at 2 p.m. EST on Instagram. Get connected here.

Jose Andres

The unstoppable and humble chef, who after all he does like providing meals for firefighters, quarantined cruise ship passengers, mobilizing chefs for his World Central kitchen, still finds the time to connect on twitter and give the people recipes for meals like brisket and eggs. Sign in to your twitter any evening and look up the hashtag #RecipesforthePeople or via his Twitter page.

Antoni Porowski

Following the pandemic resulting in quarantine and social distancing, this chef has started captions that flow along with cooking videos to help you cook. With captions like Chicken Soup for the Soul(cially) Distanced, The Keep Calm-lette, or Farro Away from Others Bowl, it is a must-watch cooking class. Antoni posts several times a week on his IGTV.

Chrissy Teigen

The famous model, television personality, and author is one to bless us with her outstanding cooking skills. She bakes, cooks, is a savage on the internet, and we are here for it. Her cookery Instagram page, Cravings By Chrissy Teigen is filled with recipes for lots of savory meals and step by step directions on how to make them. Check it out.

Gabriel Rucker

Gabriel Rucker is an award-winning chef based in Portland and is serving us all recipes for his famous meals like miso cod rice bowls and steam burgers. It is saved to his highlights on his Instagram page. Wonderful talent.

Vitaly Paley

Vitaly Paley emerged as Iron Chef winner and is bringing his prowess to Instagram live. He has named his live show “Ask Vitaly Anything.” So, on the live show, you get to ask questions and he answers and does cooking demonstrations. The show is on every Friday at 5 p.m PST. Watch through IGTV.


That sums up our top eight chefs from around the world, helping us out during this pandemic through their Instagram accounts. Stay safe and get to cooking.


Featured Image Credit: Jason Briscoe on Unsplash