Honda Center Parking

Honda Center is one of the top entertainment venues in the country, and there’s no better place to be to catch an exciting game or watch a mind-blowing concert. The arena is popularly known for hosting top shows, exciting sporting events, and family shows annually, delivering a world-class experience to all. So, are you heading to the venue to be a part of exciting events this year? If so, you certainly require a suitable Honda Center parking! When making plans to attend concerts and games at Honda Center, it’s highly recommended to pre-purchase a Honda Center parking pass and reserve your spot in advance. As one of the major venues that host top shows to sold-out events on a regular basis, it can be challenging to reserve parking at Honda Center. So unless you’re willing to waste time searching for parking around the venue on the day of the event, you should act fast and book your Honda Center parking pass prior to the event. The multi-purpose indoor arena sees thousands of fans each time there’s a special event, making it essential to reserve your Honda Center parking lot ahead of the event at the earliest opportunity.

How To Buy Honda Center Parking

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To purchase a Honda Center parking pass at a great deal, it’s best to go online. That’s right! You’ll find several options for any event you wish to attend at varying price points and can easily secure your preferred space at the Honda Center parking area. Or, if you’re looking for a covered parking area, there are several Honda Center garage parking at the venue’s parking lot. When you purchase a parking pass online, you’ll be paying less as there are always exciting deals at competitive prices, and it should be easy for you to choose one. You can also purchase your Honda Center parking pass at the ticket office or at the gate on the game day, but you should know that you’ll be paying more than online. Also, purchasing one on the day of the event means searching for your designated lot in the massive parking area, which can be troublesome. There are many advantages of reserving your parking online, and it is more convenient as you know exactly which gate or route you should take to enter the parking lot. Moreover, you can be rest assured knowing there is a guaranteed spot waiting for you when you arrive at the venue. 

The indoor ice hockey arena, Honda Center, located at 2695 East Katella Avenue in Anaheim, California, was opened in 1993. It was formerly known as the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim and has been home to NHL’s Anaheim Ducks since it opened and was also home to several sports teams in the past. Owned by the city of Anaheim, the indoor arena is operated by Anaheim Arena Management, LLC and is home to events like concerts, basketball, and ice hockey games. The 650,000 sq. ft. arena’s construction cost was $123 million and seats 17,174 for hockey games, 18,336 for basketball, and up to 18,900 for concerts. The venue also has a theatre that can seat 8,400 guests. Since its opening, it has hosted over 4,000 events and has entertained millions of fans. The venue, almost on a regular basis, hosts several exciting shows. You can expect to witness some great live concerts and sports events at the venue this year too. So if there’s an event you’ve been anticipating all this time, don’t delay and secure your Honda Center parking pass at the earliest. 

Given the arena’s massive space, you can find several parking options in and around the venue. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend or how far you’re willing to walk, you can choose your preferred parking accordingly. Options are plenty, from Honda Center club parking to general parking, private parking, VIP parking, and ADA parking. Accessible parking spaces are obtainable on a first-come, first-served basis and require a parking permit upon entering the parking lot. You can browse through the available parking options for the event you wish to attend and reserve your spot soon before they’re taken up. The arena has over 3,532 parking spaces and finding one should be easy given that you’re booking yours in advance. During special events, there can be congestion which can cause delays, and the last thing you want is to be stuck in a jam. Keeping that in mind, plan to reach the venue early to make it to the event on time and save time in searching for your seats at the venue. Moreover, parking lots are open 2 hours prior to the event, and you can use the opportunity to reach the Honda Center parking lot before it becomes crowded. 

Over the years, the venue has hosted several notable events like Stanley Cup Finals, UFC events, IBF World Championships, Big West Conference, basketball tournaments, and more. The arena has also welcomed many prominent artists and famous stars like Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, and Maroon 5, including K-pop sensations like EXO, BTS, BIGBANG, and TVXQ graced the big stage at the venue. With several exciting events lined up for this year, you won’t want to miss the chance to be a part of the fun. Hence, if there’s a concert or a game that you’re planning to attend, ensure that you don’t miss the chance to reserve a Honda Center parking lot for the event.

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Honda Center VIP Parking 

Being a VIP does come with benefits, and it’s always worth it. Moreover, VIP parking comes at a reasonable price, and you can park your car at the best parking lot. Don’t think twice about getting your hands on Honda Center VIP parking pass, especially if you want to use a valet service!

How Much Does Honda Center VIP Parking Cost?

Honda Center VIP parking can start from $45 and go up to $63 or more depending on the day or the event you’re attending. However, prices are subject to change and can vary daily.