Helpful Tips for Cleaning Properties

Today, we’d like to offer some helpful cleaning tips for around the home, but these work when cleaning any properties. We’ve gathered these cleaning tips from professionals to help make your cleaning session go smoothly and quickly.

Five tips for cleaning your home

1. Work from the top down

This is a cleaning tip I learnt from a professional cleaner a few years ago, and it has certainly helped me speed up the cleaning around my home. When you are dusting, start from the top surfaces and work your way down. So, for example, when you’re dusting a bookcase, start with the top shelf, and work your way down to the bottom.

This ensures that any of the dust that doesn’t get caught in the cloth falls onto shelves that you haven’t already cleaned. So you won’t need to go back over the shelves to remove dust again. This also works when vacuuming the stairs. Start on the top stair and work your way down. This ensures that any dirt or crumbs will fall onto stairs that you are yet to vacuum. Also, always dust or clean surfaces before you mop or vacuum, as if anything falls to the floor, you can get it later when you clean the floor. This trick has saved me loads of time when cleaning my home and will save you loads too.

2. Leave things to soak

Another fantastic tip is to plan your cleaning sessions and leave things to soak for as long as possible. Let’s say you’re cleaning the bathroom. The first thing to do is coat the toilet with bleach and let it soak into the grime while you clean other areas of the bathroom. Once you’ve finished the cleaning, you can return to the toilet, give it a good scrub, and the grime will be much easier to remove.

Again, this trick works all over the house. If you are cleaning the kitchen, for example, and the sink needs a good scrubbing, leave it to soak. Or if you have a stain on your carpet, apply some stain remover and let it soak into the stain while you do the dusting, for example. The longer you can leave the cleaning solution to work, the easier it will be to get the results you want.

3. Remove limescale from taps and shower heads with vinegar

I believe I first saw this cleaning trick on the internet, but I have had it confirmed by professional domestic cleaners that it does, indeed, work. A plastic sandwich bag filled with vinegar tied to your shower head or any tap in your home is excellent at removing limescale.

You’ll need enough vinegar in the bag that the tap or shower head is completely covered, and the vinegar needs time to work. So, once again, leave it to soak as you tackle other cleaning tasks. If you can leave the vinegar for an hour or more, that is ideal. Once you remove the bag, you should be able to wipe the taps or shower head clean really easy. Vinegar also works for getting rid of limescale on shower doors and a great deal more.

4. Using bicarbonate of soda on odours

Bicarbonate of soda can soak up odours better than almost anything else on the market. Sprinkle some on your carpets or on your sofa and leave it to rest. During this time, it pulls the odours out of the fabric, and once you vacuum it up, you’re left with wonderfully smelling fabrics.

5. Clean the filters in your cleaning equipment

Pretty much all of the cleaning equipment in your home has some filters that you need to clean periodically. I clean the filters in my hoover once every three months or so when I notice that the suction isn’t as good. However, your washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, steam mop etc., all have filters. Cleaning the filters in your cleaning equipment prolongs the life of it and ensures that everything is working correctly for you.

Just ensure that the filters are completely dry before you reinstall them and use the equipment, and never use it without the filters installed. I typically do mine after a cleaning session, so they are ready to go the next time I need to clean. If you aren’t sure where the filters are on your cleaning equipment, just put the make and model and the word ‘filters’ into YouTube, and there will likely be a video explaining the regular maintenance you can do to prolong the life of it.

We hope these cleaning tips from professional cleaners have helped you with your cleaning sessions. A few simple adjustments to your cleaning routine can really help speed it up and make it much easier. And, dare I say it, way more enjoyable too.