Heirs Season 2: The Most Awaited TV Show is Returning After Ages or Not! Rumors or Truth?

Reviving the history of the Korean drama series, we are aware that every individual has certain programs that they like watching the most. However, there are a few uncommon South Korean television series that should be on the radar of anybody who enjoys watching Korean dramas. Fans’ preferences haven’t changed much when it comes to series like Boys Over Flower and Descendants of the Sun.

One of these classic programs is called Heirs, and it is a drama in which we see a wealthy guy fall in love with the daughter of a working-class father. The plot, despite its apparent straightforwardness, involves a number of obstacles, ranging from love triangles to plots against the government.

One of the dynamic series that has maintained its position as one of the best programs of all time is Heirs. The first season of the program has already been made available to viewers after a number of years, but fans have just lately begun to hear speculations surrounding the show’s potential renewal.

The Heirs Flashback

“The Heirs” is a famous television drama series that airs in South Korea. The show combines elements of romance, drama, and teen-oriented material within its narrative structure. Choi Moon-suk is responsible for its conception, and it has a stellar cast that includes Lee Min-ho, Park Shin-Hye, and Kim Woo-bin, amongst others. The program was written by Kim Eun-sook, while Kang Shin-hyo and Boo Sung-chul were responsible for directing it. The series has a total of twenty episodes and was shown on SBS TV between the dates of October 9 and December 12, 2013. The plot most likely centers on ideas of inherited wealth, romantic relationships, and the difficulties experienced by today’s younger generation.


  • Title: The Heirs (왕관을 쓰려는 자, 그 무게를 견뎌라 – 상속자들)
  • Genres: Romance, Drama, Teen
  • Created by: Choi Moon-suk (from SBS Drama Production)
  • Written by: Kim Eun-sook
  • Directed by: Kang Shin-Hyo, Boo Sung-Chul
  • Creative directors: Lee Kwang-young, Choi Ji-young, Choi Yong-Joon
  • Starring:
  • Lee Min-ho
  • Park Shin-Hye
  • Kim Woo-bin
  • Music by: Park Se-Joon
  • Opening theme: “I Will See You” by Trans Fixion
  • Ending theme: “I’m Saying” (말이야) by Lee Hong-gi
  • Country of origin: South Korea
  • Original language: Korean
  • Number of episodes: 20
  • Executive producer: Yoon Ha-rim
  • Producers:
  • Shin Bong-Chul
  • Lee Sung-hoon
  • Camera setup: Single-camera
  • Running time: 58–60 minutes per episode
  • Production company: Hwa & Dam Pictures
  • Network: SBS TV
  • Release: October 9 – December 12, 2013

The Release Date of Heirs Season 2: When is it Expected?

The popularity of Korean drama series is unparalleled, just as Naruto and Dragon Ball Z are the go-to series for the anime industry. Heirs do the same for the Korean community.  Anyone fresh to Korean drama series should watch Heirs to fall in love with the writers’ entire work.

Concerning the show’s renewal status, the producers have yet to reveal anything about the future season. There are several speculations about season 2 floating around the internet, but none of them have been verified by the shoe runner.

We’ve seen how popular shows are being renewed recently, and this game provides a signal to fans about the future of their favorite program. If the series gets revived in the near future, we will notify you via this post.

Cast Updates: Who Will Feature in The Heirs Season 2

The cast of the K drama series plays an important part, and hence the plot of the program is dependent on their performance. This portion of the article will look at the likely season 2 cast. whether you believe in season two, you should look into the potential cast for the following season and see whether your favorite character will return or not.

  • Lee Min-ho in the role of Kim Tan
  • Park Shin-Hye in the role of Cha Eun-sang
  • Kim Woo-bin in the role of Choi Young-do
  • Krystal Jung in the role of Lee Bo-na
  • Kim Ji-won in the role of Yoo Rachel
  • Kang Min-hyuk in the role of Yoon Chan-young
  • Kang Ha-neul in the role of Lee Hyo-shin
  • Park Hyung-Sik in the role of Jo Myung-soo
  • Jeon Soo-jin in the role of Kang Ye-sol
  • Choi Tae-hwan in the role of Lee Sang-woo
  • Yang Seung-pil in the role of Hyo-joon
  • Cho Yoon-woo in the role of Moon Joon-young

I know many people are curious about the extra characters in the series. As of now, there is no word about any new cast members joining the program. If there is a season two, we may anticipate the producers to include some fresh characters in the story.

Heirs Season 2 Plot Details: What to Anticipate in The Heirs Season 2

The main character of Heirs is Kim Tan, a privileged young woman who is the rightful heir to the Jeguk Group. Even though he is the legal kid of his father’s second wife, the family register lists him as the legitimate child of his father’s first wife. This allows him to inherit the family business and be considered a legitimate child. He has a kind heart and a caring attitude, despite the fact that he is angry and full of fury.

On the other side, there is Cha Eun-sang, a lovely young girl who holds down a part-time job in order to keep up with his financial obligations. Because her mother works as a cleaner for the Tan family, she now resides at Kim Tan’s home. She is given a welfare scholarship to attend Jeguk High School when Chairman Kim discovers her capabilities and decides to put them to use.

The plot of the series will continue to focus on the characters’ run-ins with the love triangle that centers on Choi Young-do, heir to the Zeus Hotel company. If there is a season 2, then we may anticipate that the tale will go on.

Official Trailer: Heirs Season 2

Do you want an exclusive trailer?  Unfortunately, the series’ makers have not yet disclosed any information on the show’s trailer. If you missed the specifics for the first season of the program and want to view the official trailer for the series, we’re here to assist.

Catch Up with The Show

The popular Korean drama series is only available to view on Netflix. Netflix, which has now become a full-fledged Korean drama series, contains series such as Twenty-five Twenty-One, Crash Course of Romance, and Dear Home, as well as some of the Korean community’s most well-known episodes.

If you want to watch Heirs, you may do it on the OTT platform. You must purchase an online membership to the site in order to watch the series. Unfortunately, there is no official confirmation on the series and its future prospects at the time of writing. Heirs is an excellent Korean drama series that has not only gained a large fan base but has also become legendary throughout the years.