‘Halloween Ends’ Trailer Breakdown: Perhaps our Preview into the Conclusion of the Legendary Franchise

The Halloween franchise, like most horror franchises, has seen better day. But the original film, directed by John Carpenter and starring Jamie Lee Curtis, remains a seminal film in the slasher genre. It’s 2018 reboot injected new life into the dormant franchise but the 2021 follow-up, Halloween Kills, was blasted for its stilted dialogue, reliance on social commentary and an abundance of gore that makes even that hard core horror fan look away. However, a final film, appropriately titled Halloween Ends recently released a first trailer to show off one final confrontation between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. 

Set 4 years after Michael’s rampage, Laurie is living with her granddaughter Allyson while trying to finish her memoirs. She’s set to move on with her life until she learns of a young man who’s accused of murdering a little, Laurie decides to entice Michael into a final fight.

The trailer opens looking on an idyllic street in Haddonfield, IL on Halloween night and as the first few bars of the iconic Halloween theme play on, heavy breathing can be heard as an unknown figure is slowly approaching a home. It is pretty clear that this perspective is to be from Michael Myers as it has become a common technique in the franchise to show scenes in this fashion. Michael is shown looking throughout the house until he notices someone tidying up a bedroom. It is here that we get a full glimpse of Michael Myers as he slowly opens the door to find Laurie Strode standing right in front of him with a loaded revolver as she remarks “Come on, let’s go”. The trailer then shifts to a violent fight in Laurie’s kitchen as she is thrown over a counter as Michael coldly watches. 

There are then several shots of screaming teenagers, presumably Michael’s latest victims as he even manages to grab one by the throat in what looks to be a sewer. The trailer also splices footage from previous films as there is a very young Laurie being held by Michael as well as shots from the 2018 reboot as Halloween Kills. There is a shot that seems to linger on Allyson as Laurie looks on possibly implying that her granddaughter will not be able to escape Michael this time. Deputy Frank Hawkins, played by Will Patton, also makes a return after being stabbed by Dr. Sartain and recovering in Halloween Kills.

This trailer is all about Laurie and Michael as she once again goads him into a fight by saying “Come and get me, m***********” but this transitions to Michael attempting to shove Laurie’s hand down a garbage disposal until she is able to break his grip and stab him with a bloody kitchen knife. Even though it was brief, Halloween Ends’ first trailer has generated a lot of buzz for what is likely to be the conclusion of a legendary franchise. Halloween Ends premieres in theaters on October 14, 2022.

Featured Image Credit: Halloween Ends Trailer

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