Guidelines for Editing Gorgeous Travel Photos

It’s a good idea to travel to beautiful locations, and taking photos is one of the photographer’s favorite pastimes. What could be better than returning home with the most stunning images? You may then post these images to social media and share them with your friends and followers.

In order to create a stunning photo, photo editing is actually just as important as taking a photo. A great creative process is photo editing. Use an effective image editor to enhance your photographs before publishing them. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the technique of photo editing whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer.

The primary editing features of the well-known photo editor Fotor will be covered in this post to assist you in creating more flawless trip images for social media.

Photo editor online

You may be familiar with Fotor, a powerful photo editor that combines features for photo collage maker, photo editing, and photo design.

It offers tens of thousands of high-definition photo galleries, pre-made templates, and sticker captions to aid in the creation of original blogs, social media, and commercial photos. Furthermore, it offers a number of unique AI editing features, such as background remover, which quickly and precisely removes and replaces backgrounds from images.

To demonstrate the editing guides for using photo editors, this article will use Fotor’s editing feature as an example.

No use of original photo, monitor the photo quality

The most crucial step before editing is to photo-edit your backup photos and confirm that the quality of the images stays the same after each alteration. This is because editing is an unpredictable creative process, and in situations where the editing is subpar or the pixels are compressed as a result of user error, the best course of action would be to go back to the original image.

Background and clutter cleanup

The background of the shot is quite important for creating the ideal picture. We must determine whether the background of the image is sufficiently clean and free of crowded things. To remove undesired things, one method is to use Fotor’s AI brush, which is for local erasing. We can also utilize the AI background remover suggested before when the entire image still appears congested but we’re hesitant to throw away this picture. Simply import the photo to the Fotor background removal page to get the background instantly and automatically removed. The better thing is that we can manually alter the removed details and then swap them out for a new backdrop picture that is more appropriate.

Crop photo

If the background of your photo is good and doesn’t need to be changed, you should focus on the composition of the picture. To make a new composition, you can crop images. A photo might be cropped for several reasons: By cropping unnecessary objects and clutter from your photo, you may effectively grab the viewer’s attention. Make your subject and photo style theme more prominent by cropping away superfluous items.

Although it is actually quite difficult to create a nice and pleasant combination. It could take some trial and error before you discover a comfortable composition.

One-tap enhance

Be aware that a variety of factors, including lighting, camera settings, and the surrounding environment can influence the final color of the pictures you shoot. This tonal shift might not be apparent until after the photo has been taken. To restore the color of the photo itself, you must modify characteristics like white balance, exposure, contrast, saturation, etc.

The good news is that Fotor has an AI tool for improving photos that can detect light and foggy areas of an image automatically. Then, with a single click, it adjusts the light, color, and sharpness to create an image that is more detailed, high-definition, and clear. Additionally, your picture quality won’t suffer.

Portrait retouching

If you take portrait shots, you can utilize some natural retouching features, like Fotor’s teeth-whitening and wrinkle-removal tools, to get the most flattering and authentic image of yourself.


Editing photos is a crucial component of capturing photos. Choosing a decent photo editor can help you enjoy editing, produce better photographs, and enhance your social media presence.  

Photo by Mylene Tremoyet on Unsplash