Genshin Impact Lore 101: Who Is Bennett?

Genshin Impact is one of the so-called famous online games published and developed by the Chinese studio miHoYo. Bennett, a playable 4-star Pyro character in Genshin Impact, was discovered as a baby by an early adventurer. He is known as one of the most flexible characters that can make a large impact on the enemies. He can be used as a supporting character, but it is also possible to use him as a DPS. Giving him Bennett Artifacts is the best intervention to increase his Elemental burst while implementing the damage.

In this article, we’ll be learning more about Bennett’s character in Genshin Impact and some of the best artifacts for him, too. You can appreciate his character on Genshin Impact as, despite his bad luck, he can still help the team with his unique abilities.

Who is Bennett on Genshin Impact?

Bennett is the only remaining member of Benny’s Adventure Team when everyone else left after experiencing a mishap that followed him. Despite all the bad luck that followed him, he continued to be an optimistic, hardworking, and passionate adventurer. 

He is an in-demand character in the game because of his capability to buff and heal and his extreme support abilities. Although, others would opt to build Bennett instead of other characters. In addition to that, despite the bad luck that is following him, he is still chosen by many players as the heart of their team as a DPS or supporting character. 

It is easier to get Bennett as he is a four-star character, and he is available in all banners. You won’t have to wait and waste time as you’ll be able to get him in all banners, even in the weapon banner. Just a reminder to recognize or track his Combat Talents, because it has a big part in the damage that Bennett can make. It is also recommended to keep track of his talents that need to be prioritized so he can balance out his skills.

5 of the Best Artifacts for Bennett

Set: Noblesse Oblige

  • Utilizing an Elemental Burst will increase all members’ ATK by 20% for 12s. However, this effect cannot stack.
  • It can provide a short time to buff the whole team and boosts the damage of elemental bursts.

Set: Gladiator’s Finale

  • 2-piece set: ATK + 18%
  • 4-piece set: if the handler of this artifact uses a claymore, polearm, or sword, it increases their normal attack DMG by 35%.
  • This set is presently the provider of the highest raw damage boost.

Set: Bloodstained Chivalry

  • 2-piece set: Physical DMG +25%
  • 4-piece set: after defeating an enemy, it increases charged attack DMG by 50% and reduces stamina value to 0 for 10 seconds.

Set: Maiden Beloved

  • 2-piece set: character healing effectiveness
  •  4-piece set: using an elemental burst rises healing received by all party members by 20% for 10 seconds.
  • This is the most dominant healing set because both 2-piece and 4-piece set provides a huge boost to healing output, and heals received by the party members.

Set: Thundering Fury

  • 2-piece set: Electro DMG Bonus +15%
  • 4-piece set: surging damage caused by electro-charged, overloaded, and superconduct by 40%.
  • This will allow Bennett to generate increased energy for the team and spam his elemental skill.

Bennett’s Support Build

Provided above are the artifacts that can be used for Bennett. As for Bennett’s support build, the artifact that can compliment his elemental burst is a Noblesse Oblige Set that can provide increased damage while buffing your allies. 

In addition to that, you can also use the full Maiden Beloved Set as it helps increase the healing abilities of the team faster. The effectiveness of Bennett’s Elemental Burst depends on the artifacts that you choose for him. Selecting the appropriate artifacts will give your group a better chance of survival. Also, you might want to add another healer to the team, as Bennett’s healing capability may not be enough.

Bennett’s DPS Build

More often, Bennett is utilized as a supporting character. For some instances, you will be using Bennett as the player’s main DPS. The artifact that can perfectly suit Bennett is the Thundering Fury because it generates a large amount of energy for the team and spam Bennett’s elemental skill, and deals with raw Pyro DMG.

In a Nutshell

Bennett may not be a 5-star character, but that doesn’t mean that he will not serve his function in the team. He is one of the best characters on Genshin Impact and functions well as a supporting character. 

You can also make use of Bennett as the main DPS because he can perform his role in both aspects. After all, you can make use of his abilities both ways. It is highly recommended that when creating your team, choosing Bennett as one of your Pyro characters will make him a support and healer.