Garden Pods: Your Secret Backyard Vacation Spot

Many people dream of having access to a garden and maintaining their own green space. But in reality, keeping up with a garden can take a lot of time and effort. And those looking to breathe new life into their outdoor space may not opt to plant another row of hollyhock or delphinium.

Instead, modular pods are becoming a popular option. Not only are they multifunctional, but the prefabricated homes offer unique solutions for spaces of all shapes and sizes. Wooden garden pods don’t just offer new functionality to a garden, but can also create new opportunities for relaxation—and beyond.

The perfectly placed pod can easily become a secret backyard vacation spot, which shifts according to the season. It can even serve as an eco-friendly hostel for all those guests who filter in throughout the year. If you’re considering opting for a wooden garden pod, keep these three potential uses in mind.

The DIY Botanical Garden

While many think a garden pod might be a glorified shed, it’s much more. Though many pods look small from the outside, they’re often larger than they appear indoors. Depending on your reason for selecting a pod, it will come with different features, which could range from a bedroom to a bathtub.

But the purpose of the garden pod is to let you spend more time in your green space. Many choose to use their pod as a point of relaxation, curating a botanical garden directly around the pod to make it feel even more lush and hidden away from life’s daily bustle. Consider planting quick-growing and green shrubs like cherry laurel and privet to give your botanical garden that cozy and tucked-away feel that transforms it into its very own vacation spot.

An Aesthetic for Any Taste

Some gardeners might be hesitant to opt for a pod for aesthetic reasons. Once again, many people imagine a shed when they think of a garden pod. In reality, top companies offer a wide range of pod types that will suit any taste.

Some are more geometric and modern in design, with windows that span ceiling to floor in a Scandi style. Others keep it simple with a horseshoe-shaped sloped ceiling, which gives off a rural and homey feel that will suit almost any location. Most companies offer varying sizes for each model, which means you can select exactly what is right for your garden.

The At-Home Hostel

The core purpose of most pods is to provide a space for glamping and camping for those unendeared to tents and sleeping bags. This highlights one of the other use cases for garden pods:  a guest house. Typically, the guest room is one of the least livable spaces in a home.

However, by transforming a garden pod into a stopover for guests, you provide them with a unique lodging experience, privacy, and plenty of garden time. Just be sure to look for pods that offer a little extra living space and a bathroom for convenience. Given how popular garden pods have become, some even include roofed porch areas, which are great for lounging.

Final Words

A lot of gardeners love to make their garden aesthetic like heaven full of flowers and other plants. But for an enchanting backyard, a summer house like the garden pods or sheds is a perfect choice. Therefore, the Darren Davies special fencing and garden service will help you to have your desired relaxing place. 

We hope this article has uncovered some necessary facts related to garden pod size and style. So, enjoy your tea time in solitude under the garden shed to feed your soul! As there is a saying, “solitude is a refreshment for the souls.”