Gaming Lifestyle: Healthy Habits for Gamers

One of the most blooming fields that attract attention from fitness experts, mental practitioners, and professionals in education is video or online gaming. It is no secret how video games holistically control and dominate the lives of ardent gamers. 

These games dictate gamers’ lives – whether it is about planning their daily routine or scheduling their social lives, gamers are usually under the heavy influence of their favorite games. Moreover, the global outbreak of COVID-19 further pushed people to find solace in video gaming and replace social interaction with the virtual world. 

Commitment is Important in Gaming

Gaming is nothing but challenging yourself to new things and competing for more. It requires commitment and continuity. It is one of the most valid reasons why gaming is addicting. Commitment to the goal in gaming is the key. 

You are not considered committed enough if you do not wake up in the wee hours at night to check up on your rewards or gaming scores. Anything requiring this much level of physical or mental commitment is bound to manifest some physical signs – one of which includes extensive physical fatigue and, in some cases, constant pain. 

Maintaining Health as an Avid Gamer

We all know gamers strive hard to maintain gaming PCs and related devices. From physically saving them from dust particles to virtually protecting yourself by download VPN, gaming is a full-time leisure activity requiring utmost attention. 

Another important thing at stake is the gamers’ health – which also needs attention and care. Holding controllers all day long might result in severe physical conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, etc. Therefore, prioritizing your health is also essential and which is why we have compiled a list of healthy habits that gamers can adopt and improve their lifestyle. 

Healthy Habits for Gamers

  • Schedule frequent breaks

Nothing is more engaging than a complicated level you cannot pass. It is mentally grueling and also physically binds us to sit around for hours replaying every step in the game while our minds try to solve the task. However, no matter how much-undivided attention your game requires, you must take frequent breaks. 

It helps give rest to your body for a while from all the physical exertion and mentally stimulates your brain. You can get up for 2 minutes and walk around the room or house. You can also stretch your stiff muscles as this will help in promoting better blood circulation. 

Another critical healthy habit for gamers is sitting up and breaking the constant staring at your screen for a little while. Excessive staring at the screen and hardly blinking for prolonged hours puts strain on your back and results in nausea or headache. 

It is best to plan out your breaks according to your game levels. Have your stretching-out plan ready, and force yourself to get up when a gap is due. 

  • Physical activity

It is best to include physical activity in your daily routine as recommended for your age. Even if you cannot reach the ultimate WHO suggestion of 150 minutes of physical activity in a week, you need to start small. Incorporate daily walks into your routine and try engaging in as much physical activity as possible. 

This healthy habit for gamers goes hand in hand with limiting your gaming time to a few hours, depending on your gaming habits. Keep gaming as a leisure activity, and do not let it ruin your whole life. 

  • Stay Hydrated

Another crucial aspect of the gaming lifestyle is consuming energy drinks and soda. Friends gathering around playing games while munching on chips or other junk foods is the classic portrayal of an ideal gaming lifestyle. So, another healthy habit for gamers is replacing soda and processed sugar drinks with plain water. 

Our bodies get thirsty as our eyes dry out by staring continuously at the screen and working our minds for long hours. Feeding our body with plain water is the best way to hydrate it. Hydration is the key to keeping your body’s proper functioning intact. 

  • Do not compromise on sleep

Sleep is an essential aspect of your daily life. It fixes your body and lets your mind be at ease for a while, so it is refreshed when woken up. It is a simple natural process that mends broken things in your body and gives it a refreshing start. However, it is easily overlooked when there is an extra reward for clearing up a level or some perks when you pass a level at midnight.

Gamers usually let go of their sleep and compromise their sleep patterns when one last quick attempt at furthering the game level turns into solving the whole game at night. 

  • Minimize the exposure to blue light

Blue light is emitted from the screens of gadgets that we use daily. Blue light has severe detrimental effects on your sleep quality in addition to messing up your sleep patterns. It indicates to the mind that the body is constantly in activity and needs to be up and about. 

You can also use a blue light filter on your PC or gadget screen and save your eyes and body. 

  • Do not forget the outdoors

No matter how many places you virtually visit during your game, do not forget that there is a physical world out there. You must go outside and breathe in the environment. It refreshes your mind and kicks start your body to function correctly. 

Your life is precious, and so is the health of your mind. Letting online or video games take over your life without concern for your health is detrimental. Adopt these healthy habits and be on the top of your game. 

Photo by ELLA DON on Unsplash