Gambling Horoscope 2022: Lucky Days to Gamble, Casino Astrology

In the dance of fate and fortune, luck is the lead partner that guides one’s steps, whether it’s in the journey of life or at the gambling table. Interestingly, some believe that the alignment of stars and planets, deciphered through horoscopes and astrology, has a profound influence on one’s fortunes. This esoteric science, for centuries, has provided answers to life’s burning questions, and for the avid gambler, it might just have the answer to “When are my luckiest days to roll the dice?” Enter the realm of gambling astrology. By understanding your zodiac’s relationship with luck, you could possibly tip the scales in your favor during your next trip to a casino. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if today is the day Lady Luck will grace you with her presence, this article is your guide. With a comprehensive gambling horoscope tailored for each zodiac sign, starting with the diligent Capricorn, we aim to pave your way with golden opportunities.So check about is today my lucky day for gambling?

Luck is the primary recipe that brings success even in life, and gambling is no exception. Horoscopes/astrology are interrelated fields that predict a person’s luck, and often it comes up.  Success in gambling depends strictly on luck smiling on a gambler’s face; this makes it important for gamblers to seek a way or guide that helps them assess their luck. 

Probably many asked the question, what are my lucky days to gamble? This is where the gambling astrology and horoscope comes in. Following its advice, gamblers can embrace lifestyle fortunes through frequent wins in various casino games. This article contains gambling horoscope with a detailed description just for you, which will surely help you take steps in the right direction.


Capricorn gamblers stand out with their amazing qualities, including discipline/responsibility. They are prudent with their finances, making them low rollers in casino games. Although they are quite ambitious and love to enjoy life, these Saturn-lovers’ sense of responsibility constrains them to the budget such that they are not desperate to chase big wins. So, what about Capricorn gambling luck today?

  • CAPRICORN LUCKY DAYS TO GAMBLE: Capricorn is governed by planet Saturn which confers hard work/responsibility to these people. This same planet also governs Saturday Saturn, making it the best Capricorn lucky days to gamble and win, this is evidenced by gambling horoscope and casino astrology.
  • UNLUCKY DAYS: Capricorns should avoid lotteries and games on Mondays/Tuesdays. They should follow their instincts every other day aside from Saturday’s luckiest day.
  • CASINO GAMES: Capricorns love being practical in all aspects of life. Online slot machines, casinos, poker with gold and gray colors are a great solution for this zodiac sign to get success. For example, 50 Lions, 88 Dragons, Golden Buffalo no download slot games with bonuses and free spins by Aristocrat you can try on this page here.
  • LUCKY COLORS: Since Capricorn is an earth sign, it is most greatly affected by brown color. Brown is known to confer stability, depth, and pragmatism to an individual. Gray, gold, and mocha are other shades of brown that attract luck to Capricorn gamblers. 
  • NUMBERS THAT BRING LUCK: They win more when choosing odd numbers. But, they have a numerical advantage that permits extending number choices from 0 – 30. Capricorn gamblers are advised to take note of 3 particular numbers; they are 5, 6, and 8. These three ones can be combined in different ways to potentiate their effects and release a winning streak.


Aquarius gamblers are attracted to luck primarily because they experience frequent wins in casinos on normal days. It is a volatile sign whose volatility is enhanced by logic. Aquarius gamblers can suddenly change their betting strategies/stakes, thereby surprising their opponents, which could be slot machines. 

  • AQUARIUS LUCKY DAYS TO GAMBLE: Aquarius is also ruled by Saturday, gamblers experience a more juicy flow of creativity and gambling geniuses. Aquarius lucky casino days also the date their intuitions reveal more gambling strategies to increase the chances of winning.
  • UNLUCKY DAYS: Natural luck ensures that mostly all days are best for Aquarius gamblers.
  • CASINO GAMES: Being endowed with both logic which they can influence, and luck, which they have no control over, pokers or slots are the top choices. Aquarius gambling luck today recommends that you should try Indian Dreaming and King of the Nile. These are casino games that thrive on a good sense of volatility.
  • LUCKY COLORS: Aquarius gamblers are a bit lacking in terms of hope and self-confidence. This has made them favorite the color turquoise, which represents inspiration and inner strength. They are strong believers in facultative reasoning, hence choosing this color. Turquoise helps them to focus their attention on reining the lucky side.
  • NUMBERS THAT BRING LUCK:  Four numbers seem to work well for Aquarius gamblers; they are 2, 3, 7, and 9. Numbers 3/7 are called magic ones, and they work magic for these gamblers too. A combination of odds, including these numbers, already gives Aquarius gamblers a winning start in whatever game they choose.


For Pisces, experience appears to be the best teacher as they choose their emotions first in many situations. While gambling, they tend to be emotional about placing bets such that they place large bets even when unnecessary. This impulsiveness subjects them to hard life lessons. Let’s look at the detailed gambling horoscope for Pisces with all the nuances.

  • PISCES LUCKY DAYS TO GAMBLE: Pisces sign is ruled by Jupiter, equipping Pisces gamblers’ extreme emotions with luck and exuding confidence. Hence, Thursday is a day that makes them enjoy their formidability as it enhances their sense of self-confidence/strengthens their facultative abilities.
  • UNLUCKY DAYS: Pisces do not function optimally under pressure. The days include Mondays, which are known to bear the week’s first intense pressure, then other days that are predominantly ruled by their emotions.
  • CASINO GAMES: Pisces gamblers love games that get them easily immersed in a different world to fuel their emotions. Fantastic graphics and awesome storytelling themes of online slots make them the best casinos to expect luck. Coupled with their lucky color being green, they have higher winning chances playing 5 Dragons, Bear Money, and Irish Luck online slots.
  • LUCKY COLORS:  Green is any Pisces gambler’s color. Their heightened emotions cause them to develop anxiety easily, and the color green’s calmness is effective at soothing insecurities away while instilling confidence and backup in them. When gambling, a strategic choice of anything green invites luck to the gameplay. 
  • NUMBERS THAT BRING LUCK: Owing to their impulsiveness, which comes from a great sense of emotions, Pisces gamblers tend to follow the crowd when choosing their numbers. They go after popular ones like 3 and 7 with proven records of success. Sticking to these 3/7 makes them record more wins while gambling. By following these tips, you are getting closer to pisces gambling luck today.


Being the first zodiac sign, Aries people are ambitious, optimistic, and goal-driven. They embrace any quality that paces them to being number one. These qualities ensure they remain competitive in gameplay, keeping them enthusiastic and excited. They love breaking limits and going to extremes to meet their goals. So, what about Aries gambling luck today?

  • ARIES LUCKY DAYS TO GAMBLE: Aries is ruled by planet Mars which is sufficiently linked to Tuesday. A combination of astrology/numerology calculations presents Tuesdays in the 9th month of the year or other Tuesdays that fall under the multiples of 9 as Aries gamblers’ best days. They are on the right path choosing Tuesday 18th or Tuesday 27th.
  • UNLUCKY DAYS: Other days aside from Tuesdays are nothing but just a hunch. They may have to work harder with more compelling efforts on Mondays.
  • CASINO GAMES: Aries gamblers’ competitive nature requires a highly engaging game to keep them going. The best is poker, either played online or offline. It matches them against others, and can improve their strategies by playing often. They are also lucky at slots. With red being their color, slots like 50 Dragons, Caishen’s Gold, and Cash Eruption are great choices for them.
  • LUCKY COLORS:  Aries association with fire makes the color red a compelling color for Aries gamblers. This red color also agrees with their fiery competitive nature that requires confidence and action. A choice of any casino with red brings luck into an Aries gameplay.
  • NUMBERS THAT BRING LUCK: Based on Astrology/Numerology, Aries’s number is 9. Both Mars and Aries, which already have a known relationship, are assigned with the number 9 by Pythagoras. 9 and all multiples of 9 are a good choice for Aries gamblers as they increase winning chances on their best days.


The Taurus people are dogged and stubborn, symbolized as a bull. They are also money-driven and can drive their determination towards anything (which includes gambling) that can fetch them money. They are cautious gamblers that build wins gradually from small bets to bigger and risky ones. This enables them to gain more confidence and perfect their gaming strategy as the game goes on.

  • TAURUS LUCKY DAYS TO GAMBLE: Venus rules over Taurus and Fridays with its sensuality, thereby making Friday the best day for Taurus gamblers. It allows them to end their weeks with a fortune. The Fridays are Taurus lucky days to gamble if they fall on the 5th, 6th, or 11th of the month.
  • UNLUCKY DAYS: Taurus gamblers should consider other factors before choosing any other day aside from Fridays. 
  • CASINO GAMES: Taurus gamblers are conservative, and they tend to love games whose results are predictable. Their best casinos are roulette/craps. These can be tried out on a Friday to improve winning chances. With green being the lucky color, Ghostbusters, Jaguar Mist, and Pixels of the Forest are good choices.
  • LUCKY COLORS: Taurus sign is represented by the earth. As likened to earth’s vegetation, Green is Taurus’s color. It depicts balance and peace, which are good accompaniments of Taurus. It helps keep their minds relaxed while engaging the risks of every casino game.
  • NUMBERS THAT BRING LUCK: Their numbers are 5 and 6, two consecutive numbers that work together creatively. Taurus players can see a potential winning combination in 56, 65, and even an addition of 5/6, which is 11. These numbers also apply to choosing gameplay dates, such as the 6th day of the 5th month.


Gemini symbolizes twins, portraying a blend of communication and bright minds. Gemini’s minds are very active and always look for engaging tasks. Their choice shows this, as they are eager to embrace games with a compelling pace till they win.

  • GEMINI LUCKY DAYS TO GAMBLE: Gemini’s best day is Wednesday being an excellent communicator. Mercury, which governs Gemini, is also associated with Wednesday, making it a day that brings smiles to Gemini’s face. Planets align during this midweek day, signifying a perfect sync representative of communication. They find luck on Sundays as well. Want to know more about gemini gambling luck today?
  • UNLUCKY DAYS: Mondays are associated with many activities, and Gemini active minds may be distracted during this day. This is what you can call Gemini gambling luck a day.
  • CASINO GAMES: Gemini players are confident in their social skills; therefore, they thrive quite well at table games in live casinos. The skills/strategies are well implemented in poker that engages their minds. Choy Sun Boa, Balloonies Farm, and Asian Beauty free slots are some casinos to get lucky at.
  • LUCKY COLORS: Gemini players are confident and associate well with vibrant colors that are still empathic. Yellow color drives radiant warmth as it brings luck into their gameplay. This is exactly the perfect color for them.
  • NUMBERS THAT BRING LUCK: Based on its representation by twins, 5/6 are two numbers from which most Gemini gamblers have experienced their betting luck. Secondly, 14 and 15 are also considered to be lucky for them.


Cancers are natural thinkers and easily translate this into gambling. The instincts make them thrive in strategic games that require harnessing their thoughts. 

  • CANCER LUCKY DAYS TO GAMBLE:  The days for Cancer players are those that come with tranquility. This calm helps them to engage in online casinos with their thoughts focused. Calm days such as the weekend are their days. Fridays, Saturdays, and peaceful Sundays release fortune to these players. Mondays can be the best among lucky gambling days for Cancer due to strong mental alertness.
  • UNLUCKY DAYS: Every other busy day of the week is not so good for Cancer gamblers. 
  • CASINO GAMES: They love socializing through live games that allow them to think. Hence, live poker or blackjack are the best ones. These permit them to take time to go through their thoughts thoroughly before making a move.
  • LUCKY COLORS: These creative individuals are artistic and strongly associated with silver color. This color has a soothing effect on an anxious mind, especially in a gambling session, and it can also be somewhat mysterious.
  • NUMBERS THAT BRING LUCK: 7 is a number that indicates perfection, is popular, and drives luck for Cancer gamblers. Combining 2 and 7 gives these players more winning chances. 11, 24, and 52 are their numbers too.


Fearless Leos are great leaders. They love challenges and try out new slot or casino games. They are confident that they can outwit other players in an online casino. So, what about Leo gambling luck today?

  • LEO LUCKY DAYS TO GAMBLE: Leo is symbolized by the sun and attracts luck on sunny days like Sundays. Full sunshine also shines luck on their gameplay. Any other day with sufficient radiance is their day. 
  • UNLUCKY DAYS: days with a dull atmosphere are not usually associated with fortune these days.
  • CASINO GAMES: These players are exceptionally lucky with poker and blackjack. They are good thinkers and good at planning gaming strategies early in the game. Playing these on their best day, Sunday, they are on the verge of a huge fortune. The luck is also helpful in Golden Dragon, Gold Mine, Elephant King, and Gold Dragon slots.
  • LUCKY COLORS: Leos are royal, and Gold is the color. It depicts wealth and success, evident in their confident gameplay. They are known to esteem themselves highly, hence this color.
  • NUMBERS THAT BRING LUCK: Leos are leaders that love taking the first positions. This informs number 1 is the lucky one. 5 is another number that impacts their games significantly, with great wins.


Virgo truly defines pragmatism. These Virgo gamblers prioritize skills over impulses and emotions while gambling. They strategize a lot based on their knowledge, which drives them to acquire more knowledge.

  • VIRGO LUCKY DAYS TO GAMBLE: These great strategists thrive on Wednesdays when their ruling planet, Mercury, exercises its best influence. Take a look at Virgo gambling luck today if you want guaranteed success.
  • UNLUCKY DAYS: Fridays are too casual for these systemic Virgo lucky days to gamble.
  • CASINO GAMES: Their strategic and systemic gaming approaches are evident in blackjack. They are quick learners and tend to win easily after each round. They depend less on luck, so slots are not their games.
  • LUCKY COLORS: According to the birth month, Sapphire color is these people’s attributed color. While playing, the color green has proven to have a great calming effect on their mind, allowing them to focus on doing it successfully.
  • NUMBERS THAT BRING LUCK: When playing online, Virgo gamblers’ best numbers are 5 and 6. Their strategic minds are good at reconstructing these two numbers to form many sets of winning combinations, such as 32, from 3, and 2, whose sum is 5.


Libra players are unpredictable, and this feature makes their gambling strategy difficult to read. They try newer games, change the wagers, and gamble spontaneously. Keep reading to know more about should I go to the casino today.

  • LIBRA LUCKY DAYS TO GAMBLE: Being ruled by Venus, Fridays are their best days to try out a casino. This day grants them stability and gambling clarity to ensure smooth gameplay.
  • UNLUCKY DAYS: They may not enjoy many wins on days with Sundays and Mondays. This is exactly what the Libra casino horoscope says today.
  • CASINO GAMES: As creative, Libra love themed games like slots. Its graphic captures both their minds and hearts.
  • LUCKY COLORS: A perfect color to ease minds while gambling is Aquamarine. During gameplay, it also boosts their confidence.
  • NUMBERS THAT BRING LUCK: Numbers 5, 6, and 9 are three different lucky ones for Libra gamblers. This gives them a greater edge regarding possible winning combinations per game. 


Bold, passionate, and creative individuals. They thrive in a tranquil environment and must be watchful of their spending.

  • SCORPIO LUCKY DAYS TO GAMBLE: Mars rules over Scorpio, a water sign, and Tuesday. This serves as a background for Tuesdays to be Scorpius gamblers’ best day. 
  • UNLUCKY DAYS: Saturdays do not allow them to make quick decisions.
  • CASINO GAMES: Scorpios are good analysts and planners. They do well at a table or card games. The slot is another casino that allows Scorpius to utilize its creativity in gaining mastery. 
  • LUCKY COLORS: Bold Scorpios love intense colors such as Purple, Black, Red, White, and Taupe to keep them passionate about gameplay. These colors keep them focused during intense gaming activities.
  • NUMBERS THAT BRING LUCK: Scorpios’ luck allows them to enjoy a wider range of numbers that can be combined to increase winning chances. They are 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 39, and 53. 


Strongly determined to achieve their goals, Sagittarius loves taking risks. They are independent individuals with strong emotional intelligence. Boredom pushes them to take up gambling as a new hobby. They are always persistent until they win and must plan the best budget. So, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Sagittarius gambling luck today.

  • SAGITTARIUS LUCKY DAYS TO GAMBLE: Luck smiles on Sagittarius on Thursdays, among other days. Wednesday is another day to try out a slot game with great expectations, as they relish it’s fun.
  • UNLUCKY DAYS: Sundays and Mondays do not appear best for Sagittarius players.
  • CASINO GAMES: Slots are equipped with awesome graphics, sounds, and colors. Their analytical minds instruct them to plan a bankroll before placing a bet. Lightning Link and Dragon Link are two slots that yield fortunes to them.
  • LUCKY COLORS: To drive the gaming adventure, Sagittarius gamblers embrace varieties of colors such as deep brown, orange, sky blue, and pink. These colors strengthen their independent mind to take gambling to the next level of great wins.
  • NUMBERS THAT BRING LUCK: While expecting huge payouts, these players are to follow their instincts in rearranging and combining the lucky numbers to harness winning chances. These are 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 15, 25, 29 and 79. These numbers are enough to be combined in many ways to bring maximum jackpots.