Gamblers Risking All By Playing Highly Volatile Slot Machines

If you are new to playing slot machines or even a regular player, you may be blissfully unaware that each slot that you will come across with have two main aspects of its design that will ultimately determine just what type of gaming experience you will have.

One thing that you need to get your head around and fully understand, is that every single slot game, no matter where you choose to play them will have its own long term RTP.

RTP means return to player, and will be a figure, presented as a percentage which indicate just how much of the stake money fed into and play through a slot machine is going to be returned to players, over the long term, as winning payouts.

Some slots have extremely low RTP’s, and those slots will by their very design by rather tight, conversely some slot machines have higher than average payout percentages and those are the ones you should be tracking down and playing at any casinos you choose to play at.

Be aware that as far as an average RTP, most slots in that category are designed to paybacks 94% to 96% of players stakes, and the lower the payout percentage the worse those slots are, but keep your eyes peeled for slots with RTP’s of 97% or 98% or higher, for those are the ones to concentrate your long-term playing efforts on, to get the best paybacks. 

As for where you will find the payout percentage of any slot machine, well some casino sites and land-based casinos refuse to make that information available to their players.

However, you will often find it printed on a slot machines pay table or when playing online some fully licensed casinos list all of their available slots and their pay backs on their respective websites or even on the game help files attached to each slot.

By knowing just how high or low the paybacks are on any type of slot machine or for that matter any other types of casino game you are going to be able to make a good judgement call on which slots you should be avoiding, and which ones are truly worthy of your gaming action.

If a casino does not list or make available to their customers the RTP’s of any of their games, there is a good reason (for them) that they are doing so, that being their games have more than likely been set with low payouts so they can make more money faster form their customers. 

High Risk Slot Machines

Now you have an idea of the effect that the payout percentage will have on any slot game, be aware there is one other factor that will determine whether you are playing a low-risk slot or a high risk one, and that is regarding the playing structure.

Low variance slots are designed so that players can get a lot of play time out of their bankroll, they do that by awarding players with lots of low valued winning payouts either via the base game or via regularly awarded bonus games and/or bonus features.

Those slots allow players to recycle their winnings multiple times, so over the long-term play on those slots players get plenty of fun and entertainment.

However, some players want to have the chance of winning a huge amount of cash when playing slot games in any playing environment, rather than low valued payouts, and that is why you will always come across what are know as highly volatile or high variance slots.

They are going to be extremely risky slots to play, so be aware of that fact and when playing them they have been designed so that not that many lower valued winning payouts are spun in, instead much rarer massive payouts can be achieved usually via some form of bonus game.

As players do not get those regularly low valued spun in winning payouts like they do on low variance slots, their bankrolls can often be eaten away very rapidly, however with some luck un playing a huge payout can be achieved at random, which is why some players enjoy them, as that boom or bust playing format suits those players perfectly. 

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