Footballers or Fashionistas?

Let’s face it: in the world of football, players aren’t just players anymore. Any footballing star who has made a name for himself has invariably got a side hustle going on to top up their bank balance. After all, football players are notoriously underpaid!

They try their hands at all sorts of things – music, fragrances – some even try acting. However, one of the most popular ventures is the creation of their own clothing lines. These footballers seem to enjoy blending their passion for fashion with their sporting prowess and (probably with the help of propeller fashion designers) creating unique and stylish clothing that appeals to fans who want to emulate them – and fashion enthusiasts alike. 

Here’s a look at some of those footballers who have made the most successful ventures into the world of fashion with their own clothing lines.

David Beckham

Known for his impeccable style both on and off the field – with sarongs, quirky hairstyles- and nail varnish, it’s unsurprising that David Beckham has left an indelible mark in the fashion world. Especially given the fact that his wife also considers herself to be a bit of a designer.

The former England captain launched his own clothing line, “David Beckham for H&M,” which features a range of menswear and apparently reflects his own taste for understated elegance. Like everything Beckham does, it has been quite a hit. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

When you look down the lists of Boylesports’ football odds, you’ll see one name that stands out from the rest for being an icon in practically everything he does. The global football icon Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t just famous for scoring goals, having a six-pack and winking at Wayne Rooney; he has also made significant strides in the fashion industry. 

The Portuguese forward has collaborated with various brands to launch his own CR7 fashion line, including everything from underwear to footwear. Ronaldo’s line mirrors his sense of style, a combination of comfort and a touch of class.

Neymar Jr.

Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr. isn’t just a force on the football field – he’s also a  bit of a style influencer. Neymar has partnered with brands such as Diesel and Puma to create exclusive collections. His distinctive streetwear-inspired fashion line, NJR, is the perfect reflection of his big personality – and it’s hugely popular with fans who are into street and urban fashion.

Virgil van Dijk

Known for his skills on the pitch, Liverpool’s defensive maestro Virgil van Dijk is famous not only for being able to stop attackers in their tracks but also for his sense of fashion. 

The Dutch centre-back collaborated with the luxury brand Balr to create his own line of clothing. The Virgil x Balr collection combines the sporty look with high-end fashion, creating a look for sports people who prefer that touch of luxury.

Mesut Özil

German playmaker Mesut Özil is another player who has delved into the fashion industry with his own line, M10 Streetwear. Özil’s collection is an interesting reflection of his multicultural background and features more casual and sporty clothes. 

The midfielder’s line appeals to a diverse audience and is suitable for all different occasions.

Paul Pogba

The controversial midfielder Paul Pogba is not just a footballer; he also considers himself to be a trendsetter. Pogba, never really known for his humble personality, launched his own fashion brand, “PP,” which includes some interesting clothing and accessories. 

Known for his unique hairstyles and sense of style, it will come as no surprise that Pogba’s collection offers bold patterns and bright colours – and is for those who like to stand out from the crowd.

There are plenty more to mention… and we are sure that there will no doubt be even more in the future. These are footballers that are no longer just football players but sports stars. Fans want to play like them – and fans want to dress like them – trying to live the football star lifestyle. Through their clothing lines, footballers can connect with fans on a different level – whilst showing off their individuality and creativity that goes way beyond the pitch.