Football Survivor Betting: What Is It?

Football Survivor is a UK based social betting game application and is designed according to the fantasy football genre. Fantasy football was first invented in 1962 and it is a game where the participants create their own teams in the virtual world and participate in the game. The genre of fantasy sports is widely popular nowadays and Football Survivor is one of such platforms which presents the players with the betting option as well.


Football Survivor is available in both Android and IOS platforms and is designed after the “Last Man Standing” game. A total of seventeen technologies are being used by Football Survivor which includes Viewport Meta, iPhone and SPF.  This game is one of the most popular among sports betting sites in Europe. The platform follows the protocols of responsible gambling and is registered under Gamstop, Gambling Commission and This application is licensed in Great Britain with the account no. 4925 and it is an LTD. company registered in England and Wales with the company no. 10085655. The application recently changed their policies on 4th May 2020 and cancelled all its previous policies. The recent policies briefs about responsible gambling, how to reach them if there are grievances faced by the players, how to open and terminate an account, how to deal with errors, intellectual property rights, third-party rights and so on.

Rules of Football Survivor

Here, we will look into the rules of the Football Survivor as to how the application works. 

  • The player has to pick a team each week for winning the game if the market is a winning outcome and then the player has to answer a tiebreaker question.
  • Only one team once can be chosen by the players.
  • Football Survivor gives players a deadline for the selection of the teams, i.e. one week prior to the game. If the player does not choose their team within that time period then the application will choose the available team on their behalf with the lowest rank and the players will also not be able to answer the tiebreaker question.
  • The players have to be careful in their selection as they can get eliminated if their selection turns out to be incorrect.
  • For buying back into the league, the eliminated players will get five minutes before the next game week deadline starts. 
  • The players will be given the option of buying back into a league two times
  • On the other hand, if there is only one winner in the game week then the winner will get all the BuyBacks and the option of buying back will be unavailable.
  • The winning of the pot depends on the player who will last longest in the league.
  • A tiebreaker question becomes viable when more than one player gets eliminated together at the end of the league and the tiebreaker answer decides who can take the pot.
  • In some circumstances, if the tiebreaker question has the same answers or somewhat same answers then the pot is equally distributed among the players.
  • If there are postponed games, then both the teams are considered as winning selections.
  • For covering the costs of operational applications, Football Survivor charges a 15% of administration fees on all the buybacks and league entries.
  • Join a league first by creating an account in Football Survivor and depositing the money you want to spend on the favourite club in the account for the entry fee of the league. Entries are finalised after the player pays the entry fee, the refund is not applicable. 

Leagues can be of two types open and closed.

  1. Open league: Open leagues are visible in the “Join Leagues” section and anyone can join it by paying an entry fee.
  2. Closed league: Closed leagues can be categorised as VIP leagues and these are not visible in the “Join Leagues” section. A unique code is assigned to all the leagues and if anyone wants to join it then they have to apply the code and pay an entry fee to join the league.

Creation of leagues: Players can create leagues and a league can be active after 2 players have joined the league.

  • If a player wants to enter a league late then buybacks are used for the entry or for the re-entry if a player is eliminated.
  • Power-ups are tools a player can use for paying whenever they are making a selection in the game week. Three power-ups are available in Football Survivor, namely:
  1. Insurance pick
  2. Team swap
  3. Either half

Finally, the result is announced based on the results of the English Premier League.


Football Survivor has its unique sets of rules and it also follows the protocols of responsible gaming very strictly. It also adheres to the rules of underage gambling and if it discovers that the player is under 18 then they close the account and they also make sure that their money is refunded. 

As a fantasy gaming platform, Football Survivor is a very interesting choice. However, keeping a track of how much you invest into a game or a league needs mindful calculation, Else, you run into the risk of running into abnormal debts, which could have a dire impact.