Five Ways to Style a Bikini Top for a Night on the Town

Summertime probably means many things to you, such as barbecues, family reunions, swimming and tanning, cold treats, or wearing your favorite swimsuit at the beach or pool. An exciting part of summer is the clothing—getting to once again wear your summer wardrobe, and shopping for new pieces. Your summer plans might also include nights out on the town, when the heat lingers into the evenings and you want to dress to stay cool. 

Don’t think that your favorite two piece swimsuits are only good for days spent at the beach; bikini tops actually make the perfect addition to an outfit for a night out. Your bikini tops are great for your nighttime plans because they’re moisture-wicking due to the stretchy waterproof material, they’re cute and flattering, they keep you cool by freeing your skin, and you know they’re supportive.

You don’t want to show up at a dinner party or the club in just your swimwear, though. In order to pull off wearing a bikini top to your evening plans, you’ll need to intentionally style it. If you’re not sure where to start but love the idea of wearing your favorite swimwear all day and all night, keep reading for some style inspo!

Go Semi-Casual with Jeans, Heels, and a Wrapped Shawl

Your nights out can take different directions, from more to less formal. The best way to be ready for anything is to create casual but trendy outfits that can last you all night. You don’t stop loving your favorite pair of jeans in the summertime, and you’ll especially love them when paired with your best bikini top. Try also adding a pair of heels you can walk in and a wrapped-front shawl for layers you can add or shed, depending where the night takes you. Then you’ll be ready for anything!

Add Accessories

One way to glamorize your bikini top outfit is to add detailing that you probably wouldn’t prioritize when heading to the beach. Instead of your bikini being swim-ready, at night your bikini should be style-ready. It’s no longer merely a swimsuit—it’s a fashion piece! You can add accessories to pull together your look in a chic way. Jewelry like necklaces, earrings, and arm bangles are great choices. Then, consider adding a cute purse to your outfit, and don’t forget a killer pair of shoes. 

The level of glamor you want to add depends on your specific plans. If you’re going out dancing with friends, you’ll probably want heels and bright jewelry, but if you’re having a chill dinner, you’ll want your look to stay fairly relaxed.

Coordinate Your Look

The more coordinated your outfit, the more people will think you appear stylish. Whereas a bikini top with cut-off shorts seems to say you’ve got lowkey plans at the beach, a matching bikini top and skirt say you’re going somewhere cool. Coordination exudes a sense of effortlessness. Pair your bikini with complementary bottoms to enhance your nighttime look. A matching skirt, romper, or pair of high waisted pants would look amazing when worn to your evening plans. Coordinated cardigans, sweaters, or other cover-ups also pair effortlessly. You can style pieces that match in either pattern or color to look put-together. 

Pair a Bikini With a Blazer

If you want your night look to be more on the sophisticated side, you definitely want to try pairing your best bikini top with a blazer. The formality of the blazer instantly elevates your outfit, but the bikini keeps it low-key and relaxed enough to show you’re ready for a good time. Try styling a mini or maxi skirt, or even your favorite pair of shorts, with this look. You’ll no longer think about work when you put on a blazer if you transform your usual office-chic style this summer. 

Wear Your Favorite Cover Up

Maybe you want to wear your swimsuit for your night on the town but don’t want to bear as much skin as you would at the beach. You can still style your bikini top for the night in a discreet way. For example, put on a cover-up or sundress over your bikini so it is subtle underneath. You can sport your swim top for your night out even if it isn’t the focal point of your outfit, or doesn’t make an appearance at all. After all, style is also about comfort, and bikinis are soft and breathable.

Bikini sets aren’t just for beach days—they can be worn throughout your day and into your night plans. You will get your wear out of all your favorite swimsuits this summer if you intentionally style them for your evening events. Follow these tips if you want to practically live in your best swimwear—because what else is summer for?