Five of Europe’s Largest and Best Casinos

In terms of the global business sector, Europe is one of the most important locations. Even if you are not situated in Europe, you will likely sell into or source goods from the continent. As a result, the European business environment is constantly worth monitoring, even if only to stay up with current trends or booming industries.

European casino gaming is one industry that fits the description in this way. The rise of online casino gambling in recent years has enabled the sector to make even larger gains across the entire continent. Safe gambling is becoming more important in Europe, and many of the best European online casinos featured on sites like CasinoTop3 and have the best safety features to prevent problem gambling. 

But Europe isn’t just popular for online EU casinos. The land-based casinos remain an important element of Europe’s overall gaming sector. Many people, particularly high rollers, enjoy visiting the top European casinos in person. But which European land-based casinos are today the most extensive and best to visit?

Casino di Campione, Italy

Nothing beats this gorgeous example from Como, Italy when it comes to European casinos. With a gigantic 600,000 square feet in size, it surely offers the magnificent feel you’d expect in any top-tier gaming palace. This casino was built about the same time as the Casino Estoril and was also rumoured to be a secret gathering spot for diplomats during WWI. Although it moved to a new building in 2007, this sense of mystery still prevails.

When you start looking at everything this fantastic casino has to offer, you can see why it is so highly rated. It has about 500 slots and around 56 table games spread across nine different floors. All of the classics, from blackjack to baccarat, are available. The magnificent Lake Lugano backdrop also ensures that amazing views across the water from the casino itself are a delight.

Casino Monte Carlo, Monaco

The famed Casino Monte Carlo in Monaco, of course, must be acknowledged. This lavishly designed gaming wonderland is undeniably remarkable as Europe’s second-largest casino. When it comes to playing classics like roulette on the continent, this is probably the place most people think of. It’s an impressive place to spend time, with all the elegance you’d expect from a top-tier casino.

It is rich in history, dating back to 1863, and you can almost feel it as you walk around its gambling floor. There are approximately 300 slots and table games strewn around the 108,000-square-foot complex in terms of casino games. A total of 18 eateries ensure that no one goes hungry, while cultural lovers will appreciate the Monte Carlo Opera/Ballet, which is housed in the same complex.

Resorts World, UK

While digital transformation obstacles have been successfully navigated within European casino gaming, those engaged have not forgotten the importance of land-based businesses. This was seen recently when the Genting Group opted to invest £150 million in the 2015 inauguration of the Resorts World casino. It is located in Birmingham, UK, and measures a whopping 59,180 square feet.

Although it lacks the legacy of some other fantastic European casinos, the facilities on offer more than makeup for it. There are over 200 games to choose from and VIP gaming rooms to escape to. Resorts World also has a 4-star hotel, a spa, and a cinema. As a result, when it comes to European casinos, it truly is the whole deal.

Casino Barrière d’Enghien-les-Bains, France

This upscale casino is not the most well-known in Europe, but it is one of the most exclusive. It is also one of the largest on the continent, with over 43,000 square feet of gaming space. The lakeside setting offers spectacular views and is located in a peaceful resort town about 11 kilometers north of Paris.

This casino is not only big, but it also has a lot of fun games; thus, it provides a great experience. The 350 slots will keep anyone entertained, and the 40 table games will also keep you entertained. If they want, high-stakes players can even try out the €500 minimum per hand Salon des Prince private gaming room. This is an excellent pick, with the sophisticated dress code adding to the classy atmosphere.

Casino Estoril, Portugal

The opulent Casino Estoril is unquestionably one of Europe’s largest and best casinos. It is the epitome of lavish beauty and is located in Lisbon, Portugal. But why is this the case? Undoubtedly, this casino’s long history plays a significant role. Many believe it was a secret meeting place for spies during WWI after it opened in 1916.

Although it is only open for 12 hours per day, the sheer size and variety of games usually make a visit worthwhile. Over 1,000 table games, including poker, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, and slots are available on the 27,000-square-foot casino floor. While you add 10 pubs to relax in when you’re not playing, as well as high-end restaurants to dine in, you have a truly magnificent gaming palace.

Photo by Dominik Pearce on Unsplash