Family-Friendly Yacht: Kid-Friendly Activities for Charterers in Croatia

If you’re planning to spend your family vacation in Croatia, exploring the coast with Croatian yacht charters might be the perfect way to do so. Charter yachts allow you to create your route, sail at your preferred time, and spend the day doing the activities you choose and that will make sure your time on a boat is happy. In case you’re wondering if your kids will have enough things to do while sailing, here are just some activities that will persuade you that they will never forget this journey.

Family Friendly Itinerary

One of the biggest advantages of sailing on a yacht charter is the freedom of choosing your itinerary. This allows you to adapt the plan of what places on the Croatian coast you will visit to your and your kid’s wishes. The Croatian coast is rich with beautiful places that offer activities your children will love no matter their age. You can also choose whether you want to visit some of the popular islands and beaches, or you want to enjoy the privacy of hidden beaches and coves that the Croatian coast is full of.

Cruising in Croatia offers a variety of activities, from hiking in national parks and exploring waterfalls to snorkeling and biking through historic towns, ensuring you’ll always have something exciting to do.

If you’re skilled in sailing you can rent a bareboat charter in Croatia. This will give you and your family complete privacy and freedom as you will be in the role of skipper and only you and your family will be onboard.

Enjoying Water Sports

While on a catamaran yacht charter, your kids can enjoy a variety of water sports. Not all catamarans are the same, but most of them are equipped with water toys that will keep your kids entertained for hours. Smaller catamaran boats usually have paddle boards and inflatables that your children can have fun with, and snorkeling gear if your little ones like to investigate the underwater. Bigger boats will have even more options, so the kids will have the opportunity to try sea bobs, kayaks, or water skis.

For added safety, the yacht crew will guide them on how to use the equipment and they will be given a corresponding safety gear.

Croatian waters are calm and the sea is crystal clear so your kids will enjoy spending their days in the sea.

Make the Trip Educational

While on a yacht, your children can learn the basics of sailing. The crew can learn how to control the yacht and help with the sails. Learning how to tighten different knots can also be a fun activity that can even be turned into a competition if you’re traveling with more children, as some of the knots can be challenging to master.

In addition to sailing, kids can also learn how to fish as some of the boats are equipped with fishing gear. The best thing is that the fish that they catch can later be prepared for your dinner, just like old Croatian fishermen did.