Explore the Betting Options Available at Bookmakers without Gamstop

More and more online casinos now also offer betting options on sports. After all, it is a ‘game of chance’ – although it naturally involves a fair amount of knowledge. Placing a bet on a sports match is not complicated. The first step is to sign up at a betting site or online casino that also offer Sports Betting. Once registered and logged in, you have access to the Sportsbook section.

Here you can choose between many sports such as football, tennis, basketball and various types of bets. Before you can start betting on sports out of gamstop, you need money to wager with! You can choose one of the many reliable deposit options that the gambling site offers. Also, you can check whether there is a nice welcome bonus ready to bet extra money on a bet.

Types of Bets and Odds

The most common sports bet is to predict the result of a match which is called the “Moneyline” bet. This bet doesn’t target the exact score, but who will be the winner or whether it will be a draw. Every match has certain odds. 

An example: if you bet that Liverpool will beat Tottenham and this bet has an odds of 2.0, you will get two euros back for every euro wagered. These odds indicate how the bookmaker considers the chance that Liverpool will win. Every match has different odds as it is also possible to bet on a draw or a win for Tottenham.

It is also possible to bet on the number of goals. These are called ‘Over/Under’. Here you have the option to bet on, for example, more than three goals, this is called ‘over’, or the option to bet on fewer than three goals, which we call ‘under’. In other words, it is about predicting whether more or less a certain number of goals will be scored. These types of bets also feature odds that are determined by the bookmaker.

Live Betting

Now imagine that you have bet money on fewer than three goals but already have three goals scored in the first ten minutes of the match. The chance that more goals will be scored is then considerable. For that reason, the live betting option is offered. This option allows you to adjust your bet during matches and place new bets immediately.

Another handy option is the ‘cashout’. This feature allows you to end a bet before the match has ended. For example, if you see that Liverpool is winning, and you have a bet on it, but you still fear that Tottenham will score, it is possible to settle your bet before the end of the game for less winnings. You run the risk of missing better odds here, but the advantage is that you keep control over your bet.

Casinos & Sports Betting

Currently, most of online casinos also offer a sports betting section to attract as many players as possible. Certainly, this is a great feature especially if you are getting good rewards on both casino games and sports betting.

Betting on non-sports events

In addition to non gamstop betting on sports, you can often bet on other things. Popular events to bet on are, for example, the Eurovision Song Contest and political elections such as the United States presidential election. As with sports betting, when placing bets on these events, it is important to be well informed to maximize the chances of winning. By having good knowledge and analyzing the situation well, placing bets sometimes resembles stock trading more than a game of chance. Many ‘amateurs’ will bet with their guts and their hearts, hoping that their favourite wins. But the experienced bettor only places bets on well-balanced odds.

Betting on TV Shows

Many bets involve predicting the winner, including betting on TV shows such as betting on Live and Let Die and Deal or No Deal. But many bets are also made, especially around talent shows. Think, for example, of Britain’s Got Talent, or The Voice. It is possible to bet on the winner, but also on the gender of the remaining finalists, the age of the champion (for example above or below 23), or the winning coach. There is a favourable quotation for correctly estimating the winner, especially if this is successful at an early stage. There is also a lot of betting on other television programs, such as the Emmy Awards or the Oscars. You can then bet on the winners of the individual categories or the length of the longest speech. It is also regularly used in soap operas. Players can bet on the course of the story, or when an actor will leave the series (before or after a certain date). However, this is not entirely without risk!

Betting on Politics

There are also betting opportunities in politics! It is not only about elections, but also about political themes. Recently it was possible to bet on the Italian, French and English elections. There are also regular betting on regional events. For years, gamblers have been betting on the winner of the London mayoral election.

Betting on Economy

Betting on the global economy can be risky. Prices are changing day by day and new developments in the market are a constant threat. However, this form of betting is also becoming more common. Here you can read about the difference between betting as a game of chance and professional speculation. A recent example is the value of Bitcoin. Players speculate about the value of the coin and whether it will increase in value in the coming period. Will Bitcoin reach a value above 50,000 euros before November, or will it remain below that? This is a high risk bet as you can lose in two ways. If you have confidence in the currency, there is a good chance that you will purchase a number of Bitcoins yourself and bet on a price increase. If the coin does fall in value, you lose the bet and your investment also goes up in smoke. Furthermore, bets are offered on the annual figures of companies or the amount of profit they have made. There is also much speculation about the success of new products, such as smartphones or MacBooks.

Photo by Keenan Constance on Unsplash