Explore Over 800 Frida Kahlo Artworks Through Google’s Virtual Museum

We have officially been stuck at home for more than a month, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a little bit of culture from our couch. Google has collaborated with 33 different museums to bring us a free online exhibit called “Faces of Frida,” where you can virtually explore over 800 pieces of artwork by Frida Kahlo.

Photo Credit: Frida Kahlo Facebook

The Frida Kahlo art exhibit comprises of more than 800 paintings, artifacts, images, and features of the famous artist, and helps to provide a deeper understanding of the Kahlo’s life and legacy. All you need to view her work is an internet connection!

Art historians and other experts provide editorial features to help give context to the paintings and serve as a guide to understanding the hidden themes in Frida Kahlo’s paintings. You’ll be able to read some of her personal letters and journals and look at her possessions. Many of these pieces of artwork have never been seen before, but are now available free of charge to the world.

Photo Credit: Frida Kahlo Facebook

At the “Faces of Frida” artwork exhibit, you’ll be able to navigate easily through some of Kahlo’s most iconic works. She gained her fame through her introspective work—often using her own life as an inspiration. You can see this inspiration come through in the art at the interactive exhibits. Her art exhibited themes of pain and death, which reflected her own near-death experiences. Kahlo also infamously had a rocky relationship with Mexican painter Diego Rivera, which was heavily influential to her artwork, depending on the status of their relationship.

Photo Credit: Frida Kahlo Facebook

Frida Kahlo was an inspirational and revolutionary woman who continues to have a devout following, long after her death. Thanks to Google’s virtual museum, everyone has more of a chance to learn about this unique woman and about her artwork. The 360-degree exhibitions let you feel like you are almost in a museum, but without having to leave the safety of your home.

Some of the partnering museums include the Smithsonian, the V&A, Museo Frida Kahlo, and Centre Pompidou. Check out the full exhibition here.


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