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Fortune Coins free coins are easier to pick up than you might think. They’re introduced to you at the start of your time at this social gaming website as a premium currency. For example, the sign up offer of 140,000 Gold Coins + 500 Fortune Coins is a great kickstart to your gaming experience here.

In this article, you’ll learn the difference between Fortune Coins and Gold Coins, along with picking up tips on finding more free coins along the way. Everything you need to know about Fortune Coins is laid out below.

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4 Pros of Using Fortune Coins

  • Welcome offer
  • Fortune Coin jackpots
  • Fish and slot games
  • Support area
AddressSocial Gaming LLC, 2711 Centerville Road, Suite 400, Wilmington, Delaware, 19808, USA
Welcome Bonus140,000 Gold Coins plus 500 Fortune Coins


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Welcome to the Fortune Coins free sweeps cash promo

It’s so simple to pick up your first bonus when you join Fortune Coins. They’ve got details of their welcome offer ready for you when you arrive. This consists of 140,000 Gold Coins to play their best slots. You also get 500 Fortune Coins – the coins you need if you want to play some games for a chance of snagging real cash prizes. 

Is it legal for you to play at Fortune Coins?

It’s crucial to be sure you’re not breaking any laws when you attempt to play at Fortune Coins. Fortunately, it’s easy to figure out where you stand on this point. The terms and conditions state that US residents of every state except Idaho and Washington can play on the site. The owners operate according to laws pertaining to sweepstakes events online, so if you live in any of the other states in the US, you’re good to go.

Can you receive real money payouts from Fortune Coins?

Yes, but it’s important to recognize how you might do this, given the two types of coins you can play with there. You can see the facts you need to know below:

  • Gold Coins (or GC) are for the social games, and do not lead to real prizes
  • Fortune Coins (or FC) are for the same games played in real mode, so you do have a chance to find real prizes

You need to play with Fortune Coins to try and receive prizes from them. The site confirms that 100 Fortune Coins have a current value of $1. If you get hold of some Fortune Coins, you must always play with them before you can cash out a prize with those coins.

It’s best to play any game you like the look of with Gold Coins first. If you’re going to switch to Fortune Coins, it’s ideal to have some knowledge of the game you are going to play them with. While there is no skill involved in playing slots online, you can at least pick a title you know you are going to enjoy.

Furthermore, reading the Sweeps Rules for the site will explain some of the other ways you can pick up Fortune Coins. One such method is to find some given away for free when purchasing more Gold Coins, although you don’t need to buy any of those to get hold of more Fortune Coins. They also appear as daily bonuses while logging in, and sometimes as surprise bonuses too.

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How to win money while playing games at Fortune Coins

Collect as many Fortune Coins as you can at the site. Some of the slots have Fortune Coin jackpots, providing a chance for you to win thousands of FC at a time. However, you can also find some in other ways, including via competitions and other features on their social media pages. You cannot purchase any Fortune Coins to use, so you must find them in other ways as mentioned above. 

Once you’ve got enough Fortune Coins to play with, use them on one of the available games on their site. If you win, you can go through the redemption process once you have enough Fortune Coins to cash out.

Exploring payment methods at Fortune Coins

Social casino gaming doesn’t involve deposits or withdrawals like a regular casino does. Instead, they work on purchase methods if you want to buy more of their Gold Coins to play the social games with. If you manage to win sweeps prizes, you can redeem those rather than withdrawing them. It’s sensible to understand this terminology, so you know what to expect.

Purchase MethodsRedemption Methods
Trustly Bank transfer
Visa credit/debit cardFortune Coins may require player to redeem to same method used to purchase Gold Coins
Mastercard credit/debit card


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A review of the Fortune Coins payout procedure

If you’re still looking for more details about this website, you may want to learn about their payout process first too. Since theirs is a social gaming site, it’s right to refer to this as the redemption process rather than a withdrawal. The first time you go through it will take slightly longer, as there are extra steps to complete, but once you have received your first prize, you’ll find subsequent redemptions faster.

First, the most important question: Does Fortune Coins really pay?

Yes, absolutely – they pay out to players who have used Fortune Coins (rather than Gold Coins) to play and win prizes with. You must play each FC once before it becomes available to redeem.

The website includes a standard set of terms and conditions, but they also provide players with a set of Sweeps Rules. You can find a link to these at the bottom of their website. They are ideal to read before you join Fortune Coins because you’ll understand exactly how everything works.

How to redeem Fortune Coins on their website

Hopefully, you’ll reach the stage where you have some Fortune Coins sitting in your account that are ready to be withdrawn. If so, you can learn more about how this works below.

Make sure you go through the following process to claim your prize if you have enough Fortune Coins to redeem. Remember that you cannot redeem Gold Coins.

  1. Play through each Fortune Coin at least once to make it available for redemption
  2. Make sure you have at least 50 Fortune Coins to redeem
  3. Select the redemption option inside your account
  4. Complete the details required to complete the transaction
  5. Wait to receive your prize

Is there anything else you should know about redeeming Fortune Coins?

Yes – if you’re doing so for the first time, you need to prove who you are before you can go ahead and complete the procedure. This is quite straightforward and the site will guide you through what you need to do. You’ll need to provide proof of ID and address to pass this section.

Fortune Coins free spins, casino games, and more

Now to one of the most important elements you should know about at Fortune Coins – the games. What can you expect from their collection, and how many games are available?

Some answers are easier to find than others, with confirmation of over 50 casino games displayed in a panel on their homepage. If you are familiar with a few other online social casinos, you may realize there are few recognizable titles available at Fortune Coins. The games come from Blazesoft, which is not a well-known developer. However, that works in your favor if you want to play games you haven’t seen at other casinos. It’s also ideal if you are a member of one or two other social gaming sites and you want to see a different mix of games.

So, what can you expect to play? The homepage reveals some highlights, with some slots mentioned there along with fish games. If you’re wondering what fish games are, they focus on trying to catch fish to win prizes, so they’re great to try as an alternative to slots and to test your skills in different ways. The fish game at Fortune Coins, called Emily’s Treasure, works over seven scenes, so there’s plenty to watch as you play.

What about the slots? Fortune Coins has a smaller collection to offer than some other sites of this nature, but it still reaches into lots of different areas. There are games based on the following ideas and topics, for instance:

  • Diamonds and riches
  • Animals
  • Egyptian and Arabian areas

Those are only the beginning too, so you’ll have many other experiences to enjoy even if you decide only to play with Gold Coins for amusement value. That said, they display some of the slots with Fortune Coin progressive jackpots. This means that if you were to win one of those, you’d get Fortune Coins rather than Gold Coins. Many other players are keen to play those games, and it’s easy to see why.

While Fortune Coins has a compact games area, they do also manage to find room for a few video poker titles and other games. There’s some keno, for example, and a giant Wheel of Luck option to try if you are ready for a different experience.

Is there an app to use your Fortune Coins free coins on?

At present, Fortune Coins does not provide an app for either the iOS or Android platform. However, this isn’t as bad as it sounds because you can still visit their website on an iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet. Just log in as you usually would and find the games you would like to play. 

You can even sign up to the site via a mobile device if you wish, claiming that welcome offer while you do so. Mobile compatibility is more important than ever for social casinos nowadays, and claiming bonuses on those devices is simple. 

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Expect excellent customer support at Fortune Coins

The ‘Contact Us’ page is the most obvious page to visit if you want customer support, and it takes you straight to their support portal – and that’s the best place to go for advice and information about using the site. They provide players with a knowledge base to dip in and out of, including these highlights:

  • Popular articles
  • A search feature
  • Access to any previous tickets you have opened 

You can open a ticket if you cannot find the information you need in the knowledge base. They do not provide a contact phone number, but they do offer a support email address at support@fortunecoins.com, which is listed in their terms and conditions.

Can you expect a strong website design?

Absolutely – Fortune Coins has designed its homepage to provide a would-be player with essential facts about the website. If this is your first visit to Fortune Coins, you’ll see details of the welcome offer at the top of their site. If you scroll down the page from there, you can also learn more about the game categories. Those are set up to allow you to select each one to get a sense of the games waiting for you if you do decide to sign up and play there.

It’s impossible to miss the total jackpots payout number ticking up in value, appearing just above the games on display. Note that the total says FC, which means there are Fortune Coins (their version of Sweeps Coins) for you to try and win. Further down the page, you can also learn about some of the other features of the site, which help provide information to guide you along.

The menu spread across the top of their website also gives insight into how helpful the team behind Fortune Coins is. Hitting the contact option takes you into one of the most comprehensive help areas you’ll ever have seen, so if you have anything you’d like to find out more about, you can get the answer there before you sign up.

Who owns the Fortune Coins website in the US?

Ownership information for the website is displayed at the bottom of the page you arrive on. This highlights Social Gaming LLC, as the owner. This is further confirmed in the terms and conditions.

Can you delete your account at Fortune Coins?

Yes, it’s possible to close your account by contacting the team via their support portal. It appears as one of the popular queries in the knowledge base:

  • Choose that query 
  • Read the info and select the correct option from there to close your account
  • The team will handle the rest of the process for you

Claim your Fortune Coins free coins and get underway today

You’re met with two things when you arrive at Fortune Coins – a bonus and a host of features explained on the homepage. That’s a promising start, especially as it’s easy to claim your welcome bonus there. It’s a shame that you cannot see their full games collection until you sign up, but the hints on the homepage suggest there are many titles to look forward to at Fortune Coins. Throw in those fish games as well and you’ve got some gaming you’ll want to return to – for amusement and for a chance at those real coin prizes, too.

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How do you get free coins on Fortune Coins?

The best way to get your first batch of free coins is to open an account at Fortune Coins. This provides you with 140,000 Gold Coins to get underway with, plus 500 Fortune Coins. You can play with Gold Coins to enjoy the games, and use the Fortune Coins to try and get some cash prizes.

Are Fortune Coins legitimate?

Yes, Fortune Coins is operated by Social Gaming LLC in the US. You can legitimately sign up and play at the social gaming site if you live in the US, except for the states of Washington and Idaho.

Can you get any no deposit Fortune Coins?

The website works using a social gaming and sweepstakes format, so you’ll never deposit anything there. You can choose to purchase further Gold Coins if you wish, although there is no need to do so. The site offers a welcome package that includes 140,000 Gold Coins along with 500 Fortune Coins to use as you wish.