Everything you need to know about the Moss Wall Dubai

If you live in Dubai, you might have noticed an increasing number of offices and homes with these beautiful vertical landscapes commonly referred to as Moss Wall. The popularity of moss walls has grown significantly over the past few years due to their striking beauty and air-purifying capabilities. In this article, we will cover everything there is to know about Moss Walls in Dubai.

What is a Moss Wall?

A moss wall is essentially a living piece of artwork made from plants that require very little maintenance. They come in many different sizes, designs and shapes which can be customized according to your preferences or requirements.

Moss Wall Installation Process

The installation process involves creating a frame where the mosses are attached layer by layer onto the frame using specific techniques such as cuttings, mixing colors or adding textures before finally spraying them with water mist for growth stimulation.

Listed below are some benefits of having a moss wall:

  • Moss walls enhance workplace productivity by promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels
  • Absorbing common air pollutants like formaldehyde from harsh cleaning agents thereby improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Serves as noise absorbers which helps reduce sound vibration
  • Their appealing aesthetic value makes it perfect for interior decorative purposes</lil

Maintenance Tips for Your Moss Walls:

  1. Your Greenery needs care too! Here are some handy tips on caring for your new setup :

    Ensure moisture levels remain optimal
    Very week – mist lightly any areas that appear dry.

Some Popular places for Moss Wall installments

  1. Lobby areas of large corporate offices.
  2. School libraries and student lounges.
  3. Cafés, restaurants and bars

Moss Walls: Bringing Nature Closer to Home

The use of Moss walls provides an opportunity to clean up the air around your home or workspace while simultaneously adding a touch of nature’s beauty. If you are looking for an eco-friendly way to add more greenery into your living or work environment, then look no further than a moss wall installation.

Taking Care Of The Environment One Installment At A Time

Moss walls have gained popularity due to their minimal maintenance needs and their ability in reducing overall carbon footprints. If taken care of properly, they can last years with minimal attention required from the owner.


The demand for moss walls in Dubai has grown significantly due not only its aesthetic value but also because it offers tangible benefits such as reduced stress levels in workplaces and improved IAQ which is becoming increasingly important today – Coupled with its positive impact on reducing our environmental footprint makes it one must-have piece!