Ester Expósito: biography, best roles and great style

With her appearance in Élite she rose to fame, now she promises to be the most sought-after Spanish actress with her new projects. Find out all about this Spanish actress.  

Ester Expósito has redefined the figure of the youth star, proving that nowadays this role means more than just being in a successful production. Generation Z’s protagonists in entertainment have arrived backed by their skilful use and understanding of social media. With the ability to make this intangible medium their personal publicist. This Spanish actress is part of the cast of Elite, the Netflix series that was played by more than 20 million accounts on the platform in its first month of release. 

The young actress’s Instagram numbers are not far off the series’ challenging stats. Ester Expósito (who was a visitor opening the Venice Film Festival 2020) became the person with the most followers in Spain, with more than 25 million, also surpassing the record for video views in the country with more than 30 million views. The audience turns to the platform to be part of the actress’s close treatment of her followers. I translate the number of followers into affection and support from those people, so in that sense I am very grateful because there are many and I value it very much’. 

For 24 episodes and 3 seasons, Ester Expósito and her interpretation of Carla Rosón Caleruega were the stars of Élite. After announcing her departure from the series that made her famous, she confirmed that she will be part of the new production by Mexican director Manolo Caro, a story set in the Franco era that brings together the young actress with Spanish greats such as Carmen Maura and one of Mexico’s stars, Cecilia Suárez. With her career, Ester’s emphasis is on being part of stories that need to be told. In 2020, she brought to life the character of Spanish journalist Machús Osinaga, in a series that seeks to erase the stigmatisation of transgender characters in entertainment. 

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Who is Ester Expósito?

Ester Expósito is a Spanish actress and model, who gained recognition with her role as Carla Rosón in the Netflix series Élite (2018). Her acting career began in the theatre, an activity she has been interested in since she was a child. At the age of 16, this actress began studying acting and participating in theatre productions, appearing for the first time on television in the Spanish series Vis a vis (2015). Her next acting job was in the series Centro Médico (2016). This actress is the woman with the most followers on Instagram in Spain, exceeding 25 million. 

Where is Ester Expósito from? 

Ester Expósito is from Madrid, Spain. It was here that she began her training in acting, focusing on theatrical performances, appeared as a protagonist in micro-theatre productions such as Woman in Red (2015), and headed the cast of the play Adolescer 2055 (2015). 

How old is Ester Expósito? 

Ester Expósito was born on 26 January 2000. The actress joined the cast of the series Élite at the age of 18, and after two years of filming and three successful seasons of the series, Ester has become one of the most promising actresses of her generation in Spain.

Where does Ester Expósito live? 

Ester Expósito lives in Madrid, Spain. The actress has let it be known in interviews and through her Instagram that she still lives at her parents’ house, where she spent her period of confinement. 

What are Ester Expósito’s social networks? 

Ester Expósito is the woman with the most followers on Instagram in Spain, with a profile that exceeds 25 million followers. On Instagram the actress appears as @ester_exposito. 

What are Ester Expósito’s most famous roles? 

Ester Expósito is known for her roles in several Spanish TV series. She played Rosa Martín in one episode of Centro Médico (2015) and Julieta Capote in another. One of her first major roles was in the series Vis a vis (2015) where she portrayed the daughter of Fernando. In 2017, she appeared in Estoy vivo (2017) as Ruth for 8 episodes. 

In 2018, Ester Expósito was confirmed to play Carla Rosón in the Netflix series Élite. The series is based on the murder of a student at the public school Las Encinas, and Ester plays the role of a young marquise who is one of the leading characters involved in the murder that initiates the story. She appears in 24 episodes of the series, from the first to the third season. Following the end of the third season, Ester confirmed that she would not be returning for the new instalment in order to focus on her acting training and new projects. With Carla’s departure, new cast members have joined the series, including Carla Díaz, Manu Ríos, and Pol Granch.

What is Ester Expósito’s style like? 

Ester Expósito is one of the actresses of generation Z who have made fashion their ally in building their celebrity image. Confirmed as the new face of Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, and having participated in prestigious fashion editorials, this actress became with her sudden success, a style reference for the younger generation. Like many of the young stars, her style has been shaped by the development of her character in the series. During the first season of Elite, the Spaniard made Carla’s preppy aesthetic an extension of her own style, and her youthful take on trends has made her a reference among the younger generation, something she shares with Danna Paola, who played Lucrecia Montesinos in Elite.) Ester is part of the generation that normalised the use of sneakers with sartorial pieces, and made the crop-top the new accessory for skirts in different cuts. 

As Carla’s character matured in the second and third seasons, so did Ester’s style. The new phase of the actress’s career featured sparkling evening gowns and a penchant for figure-lengthening constructions. She has been known to rely on the seductive effect of the black dress for her Instagram and red carpet appearances, and has been dressed in pieces that emphasise her shoulders in fashion editorials. Ester Expósito has dazzled with her choices in colourful tailoring by Etro, Alexander McQueen and the bold, sensual lines of Australian Alex Perry’s construction. As part of a generation of women who freely express their sensuality, Ester Expósito has worn pieces by designers such as Naeem Khan, who is renowned for his surreal interpretation of stylised female figures. Using glitter and exaggeration of techniques as a way of creation. 

Red Carpet

With her appearance on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival, Ester Expósito confirms her position as a style reference, and not only for young audiences. Wearing a dress by the Italian house Etro, paired with Louboutin shoes and Bvlgari jewellery, the actress confirmed that the red carpet trend for the event would be deep, bare backs. The satin dress with subtle prints drew comparisons to the style of 90s actresses who dazzled in minimalist designs from the dominant design houses of the time, such as Calvin Klein.  

Ester Expósito is an actress who represents the younger generation of celebrities, the group of individuals who have taken the entertainment industry by storm with their prominent social media presence. As the woman with the most Instagram followers in Spain, and part of one of Netflix’s most popular series, the Spaniard promises to be one of the most in-demand actresses in the coming years. The actress has openly declared herself on her social networks as a feminist, attending the calls for the movement in Spain, and being a spokesperson for organisations that fight for women’s rights. This actress is active in the communication of movements that oppose racial discrimination, and support the efforts of the LGBTQ community. 

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