Escape From Tarkov – Top Strategies To Outperform In Game!

Escape From Tarkov is the most challenging game that requires the most advanced strategies.  This has become a hardcore shooter game that requires tactical teamwork.  This particular game has two real factions, like USEC & BEAR, that you will choose from when you are first booting up the game. 

This is the most challenging game where you will have to avoid the constant fear of losing all the money and gear when you are already going to want to stay alive in the game.  Most players are also using game Enhancement Tools for Escape from Tarkov, which will help you win the most demanding levels in the game.

If you are playing the scav, you will also be pushed into the ongoing raid with the random gear at random times.  But you will not be attacked by any other scav. Of course, make sure you are also supervising players, but if you can escape, you will easily make the cushy profile when you are buffing the arsenal.  Here are essential strategies for Escape from Tarkov players that will help you in winning the most uncompromising level in the game. 

Insure The Gear Properly

  • If you have enough courage to make use of your own gear as a PMC in the raid, then you will have to ensure it properly.  In case you die, then no one will pick it up. 
  • It will surely return through the Therapist or Prapor the next day.  Prapor is always offering lower rates, but his returns are entirely slower. 
  • However, a Therapist has become one of the most expensive options, but you will surely get your favourite gear back within 24 hours. 

Pay Attention To Map

The Escape From Tarkov is a challenging game where you will surely going to get lost a lot.  In case you get access to the 2nd screen or access to the tablet or mobile device, then you should load up a map.  After that, you will quickly refer to it during the raid.

 You will also find out the different kinds of community maps online, and it will also be complete with several extract locations on popular places such as Reddit.  If you have just started the game, then it is your responsibility to get the grips with the Factory & Custom first.  You will also run these kinds of maps in offline mode without the scav to perfect better acquainted with them.

Learn Everything Related To The Extracts

  • Escape From Tarkov is packed with different kinds of maps, and every single map comes with different kinds of extracts.  You will also be given different kinds of selections that depend on how you are going to raid & few are also accessible with the assistance of others or a key. 
  • Every map has different kinds of extracts that are completely open.  There are also various extracts, such as Smuggler’s boats on the custom, that are always open at various times.  You will also get a few extracts such as woods or Factory gate, where every player will require finding the friendly player scav so you will easily extract.
  • Make sure that you are also paying attention to the extracts, such as Factory Gate on Woods, where you will have to find a specific friendly player to the Scav to extract.  While playing your favourite game, you should also use game enhancement Tools for Escape from Tarkov that will be helpful for you. 

Complete The Quests In-Game

If you want to unlock new traders & items in the game, then you will have to complete the essential quests.  If you really want to progress in the game, then these quests are essential to paramount the raid experience.  Every single quest will need you to perform something different.  There are also some extra quests in the game that needs you to do something different.

 However, you will also find out guides online for the specific ones if you are getting stuck, but they also range in difficulty. 

Make sure that you are completing every single quest in the game so you will surely be rewarded in the game with items, cash or both.  This will surely increase your reputation and will also lead to a more fantastic price all around.  The reputation of the trader will also improve when you are unlocking the better gear to buy for the raids. 

Use The Safe And Secure Container

  • Almost every player has access to the safe and secure container that will be helpful for you during the PMC raid.  It will also enable you to keep the critical items that you have already got, even if you die. 
  • The size of the container totally depends on the specific edition of the game that you have already purchased.  Two types of containers are available in the game like smallest and largest one.  You will surely upgrade these containers when you are progressing in the game. 
  • If you are available in the raid, then you will also find out a marked key or an expensive-looking item.  It is highly recommended that one should stick with it in a secure container so you will surely keep everything safe and secure.

Carry Only What You Required For A Raid

You will not have to learn any complicated methods.  Make sure that you are bringing what you require to raid.  However, Tarkov has become hyper-realistic, so it is your responsibility to plan your gear so you will set it meticulously.  If you are already starting out, then you will not have to bring the 2nd weapon.  Every person requires investing money in decent armour and medical supplies. 

In addition, if you are using game Enhancement Tools for Escape from Tarkov, then it will be helpful for you in the game.  To win the most challenging battles in the game, then, it requires creating prominent strategies, and you also need some of the powerful weapons that will help you in winning the complicated level in the game.