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The thrill and fascination that comes with an Enterprise Center VIP box experience are one of the best things to cherish. Whether you’re young or old, nothing beats the extravagance and indulgence that comes from renting private suites. If you’re looking for something different than a regular experience at an upcoming event, Enterprise Center suites may be just what you need to make all the difference. Don’t let anything sit between you and your dream of enjoying the fine perks and privileges of being a VIP suite ticket holder. Take action now and book these highly-sought tickets and earn an experience to last a lifetime.

How To Buy Enterprise Center Suites & Boxes

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An Enterprise Center VIP box is your premium ticket to offer you the most incredible time at the venue. If you’ve never been to a luxury suite before, you’ll be amazed at the VIP treatment that comes with it. Enjoy the privacy of your own seating space and get a chance to wine and dine within the suite while enjoying your favorite game or show. Nothing can disrupt you from securing the best time of your life while you’re in the comfort of luxury suites. Score the best experiences in the company of your loved ones by securing these exclusive tickets today. 

Do you wish to skip the long lines of waiting to use the restroom? Are you tired of driving around to find a suitable parking spot for your vehicle? Don’t worry because there is a simple solution to get rid of the unwanted inconveniences and offer a hassle-free and unforgettable experience. There is so much that Enterprise Center VIP Club seats can offer to clear the drawbacks, such as providing exclusive access to private restrooms, VIP parking, and an in-seat attendant. This way, you’ll be able to live the event in a very special way without having to worry about anything going wrong. 

Feel like a king when you attend an event at the venue by booking Enterprise Center suites. It isn’t difficult to see why they’re always in high demand. After all, nothing compares to the feeling of importance and superfluity that they provide. Get a chance to park conveniently at one of the VIP parking lots and enter the venue using a private VIP event entrance. These are marks of superiority as you’re welcomed like a VIP as soon as you reach the venue. You’ll also be quite intrigued by the perks of VIP club access to make the whole experience worth living. 

If you’re looking for an Enterprise Center VIP box, the Penthouse Level Suite is a good choice that provides a bird’s eye view of the field. The suites on this level come with 12 tickets and lie over the Mezzanine Level. The capacity can be expanded to fit 4 additional guests. Some of the amenities that you can expect from these suites include in-suite catering, closet space, HDTVs, a dedicated attendant, and a kitchenette. The Club Level Suite comes with 16 tickets that are expandable to 20 tickets. These suites lie in the lower suite level and feature various amenities like private entrances, private restrooms, interior and exterior seating, HDTVs, and more. 

One of the most spacious Enterprise Center suites in the venue is the Double Suite which comes with 24 tickets. The capacity can be expanded to hold up to 35 guests. These suites lie on the Penthouse Level and come with perks that include catering, a kitchenette, HDTVs, closet space, and two private restrooms each. Keep in mind that an Enterprise Center VIP box is among the most demanded and hottest items in the venue. Given the luxurious perks and a wide range of exclusive access they offer, it is no surprise that they are prone to sell out. Also, they are quite limited in number, so they become an object of rarity. Get them early for an unforgettable experience. 

Secure the best Enterprise Center suites and watch your favorite event in unparalleled comfort. The venue opened in 1994 at 1401 Clark Avenue in St. Louis and is home to the professional NHL team, the St. Louis Blues. The center seats 18096 guests for ice hockey games. The capacity can range based on events. Enterprise Center first opened as Kiel Center and underwent two more name changes before settling on the current one in 2018. The center is a beloved place to either catch a game or witness the incredible shows by great showmen from far and wide. The busy venue hosts approximately 175 events annually. 

A lot of diverse events take place at the venue. Some of the iconic events include the Missouri Valley Conference Men’s Basketball Tournament, the 2006 State Farm US Figure Skating Championships, the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals, the 2020 NHL All-Star Game, and more. The site also hosts wrestling as well as MMA & boxing events. Get an Enterprise Center VIP box and live the best moments at the venue. Notable concerts have also taken place in the venue, including those of Prince, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, and Cher, among others. The New Kids on the Block are set to make an everlasting impression at the venue. If you want to make the event a memorable one, don’t forget to reserve your place at the coveted Enterprise Center suites. Other upcoming concerts by renowned artists you might be interested in watching include Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Machine Gun Kelly, Twentyone Pilots, and more. 

Enterprise Center VIP Box & Suite Prices And Details 

How Much Do Enterprise Center VIP Boxes & Suites Cost?  

Enterprise Center VIP Boxes & Suites can have significant variations in prices given a myriad of factors. The day of the week, the suite location, the nature of tickets, and more can impact the price. Fans will find them ranging from $2599 to more than $30000 per suite, while single suite tickets price can fall between $155 to over $700.

How Many Guests Can Fit In A Enterprise Center VIP Box Or Suite? 

Go through each Enterprise Center VIP Box Or Suite to find the perfect option to fit your group for a convenient experience. The Penthouse Level Suite features 12 tickets, and the Club Level Suite comes with 16 tickets each. Larger groups should go for the Double Suite that comes with 24 tickets.