Effective Ways to Contribute to Public Health

With an active pandemic raging on, public health has never been more important. Even 18 months in, many of us are still grappling with the impact the novel coronavirus has had on every facet of daily life. While we can’t make the pandemic go away overnight, there are a number of steps we can take to improve public health throughout this difficult time. Not only can these steps help protect us and our loved ones, they can actively contribute to the greater good. Anyone looking for effective ways to enhance public health would do well to consider the following measures.

Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19

At the present time, there’s no greater display of social responsibility than getting vaccinated against COVID-19. Full vaccination will help keep you and those around you safe from the novel coronavirus, thereby increasing public health. In addition, with vaccine booster shots now approved by the FDA, it’s imperative that you stay on top of this. Of course, if you’ve yet to receive your first shot, there’s no time like the present to remedy this mistake. Unless you have a medical condition that makes vaccinations unsafe, it behooves you to get vaccinated. 

Additionally, unlike most things health care-related in the U.S., COVID-19 vaccines are free and easily accessible. These vaccines are administered free of charge at a host of medical centers, popup clinics and pharmacies across the country. So, regardless of where you’re based, getting vaccinated shouldn’t prove difficult in the slightest.   

Public Health

Encourage Others to Get Vaccinated

If there are people in your life who have yet to get vaccinated, try to steer them in the right direction. Some people simply don’t keep up with the current events and are therefore unaware of how great a threat COVID-19 and its growing number of variants pose. Other people have come to embrace harmful misinformation that has been circulating the web and various media outlets since the pandemic’s outset. Thanks to blatant falsehoods promoted by agenda-driven political figures and pundits, millions of Americans genuinely believe that in spite of the staggering fatality numbers, the novel coronavirus has been blown out of proportion and that the currently available vaccines somehow pose a greater threat than the virus itself. 

It’s very important for these people to understand that COVID-19 represents a gravely serious public health hazard – and that even if the virus doesn’t kill you, you’re likely to be stuck with long-term health effects. Furthermore, the various vaccines available in the U.S. have been shown to be extremely safe and effective in reducing people’s risk of developing serious or fatal infections of the novel coronavirus.    

Assist the Immunocompromised

If you have any immunocompromised people in your life, make a point of helping them out during this difficult time. Even in the best of times, these individuals are extremely susceptible to illnesses and infections, and with a virus as contagious as COVID-19, they shouldn’t be taking any risks. By running errands for immunocompromised friends and family members, you’re saving them the risk of venturing out into public, where unvaccinated individuals are taking full advantage of relaxed masking rules. In a broader sense, you can help people with compromised immune systems by taking part in a blood donation drive and contributing to other charitable causes. 

Public Health

Wear a Mask

Regardless of your vaccination status, you should be masking up whenever you’re in public, particularly in indoor settings. Even though many states and businesses relaxed or outright repealed their masking rules toward the beginning of summer, the rapidly ballooning infection numbers have revealed this to be a huge mistake. As such, even if you’re seeing a lot fewer masks around your current locale, you should remain vigilant in masking up and actively encouraging others to do the same.  

Even in the best of times, public health should never be regarded as an afterthought. Furthermore, with a once-in-a-century pandemic continuing to sweep the globe, there’s never been a more crucial time to get serious about public health. Doing your part can make you and your loved safer and actively help hasten the conclusion of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ballooning infection rates in the U.S. are proof of what happens when people place public health on the backburner. Rather than contribute to the problem, why not play an important role in the solution?

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

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