Earn your Pocket Money by Playing Online Ludo Games

Ludo is one of the most popular games online, and recently, there has been a great rise in popularity. Ludo is incredibly easy yet fun to play. You can play it with your family or friends or have a great time playing the game with players globally. Thanks to online ludo game apps.

However, while you are enjoying an entertaining game, you also get the opportunity to earn extra money. Yes, you heard that right! When you play ludo online, you get an opportunity to win cash prizes. However, they aren’t easy to win. You need to know how the game works.

Master Online Ludo Games and Win Your Pocket Money!

Before you officially start playing online ludo, you must learn to master the game. Here are some efficacious ways to do so:

●       Open all the tokens

One of the best ludo strategies you can adopt to win the game is getting your tokens out of your home base as soon as possible. It becomes unnecessarily risky when you only move one or two tokens forward with every dice roll. When you play ludo online, you can have higher flexibility by opening all your tokens, especially when the dice number is low. Hence, you should consider getting your tokens out of your base immediately.

●       Adopt an Attacking Strategy

One of the most thrilling parts of playing Ludo is attacking your opponents. You can become invincible at Ludo if you create an attacking strategy and put your mercy aside for the game. At the same time, you always need to calculate the risk you may have before moving the tokens from the home bases.

Attack your opponent very carefully when you have a token on the fourth or third quadrant. You should attack your opponent only if you can escape from a safe distance. Your safe distance can be seven steps ahead, and you can give a less likely chance to your opponent to eliminate you in the game.

●       Spread Your Coins

You must focus on spreading your tokens strategically in the ludo match. When you place your tokens across the board, you can move them around freely, especially when your opponent isn’t nearby. Moreover, you can easily block your opponents from winning the game by reaching the homes when implementing such a strategy smartly.

●       Block Your Opponent

If you want your token to enter the home safely, you must know how to distract your opponent. If any of your tokens are nearing home, your opponents will eye that piece and try to capture it. But you can save your tokens from the attack if you block your opponent by chasing their piece.

In such cases, staying some steps ahead of your opponent is always better. If you stay at least seven steps before your opponent, your token will remain safe on the board.

●       Patience is the Key

Patience while playing the game is one of the most important things to help you win ludo and earn your pocket money. For example, if your tokens occupy the star-shaped zones of the board, then your opponent cannot remove your tokens in such zones. And if the opponent’s tokens surround your token in the star-shaped zone, you can simply leave them where they are.

Meanwhile, you can focus on your other movements across the board. Your patience influences the safety of your tokens. If you get eliminated, you may have to start again, and your token may land you back in your home base.

How to Play Ludo Games Online?

Playing ludo games online is fairly easy when you have found a trustworthy platform to register in. Once you have registered, you can play your game while earning cash. Playing the game from one of the best ludo game apps will also get daily bonuses and rewards. These rewards put you ahead of the competition and help you win more in the game.

After playing and winning ludo, you can withdraw your earned money. Your withdrawal can occur through many banking options, but it mainly depends on the option provided by the platform. Online gaming platforms connect you to the real players worldwide who play Ludo alongside you.


Ludo is a wondrous game that requires many elements for you to win. However, it can thoroughly entertain you and earn you pocket money as you win the game. The best way to conveniently play ludo whenever you want is through a ludo game app. These applications always make playing your favourite game on the go much easier. The app will also come with many other benefits that give you an advantage against opponents.