Digitize Your Travel Business with Web App Development

The travel industry has gained popularity and momentum again after COVID. Now, you might find more people traveling than before.

Booking through a travel agent is not what customers want anymore. Travelers in today’s digitalized world rely more on their smartphones and the web.

According to Stratosjet, more than 90% of travelers do online research to plan their trips, while 82% of them end up booking online as well.

Another report from Allied Market Research predicts that the online travel market industry will reach USD 1835.6 billion at a CAGR of 14.8% by 2031.

Needless to say, the advancement in technology has completely changed the way people used to travel. Thus, to gain profit from your travel business, it is now essential to make it digitized with travel web app development.

To help you out, we are about to share everything that you need to know about travel web apps and how you can develop one for your business.

Introduction to Travel Web App

Just like any other web app, the travel web app is an application program stored on a remote server that’s delivered on web browsers using an internet connection.

Travel agencies create travel web apps for much more than indexing hotels and transportation for different destinations. They also share useful travel content including but not limited to travel guides and exclusive tours along with reviews and ratings from other travelers.

Investing in travel web apps can help businesses in offering convenient tools to potential customers to check the cost of accommodation, tickets, car rentals, and so on. It also allows them to book their trip through their web apps.

Some of the advantages that travel web apps can bring to your business are:

  • Automating tedious tasks like checking delays, sending booking reminders, canceling or rescheduling the stay and transportation, etc.

  • Allows users to customize their searches by filtering location, budget, travel date, and the number of days they wanna stay at a hotel.

  • Provides easily accessible information about everything related to the trip.

  • Enables you to easily resolve travelers’ queries and take their feedback to improve your services.

  • Helps you in establishing a better relationship with your customers and building loyalty by sharing re-engagement and personalized campaigns.

Core Features of Travel Web App

While developing a travel web app, here are some core features that you need to include in it to make it successful.

  • User Registration/ Sign-Up: One of the main features of the travel web app is having a sign-up option. To make user registration easier, you should add social sign-ins through trusted sources like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Apart from these, you can also allow a user to sign up using their email address/mobile number + password.
  • Listings: If the user is searching for a hotel or restaurant and finds one that matches their preferences, they will want to know more about it. Thus, some of the information that you should list for user convenience are availability, photos, description, cancellation policies, rules, customer reviews, etc.
  • Filtered Search: Travelers want to choose everything for their trip according to their budget, dates, number of people, and more. The more in-depth filter options a user can get, the better their result will be. Some of the filter options you can add for your user convenience are dates, location, additional services, and cost.
  • Customer Support (Chatbots): A travel agency needs to add their customer support number along with a chatbot in their web app. It allows travelers to get in touch with you to resolve their issues and find the answer to their questions.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Before booking any transportation and accommodation for their trip, users are more likely to check the ratings and reviews left by previous travelers to find out the good or the bad they had experienced to finalize their decision.
  • Geolocation: It is yet another essential feature to implement in your travel web app as it allows travelers to check the distance, observe areas, and track the providers, refining travel information for the users. For example, if they’re traveling to Tulum, your travel web app might offer information about clubs and events in Tulum – since that location is famous for its parties and it will be highly relevant to your customers.
  • Push notifications: Notifications are another important feature for a travel web app. It keeps the users informed about discounts, price changes, new offers, and updates while also sending reminders regarding upcoming trips.
  • Booking: Last but not least, without the booking feature your app will be of little use to both you and travelers. Adding this feature will not only enable users to book accommodation, rental services, and transportation but will also help you to generate commission-based revenue.

How to Create A Travel Web App

Now the crucial question arises: “How will I build a travel web app?”. Fortunately, we’ve provided a simple roadmap that will help you build a successful travel web app.

  • Define Objectives of Web App: To make a web app successful, you must define the objectives and expected outcomes. You can start by deciding what travel services you want to offer and then choose the right feature that targets your audience.
  • Do Some Market Research: Next, you should understand the features and functionalities popular travel web apps are offering, this will help you build a better web app that stands out from the competition.
  • Hire Developers: Once you have defined your objects and done some market research, now comes the most crucial part – hiring developers. You will find different web app developers offering their services in the market but ensure that you are choosing those who are highly experienced and have already worked on similar projects.
  • Discuss and Develop: After finalizing your development partner, share and discuss your idea and what you want to achieve with them. Sharing your expectations at the beginning helps them understand the project better. And since the development team is already experienced, they might also share an idea or two with you if needed.


Travel web app development can be exhausting as it will be developed with the goal to make traveling easier. But the end result is going to benefit both travelers and your business.

So that was about digitizing your travel business. We hope you enjoyed the article. Stay tuned for more!