Different Types and Variations of Online Slots

Slots are the most popular online casino games, with millions of different slot games to choose from. However, choosing the slot adventure to enjoy can be a little bewildering to new casino players. This article enumerates five basic types of online slots you should be familiar with before you sign-up at a gambling site and start betting.

  • 3-Reel slots

3-reel slots are a digital version of the classic fruit machine games available in gaming arcades across the world. These are the simplest form of slot games you can try when you find the best slots sites, not on Gamstop worth trying.

These online slots feature three columns and three rows of symbols, with the middle row called the pay line. To play 3-reel slots, you place your bet and spin the reels. After the reels stop spinnings, you’ll win the amount of cash stated if the symbols present on the pay line feature a winning combination shown on the paytable.

Three reel slots are a gentle introduction to the online slot market for beginners. As you gain more experience, you can move to more complex slot games shown below, although 3-reel slots remain an ideal choice for non-energetic relaxation.

  • 5- Reel slots

Also called video slots, five reel slots are elaborate slot games that feature up to 100 pay lines. That gives you more winning combinations, giving you a bigger chance of winning every spin. The multiple pay lines and extra reels mean that the pay tables are more detailed.

While 5-reel slots might seem a little daunting for beginners, online casinos allow you to check the paytable separately in a game. These slots also include special features like scatter and wild symbols, giving you more chances to win.

  • 3D slots

3D slots are the latest addition to the online slots market. The gameplay is similar to video slots, except you’ll enjoy interacting with 3D animated characters when playing the game. 3D slots also feature a more narrative feel, with every game featuring a different storyline and setting. The 3D animation, themes, and audio effects all combine to deliver a unique, modern twist that experienced slot players can enjoy.

  • Feature slots

Feature slots are a type of online slot game that includes special features like bonus rounds and extra spins, unlocked through scatters and wilds. These random symbols act like wildcards, giving you more chances to win every spin.

Feature slots also promise the most innovation in their gameplay, including features like collapsing stacks or free falls. They form a huge part of online casinos today and there’s a wide variety of feature slots to choose from.

  • Progressive jackpots

Normally, every slot game features a set jackpot individual to that game. With progressive jackpots, every player who chooses to wager on the game from anywhere in the world contributes to the jackpot’s prize pool. The jackpot thereby increases every time a player places a bet.

Progressive jackpots are linked to each other to ensure that a percentage of the player’s bet goes to the jackpot. Once a player wins the jackpot, the prize pool starts again. As such, progressive jackpots can offer you huge payouts to the tune of millions. In fact, the largest amount ever won in a progressive jackpot was £11.8 million on mega moolah.  

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

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