Delta 8, 9, and 10 THC: What Is the Difference?

More and more people are delving into the use of cannabis for various purposes. Some do so to help them manage their underlying medical conditions, while others go for the use of cannabis for recreational purposes. What most people are not familiar with, however, is that cannabis can come in different variants based on the cannabinoids they contain. Autoflowering weed seeds are the most popular for growers because they contain the stable quality of cannabinoids in the ready to use plant. It is important both for users and growers to understand the benefits and effects of weed depending on its cannabinoid presence. This article digs deeper into the differences of delta 8, 9, and 10 THC.

Delta 8 in Brief

Delta-8 is legal in most parts of the United States because it is hemp-derived. It closely resembles the Indica strains. Still, like CBD, it can bind with the receptors in the brain, providing a similar experience that you would get from the consumption of delta-9 THC. Thus, it can also help you manage pain and stress or provide an overall sense of pleasantness. The great part about delta-8 is that it won’t give you a full-blown psychoactive experience, much like you would with delta-9. While delta-8 may still be psychoactive, it is to a lesser degree, allowing you to still be clear-headed. Nevertheless, most people prefer to use it during the night time because of its relaxation and calming effects when you use the best delta 8 THC dosage for everyone

  • Benefits of Delta 8

Because delta-8 is known to have roughly only half of the potency of delta-9, users of the former report to still reap the same benefits that they get from the latter, without having to experience extreme psychoactive effects. Apart from this, delta-8 is also known to have a more stable molecule, which means that it doesn’t oxidize and degrade into CBN, much like what happens to delta-9. As a result, delta-8 tends to have a longer shelf-life.

Delta 9 in Brief

Among the three THC variants, delta-9, which is also sometimes referred to as the traditional THC, proves to have the most potent psychoactive effect. It is also the easiest one to distill, being available as a flower, as well as in the form of concentrates and edibles. Thus, you can consume it in any way you want to in any legal state that permits its usage. When it comes to the effects, delta-9 proves to be quite versatile, depending on the mix of cannabinoids and terpenes it contains. For instance, you can use it for pain relief, or you can also consume it just for relaxation and contentment. In comparison to even the most potent Delta-8 Flower and other cannabinoids, Delta-9 is known to have the most intense effects when it comes to pleasure, the thought process, as well as cognitive abilities.

  • Drawbacks of Delta-9

Delta-9 proves to be quite strong, such that some of its consumers reported not-so-great effects. For instance, some have experienced hunger pangs, while others encountered anxiety and paranoia. Because of its strong psychoactive effects, some tend to get off their game, which has become an issue, particularly for people who use cannabis to maintain a quality of life. In this case, they need to use cannabis to help them manage their underlying medical conditions while still being clear or level-headed.

Delta 10 in Brief

Delta-10 is also derived from hemp, and it is also legal in several states in the US, much like delta-8 is. The effects of delta 10 THC tend to sit between the delta-8 and delta-9 variants. It is milder and more subtle than delta-9, but it is still effective in boosting your mood. However, delta-10 products are still quite rare because of the complexity of how it is extracted.

  • Delta-10 Extraction

Very much like delta-8, delta-10 occurs in extremely small quantities. It can come from crude CBD or CBD isolate, or it can also be extracted using the usual extraction methods such as supercritical CO2 extraction, hydrocarbon extraction, as well as ethanol and cryo-ethanol extraction. However, in terms of the chemically altered CBD extraction methods, the quantity of delta-10 that is extracted is only very minimal.

Delta-10 somehow resembles Sativa cannabis strains, which are considered to be more uplifting than the delta-8. For this reason, you may experience an increased euphoria with the use of delta-10, as well as more alertness and focus, as well as enhanced energy, and a boost of creativity. However, it is still less likely to cause some of the unwanted effects of delta-9. Because of this, delta-10 is more favored to be used during the daytime when an energy boost is necessary.

  • Legality of Delta-10

Because local laws often vary to a certain degree, the legality of the use of delta-10 may sometimes fall in a gray area. Nevertheless, most states deem that delta-10 is legal because it is derived from hemp. Aside from this, the final product also contains less than 0.3% THC. While delta-10 can still get you high, the type of experience you get to enjoy slightly differs from delta-8 and delta-9. Even if it is still quite rare in the market, you will already be able to find various types of delta-10 variants, which can be in the form of edibles, oils, and tinctures, as well as vapes, topicals, and even flowers.

  • FAQs on Delta-10

Will delta-10 show on a drug test?

The short answer is yes; it will most likely show on a drug test. When it appears in a urinalysis, it can be very difficult to set apart from delta-9.

How is delta-10 measured?

Like with other cannabinoids, experts use similar protocols in measuring delta-10. Some of the potency tests involve the use of high-performance liquid chromatography equipment. In this case, the potency of flowers, extracts, and edibles is accurately measured.

Are delta-10 products safe?

Like with other products released in the market, delta-10 products that bear the certificate of analysis (COA) are the safest ones that you can try. Some products even bear additional certifications that signify their credibility. Even so, you should always check with your medical practitioner before you try out any cannabis products, including delta-10.

Delta 8
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When delta-8 emerged in the market, it was renowned for bringing forth a smoother and less intense cannabis experience compared to delta-9. However, with the emergence of delta-10, a milder uplift than regular THC can be experienced. The key is in knowing your specific needs and preferences to figure out the best THC variant that will be able to suit you perfectly.

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