Cyberpunk Anime and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Trailers Are Promising To Watch

Both the Cyberpunk anime and Xenoblade chronicles 3 trailers are promising to watch and full of excitement.

The CyberPunk: Edgerunners is a 10-part anime series with the involvement of developers CDPR. Studio Triggers handle the whole animation. You might know them from things like Little Witch Academia and Kill la Kill.

The new trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is shared by Nintendo and focuses on Aionios. From this world, the players will begin their journey.

Let’s get into the details of both and discuss them individually.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Trailer

Netflix has released the trailer of the anime series based on Cyberpunk 2077. You would leave all the complaints about the game at the door. Because Cyberpunk: Edgerunners has something exciting for you.

The first teaser trailer of the anime series has gone out. It is not related directly to the game, but the storyline takes place in the Night City.

Prominent music composer Akira Yamaoka handles the music, who is also the composer of Silent Hill. Studio Trigger’s brilliant Japanese animation studio is working on the anime.

We probably forgot about the Cyberpunk universe announcement by Netflix, and now it’s finally here. You can get customized characters’ cyberwar, playstyle, and skillset and explore the massive city. Here your choices will shape the story and the world around you.

The studio and the people working behind it are not normal people. Edgerunners will at least look promising, keeping all the expertise behind it. The anime series would be amazing as Studio Trigger has a solid history. Hiroyuki Imaishi is directing it, and Yoh Yoshinari is handling the character design and animation direction.

Now, the real question is whether the script is as promising as the expertise behind this anime series. This is about which there is still uncertainty. 

Keeping all the debacle at the time of the Cyberpunk 2077 launch, it’s worth pointing out that CD Projekt Red is handling the story and script. That has set an example of why you don’t need to release an unfinished game. Audiences have less confidence in the creative output of CD Projekt Red now. This is the same studio handling CyberPunk: Edgerunners anime series.

But there is also another fact that the same studio has handled The Witcher games brilliantly. So, it would be exciting to see how they will handle the most-awaited CyberPunk: Edgerunners. 

Let’s hope that the story of this brilliant anime series also looks amazing. With all the expertise it has got behind, the anime series is expected to be really promising to watch.


The new CyberPunk: Edgerunners anime series will launch in September.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Trailer.

Nintendo shares the incredible trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It relies directly on the previous two games. In the roles of Noah and Mio, you will find yourself in the midst of turmoil between the hostile people of Agnus and Keves.

The main theme of the game is “life.” You will try to reconcile the six main characters from both countries when you are planning to go out.   

Nintendo describes it as “Aionios is a resource rich world. Here you begin your journey to end the cycle of violence between two rival nations.” It is also evident from the trailer that you will visit another celestial body in the game that gravitates toward the Aionios. 

When the Wii didn’t have many JRPGs in its library, the generation’s ambitious Xenoblade Chronicles stood out as the best. It took a while for the company to make a sequel, but they made up for it by remastering the original game. They are also offering it bundled with the sequel to get all those fans who missed the original a chance to catch up on the world. 

All those plans now make complete sense because they were building up for the next one to enter the franchise.

Entry of a New Character

The developers behind Nintendo’s upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 3, MonolithSoft, revealed a new hero character in the game. He tweeted about it, and it is included in the upcoming action RPG. 

“ZEON” will be from the class of Guardian defenders who fight with a sword and shield. He has a long history with the other team members.

The name is according to Google translator, so there might be a slight margin for error with the exact name.


The trailer for the promising Xenoblade Chronicles 3 shows the intriguing landscapes of Aionios. It revealed a surprise release date on 29th July instead of September.

Ending Lines:

These two would be a great addition to the increased attention towards the anime industry and the ever-growing gaming industry. Let’s see what the audience response to Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 when they get released is.

Featured Image Credit: Cyberpunk