Cultural Diversity in the USA

Culture and cultural diversity in any nation become deep-rooted as the nation grows in terms of age, technology and population. The USA is over 240 years old and has tremendously grown in technology and population. This is evidence that the nation’s cultural diversity has continually evolved as the nation grows more in age. 

The USA’s cultural diversity can clearly be seen in different regions, from the Southern tip of Florida to the furthest part of Oregon in the West. 

Diversity in lifestyles 

The USA people’s lifestyles are diverse and their influencing factors are many. Lifestyle includes things like trade/business, food, clothing, architecture, education and many more. All US citizens are not equal in terms of social-economic status, which has a great influence on the people’s lifestyles. 

Education can also be influence by lifestyle. The person that is better financially has access to better schools and technology. Culture also influences the way people think and learn. Culture can shape the way you write in terms of perception, thoughts and use of idioms in writing. 

Diversity in religion 

American is among the world’s oldest nations where religion greatly influenced its revolution to form a great nation, grow and develop a unique culture. Presently, the nation is home to every major global religion and each is playing its part towards making America and the citizens strong in faith. 

People’s behavior, beliefs, clothing, food, dances and other customs are mainly influenced by the religion they adhere to. The American constitution recognizes the role of religion in society and has given every citizen freedom of worship. 

The founding fathers of the USA were strong in faith and envisioned a nation that was not divided between religion and their vision is a reality today. Every religion has a part to play in the nation’s development and unity of the people. Respect for each person’s religious belief is strong in every US state. 

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Cultural Diversity
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Diversity in color

The most distinct sign of America’s cultural diversity is color. The nation was formed by people from different nationalities who migrated to the US under different circumstances. Some were forcefully taken from their mother countries and sold to the US as slaves. Other American citizens migrated into the nation because of war, others for business purposes and another’s migrated for business.

Despite the reason behind each person’s migration into the US, the truth is that they are all Americans and must be committed to building America into a great nation. America is home to five major groups of people, each with unique color, namely the white/European Americans, Asians, Hispanics/Latinos, Blacks/African Americans and the Jews. 

Diversity in language  

Through language, people express their feelings, thoughts, ideas and visions. Diversity in language promotes unity among people as they appreciate the uniqueness of each other’s language. Although the national/official US language is English, several other thousands of languages are spoken within the US territory.

Every year, thousands of people from all over the globe move into the US in search of a better life. A casual walk into the streets of the US cities will reveal that people speak a different language on a personal level with people they are closely related to. While at work, school and public places, people stick to English as the official language for the sake of the nation’s cohesiveness.  

Diversity in languages is one of the things that help Americans bond together as one nation. The beauty of it is the way people forget their unique language and build their values based on English, which is the official international business language. 


The USA’s cultural diversity is firmly grounded in the history of the nation. From the days of the USA’s colonization, the independence era and the technological advancement of the nation, the USA has continued to adapt to new cultures as more people migrate into this great nation. The four main regions of the USA, namely, the West, South, Mid-west and South East, are unique and each region has specific cultural values and believes they follow. 

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