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You’ll never get the full grasp of VIP treatment at an event unless you’ve been there and experienced the frill of Arena suites in person. It doesn’t come as a surprise why luxury suites are one of the most coveted seating areas at any venue. They offer the most delightful treatment and allow the suite ticket holders to enjoy plush furnishings and experiences. Whatever your desire is, be it exclusive access and perks, privacy, or unparalleled views, a Arena VIP box is the best thing you can bet your money on. So, don’t waste your chance to enjoy this spectacular suite experience.

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A luxury box or suite is a seating area where you can enjoy the event in your own space with privacy and a lack of distractions. These are usually the most coveted seating options at any venue as they provide the ultimate experience to live and own the night like a boss. There is no question that Arena suites will be in high demand. After all, the beloved venue is the recipient of several prestigious titles and nominations. It has won several titles from Pollstar Magazine, including Best Major Concert Venue and Arena of the Year. The venue is also dubbed as the NBA’s most “vegetarian-friendly” arena by PETA. These reasons, coupled with the exclusivity and limited nature of luxury suites, make them highly sought-after by visitors looking for a premium experience. It is no wonder why they sell out quickly. So get the best VIP box and have a team time with your loved ones. 

A host of exciting perks and privileges accompany Arena VIP Club seats, such as private restrooms. You’ll be pleased and impressed with the service of in-suite catering that offers an exotic menu that you’ll relish with great delight. An in-seat attendant is another perk that makes sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Every luxury ticket holder also gets access to VIP parking spots for convenient access to the venue as well as a private VIP event entrance. There are two VIP entrances at the venue – the Star Plaza VIP Entrance and the Southwest VIP entrance. While these are common amenities that suite ticket holders can expect, the privileges can vary from suite to suite and event to event. 

Another enviable perk that a Arena VIP box offers is VIP club access. Multiple exclusive clubs are available to enhance your experience at the event. Furnished with HDTVs, lounge areas, and full-service bars, these clubs offer a premium experience to suite holders. The San Manuel Club is a high-end club that features a premium bar and restaurant that features a full bar, HDTVs, and more. It lies on Delta Suite Level A. This club is accessible to all suite ticket holders. Another exclusive club option is the Hyde Lounge which lies on the C level. The Lexus Club can be enjoyed by select suites for white-tablecloth dining. Be sure to grab these privileges and make the most out of your suite tickets.

There are three Arena suites to choose from, depending on the location and affordability. The most expensive Arena VIP box option is the A Level Luxury Suite. These first-level suites come with 12 tickets and 2 parking passes with available catering. The B Level Luxury Suite lies in the middle between the A Level and C Level Luxury Suites. The base capacity of the suite is 12 people, which can be expanded up to 18 people with 2 to 4 VIP parking passes. Some B Level Luxury Suite holders will also have access to the Lexus Club. The least expensive suite option is the C Level Luxury Suite. They lie on the C Level and come with 12 to 18 tickets. 

Fans of sports and music will be well aware of the prominent Arena. This famous multi-purpose arena lies at 1111 South Figueroa Street in downtown Los Angeles. If you’re looking for an experience at the venue that’ll blow your mind, renting a Arena VIP box will be your best bet. The arena recently changed its name from Staples Center to Arena in 2021. The seating capacity of the venue varies depending on the event, with an average capacity to hold 19079 guests for basketball games. The busy venue attracts about 4 million visitors to its approximately 250 events annually. So, if you want to be up there in the comfort of Arena suites, don’t waste time having two minds about it. 

Since its opening in 1999, the venue has hosted many notable sporting events and concerts. It serves as the home of three professional sports teams – the Los Angeles Kings of the NHL, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA. Some of the most notable events that took place at the venue include several NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, Grammy Awards ceremony, the MTV Video Music Awards, eSports, professional wrestling, Democratic National Convention, and more. The first musical act to perform at the venue is Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band. Other notable performers include Taylor Swift, Green Day, and Dave Matthews Band. Find an exciting Arena VIP box to enjoy upcoming concerts of artists like Shawn Mendes, James Taylor, Roger Waters, and Michael Buble. The arena may also host the upcoming 2028 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. Be sure to keep the tickets to Arena suites for a mind-blowing experience. Arena VIP Box & Suite Prices And Details 

How Much Do Arena VIP Boxes & Suites Cost? Arena VIP Boxes & Suites usually cost between $3400 to $21000 depending on the event type and the location of the suite. Other factors can also affect the price of tickets, such as ticket type. If you buy single tickets to a shared suite, you’ll be charged between $160 to $740 per ticket. 

How Many Guests Can Fit In A Arena VIP Box Or Suite? 

There are three suite levels at the arena. All the three suite levels, namely A Level Luxury Suite, B Level Luxury Suite, and C Level Luxury Suite, come with 12 tickets. Each Arena VIP Box Or Suite comes with 6 additional tickets to fit up to 18 people.