Concrete Services: What Do You Need to Know More?

Why concrete lifting services? There are many reasons to hire a concrete lifting company for your next building project, whether you are working on Concrete Driveways Milwaukee, a patio, or anything else involving concrete. This type of work ensures that the job is done right the first time and offers a level of flexibility not always available in other types of construction. With so much involved in concrete lifting and leveling in St Louis, there is a concrete lifting company ready and willing to help with your next project.

1. Levelling and Lifting Slabs

What concrete lifting services can offer you? Leveling and lifting slabs are key to any building project. Without proper leveling and lifting procedures, your slabs may settle into the ground or even worse be lifted improperly and collapse. Professionals with experience in concrete lifting services in St Louis can make all the difference between a successful construction project and one that is likely to go undone. The right concrete handling and leveling service can ensure that your slabs are handled correctly and OSHA doesn’t have to be called to take care of the cleanup.

2. Use Skid Equipment

How do concrete lifting services ensure that your concrete slabs are properly handled? The most common concrete lifting services employ the use of skid equipment to move the concrete slabs on the job site in advance of lifting and installation. Using skid equipment allows the concrete lifting services to place their hands on the concrete slabs and put them in position for leveling before they are moved on the trucks. This ensures a durable concrete surface on the first day of the job.

3. Trucks with Hydraulic Lifts

Other concrete lifting services utilize trucks with hydraulic lifts which place the concrete slabs on top of the truck bed. A concrete lifting services company in St Louis will also transport slabs using an automatic hopper that dumps the concrete into a drum that is lined with a reinforcing steel liner. This drum will be placed onto the concrete floor of the garage floors. This saves the need to manually move heavy concrete slabs regularly.

4. Foam Repair

Another concrete lifting service in St Louis that is used to help people with repairing concrete is foam repair. Foam is often mixed with concrete to help make the mixture less sticky and easier to work with. If concrete stays in place and stays smooth after it has been repaired with foam, the concrete is likely repairing itself.

Once the repair has cured for several hours, a worker can pour a layer of repair foam on top of the concrete to give it even more durability. After the concrete cures for a few days, it’s time to apply another layer of foam and continue to do so until the concrete is smooth and free of imperfections.

5. Concrete Polishing

One of the most popular concrete lifting services is concrete polishing. As the name suggests, concrete polishing is used to make concrete surfaces look like they’ve been polished. By adding a thin layer of polyurethane foam to concrete surfaces, repair workers can create the impression that they have spent hours working on the concrete surfaces. Even concrete floors that haven’t been repaired with concrete polishing foam can be made to look like they were professionally done. There are concrete polishing kits that homeowners can buy to make concrete surfaces look like fine furniture.

Featured Image Credit: Life of Pix on Pexels