Complete Guide to Construction Measuring Tools

Construction sites are associated with heavy machinery and heavy-duty materials. However, measuring tools are amongst the most important pieces of equipment on site. Read on for a complete to construction measuring tools.

What are measuring tools?

Measuring tools are key to construction. They can help you precisely measure distances, whether materials are levels and all sorts of other geometrical values. Without measuring tools, it’s a lot more difficult to smoothly get work done. 

The benefits

There are plenty of benefits that make measuring tools worthwhile. For a start, they save time, money and labour. By producing precise measurements, they allow you to construct more efficiently and avoid costly rebuilds after a mistake. This will in turn boost the reputation of your company – clients want to see work being completed quickly and accurately. Plus, it’s easy to do! Measuring tools don’t require specialist skills or knowledge and anyone can quickly learn how to use them. 

Most common tools

Green laser level

A green laser level is, naturally, an excellent tool for measuring how level a material is. It does this by emitting a high intensity green laser beam that helps you rapidly align and level materials. By getting a green laser level that can work over 30m, you’ll have a versatile tool that can help on plenty of jobs.

Wheel of fortune measuring wheel

If you’re measuring long distances outdoors, a tape measure might not be the best tool for the job. Instead, a measuring wheel can help you easily measure out further distances without having to secure one end of the measure. 

Zip level 

If you need to measure elevation, then the zip level is the ideal tool. It’s a simple machine: you set your level to zero and then raise the rod until you’ve reached the level you want to measure – from there you should get an elevation measurement and you can find it at any electrical supply store in your area. 


Calipers are excellent if you want to measure two opposite sides of an object. By adjusting the two opposing tips of the calipers, you can fit an object – imagine a concrete block – in between the two, before measuring it with the built-in ruler. 

Tape measure

A tape measure is an old favourite for calculating short distances. And for good reason. This versatile tool is best used for finding measurements inside in environments where you need precise, practical tools. 

Measurement tools are crucial for construction jobs, just like hiring the right contractor. Using can help you finding the proper person for the work you need. And fortunately, there’s a different tool for whatever measurement you’re looking for. From elevation to levelling, you can use measurements tools to complete your project smoothly and efficiently, to achieve the best possible result. 

Photo by Callum Hill on Unsplash