Common mistakes to avoid when managing an Airbnb in Miami

Airbnb management Miami is not as easy as it looks, and there is room for mistakes that can lead to losing out on business or revenue. You want to make an enticing listing with tools in place right from the start. If you’re using a Miami Airbnb management team, they can help you with all the management and day-to-day tasks. This takes a lot of weight off your shoulders. Here are some common mistakes to look out for when it comes to managing an Airbnb in Miami:

Incorrect Pricing

A common mistake is to underprice your property. You want to give guests a unique vacation as opposed to discount lodging. Airbnb has changed a lot, and people expect to pay fair market value in the area. There are pricing tools you can use that let you know what your property is worth.

Taking Poor Photos

Airbnb management Miami companies will always take professional photos of your property. If you’re doing this yourself, you may want to pay a professional to come in. This will give you a higher return, making it a worthwhile investment. If you take pictures on your phone that don’t showcase the property well, you won’t get the maximum bookings.

Failing at Customer Service

Not everyone has the knack for being good with guests. Part of Miami Airbnb management is treating your guests like gold. If they didn’t have a great time because things were legitimately not working in the property, you might want to consider giving them a partial refund. Getting a bad review can cost you much more in the long run.

If a guest’s stay wasn’t great for them, you want to do what you can to fix the issue before they let everyone know their grievances. Also, listen to their issues and make the changes so you don’t have to continue refunding guests who stay with you.

Not Setting Clear Rules

If you don’t have any specific house rules between you and your guests, you may run into problems. You must be clear on quiet hours, how many people are allowed, and your cleanup expectations. Not enforcing policies could leave you in trouble with your neighbors, or you could be left with a massive cleanup after a party. By having clear guidelines on your Airbnb posting, you prevent problematic guests. You can even implement fees for breaking the rules.

Not Having the Support You Need

You may not have a big team if you’re just starting with your Airbnb property. You must have some support set up, however. Otherwise, you could have to clean every time guests check in and out. You might not have the time to help them during their stay, which can create a bad review for you. You want a solid cleaner, a maintenance person, and backups. You also want to make sure you have a person that guests can readily get in touch with during their stay.


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