College Lessons From Marvel Movies

Marvel movies are a performance of high quality in the world of entertainment. They bring about a lot of meaning and inspiration. They, themself, being a work of art, inspire people to strive towards art themselves. They are dedicated to present every character accurately and try to move and motivate their viewers. Marvel movies teach us lessons that we can take with ourselves throughout our life journey. It applies to college, as well. Sure, as a college student you probably hate essay writing, despise the early waking, and wish to have more fun. Yes, writing, reading, studying take a lot of time and prove themselves to be hard. But can’t we take something from Marvel movies to help us with all the obstacles? Yes, we can. Let’s see what.

Captain America: Civil War

This is another part of the Captain America movie series. Here there is a new government policy. On the opposing ends are Captain America and Iron Man. This policy ties superheroes to the regulation of their activities, making them need approval from the government. Iron Man, in this scenario, sides with the government. When the movie comes to an end, the Avengers need to pick their sides and the friendship between Captain America and Iron Man is left shattered.

This movie brings about the topic of friendship. Our friends and I head in different directions. We pick our sides, we choose our battles, we defend our goals. This can sometimes make us sad, make us doubt whether we can truly stay friends after all those challenges. But Captain America: Civil War shows us that friends sometimes drift apart not because they don’t care about each other anymore, but because of different reasons.

Marvel Movies

Spiderman: Homecoming

Spiderman… we know a lot about that character. Thus, this story is more focused on the villain, rather than on the hero. We see the Vulture, who is the villain, steal battle equipment for sale on the black market. Through the movie we start to sympathize with the villain because his bad deeds are done to provide for his family, or else they would suffer because of his previous bankruptcy.

That particular movie gives us a lot of food for our thoughts. We see that no matter how people look from the outside, they have their reasons. Spiderman: Homecoming shows us that people struggle with their feelings and may need some aid to deal with them. In the end, we see Spiderman trying to help the villain. Yes, the Vulture rejects the help, thus, Spiderman has to put a stop to his deeds. Still, we realize that sometimes instead of fighting we need to offer a helping hand.

Marvel Movies

Doctor Strange

This is a favorite superhero for plenty of Marvel viewers. He is a superhero who can see the future and do magic. He starts as an arrogant and competent surgeon. Eventually, though, he reaches a dark place after a reckless driving accident leaves his career shattered due to hand damage. His fortune also comes to an end because he spends it all trying to find a procedure to restore his hands. In the end, he is left alone and broke.

Still, he spends the last dime he has to buy a one-way plane ticket. The journey leads him to an experimental treatment. There he meets sorcerers and it’s exactly them who teach him how to perform magic. Now he reaches a new understanding of his past. Money and fame aren’t all he needs anymore.

Here comes the lesson. Yes, money is a vital part of the world. We need it to feed ourselves, our family, to provide a roof over our heads, etc. But they aren’t everything. Instead, we should go after the things that inspire us, the things we love, the things that make us happy. Sure, this may not give us the huge paychecks we once expected but will provide us with plenty of chances to experience the world at its fullest. So, Doctor Strange is a Marvel movie that teaches us that money isn’t everything and, like college students and future professionals, we would do good to remember that.

Marvel Movies

Avengers: Infinity War

There is some irony in the fact that much of the knowledge in this movie is given to us by the villain Thanos. But we do indeed learn a lot. Avengers: Infinity War is a movie that touches on many topics but probably one of the main ones is the loses.

Here we don’t mean loss as grief or absence. Rather, we see loss as a failure. The heroes, the almighty heroes that we admire and look up to, lose for the first time. They lost.

Yes, that rarely happens. We learn from young children that one of the main aspects of being a superhero is winning over the villains you meet. After all, superheroes are the thing that saves us from the bad in the world. If they lose, what is left for us to do.

What the movie teaches us, though? Not only that you might lose. Which certainly happens at one point or another. But it also shows us that you may need to be okay with the loss. We all fail. Sometimes in college, other times as professionals. We don’t succeed in accomplishing our goals. But that is okay. It’s okay to fail. That is exactly what this Marvel movie tries to teach us.


Even though we touched on some important topics, we merely brushed the surface of the lessons that Marvel movies give us. They are done with huge attention to the details and bring about an infinity of knowledge and lessons. Marvel movies are trying to give us entertainment, yes, but also a profound understanding of how the world works and what we need to try to achieve. Whether it would be about villains and how they are people as well, about how can we accept losses, or lessons on what do people need from life, Marvel movies have it all. In the end, they are a whole universe of knowledge that awaits to help us in our life journey (and our college journey, of course).

Photo by Road Trip with Raj on Unsplash