Chill Pill Reviews: Read This Before You Buy This Device!

Stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia are currently some of the top mental health problems affecting people all around the world. If you are one of those who gets medications for stress and feels crippled by anxiety, then maybe this small Chill Pill device can help restore your calm, serenity, and peaceful sleep!

Recently, a friend asked me a question that seems too weird to me: “Can I die from anxiety?” Though I couldn’t answer on the spot. However, I soon realized that the question was not only strange but also disturbing.

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According to a recent meta-analysis report, approximately five million people die from mood and anxiety disorders every year. You may not die from one panic attack, but repeated panic attacks can definitely be a big contributing factor to death.

Similarly, stress, depression, and sleep issues have also become rampant problems all over the world. People are occupied with work, family issues, and health problems, and because of this, they start using drugs and alcohol, which gradually sends them into an insomnia cycle. As a result, they become addicted to sleeping pills and other antidepressants, which have unhealthy long-term effects.

Luckily, there is a better way to calm your mind and body other than by using medications. When your body is relaxed and calm, your mind will eventually become calm, and you might sleep off without thinking about problems in your life. Thanks to the Chill Pill device, you can reduce the effects of stress, anxiety, and insomnia and enjoy quality sleep all night long.

The Chill Pill is a small handheld device that ensures calm, relief, and serenity. The product uses an electrotherapy procedure that reduces insomnia and helps you sleep faster and better. It is safe to use, best for beginners, and probably the best alternative to drugs and chemical ingredients.

Let us walk you through this detailed review and explore everything about this small, magical Chill Pill device.

Technical Specs of the Chill Pill Device:

  • Product name = Chill Pill
  • Battery capacity = 500 mAH
  • Money back guarantee = 60 days
  • Running time = 20 hours
  • Length = 2-5 inches long
  • Technology type = Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation Technology”
  • Designed by = USA
  • Charged by = Laptop or USB port
  • Material = ABS-certified stainless steel
  • Best for = Relieving insomnia and anxiety.

What is The Chill Pill?

The Chill Pill is a drug-free alternative designed to relieve insomnia, anxiety, and panic attacks. Unlike the ordinary pills you ingest, this is a unique kind of small oval-shaped device that helps you relax, ease anxiety, and sleep better.

The product is made of ABS-certified stainless steel and carefully wrapped in a hard silicone shell. The Chill Pill is very lightweight and approximately 2.5 inches long. It also features a silicone loop that goes around the wrist. You can charge the device with a USB and use it for up to 20 hours after it’s fully charged.

The Chill Pill is a relatively small device, and you can easily squeeze it into your palm. It’s a super portable, versatile, and durable device that offers great benefits no matter where you are. Whether you are at home, at the mall, in your office, or driving a car, you can use it whenever you feel anxious, stressed, or depressed.

Many people use it during their work as sometimes they feel anxious handling different tasks. Some people also use it during seminars, presentations, and business trips to ease anxiety. You can simply bring your device, hold its middle button until it glows, and start enjoying the calming effects of Chill Pill.

There is a silver dome on one side of the device that you need to place against your palm. It has an “On/Off” button on one side with up and down options that help increase or decrease your pulse’s intensity levels.

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How Does the Chill Pill Device Work?

The device uses electrotherapy stimulation technology to relieve your anxiety and panic attacks. It sends an electronic pulse at regular intervals. You also need to move the device around a bit before it hits the right spot.

The intensity is also affected by how soft or hard you grip the device. It simply feels like a light electric zap. Users can adjust the speed and intensity according to their comfort so that they can feel it but without getting any pain or discomfort.

All the electrotherapy stimulators, including Chill Pill, are designed to emit powerful electronic waves to send a signal to your brain to restore different neurochemicals to your pre-stress states.

In simple terms, electrotherapy works to restore the balance of your brain’s neurochemicals as it delivers pulses of low-intensity currents to the body. The currents will be created when users hold a small, compact device that releases electronic waves that send a message to their brain – this is the time to relax and sleep.

How to Use It to Fall Asleep Faster?

The Chill Pill device is pretty straightforward to use. It performs the soothing electrotherapy mechanism, which has no side effects and allows you to enjoy uninterrupted sleep for 7-8 hours.

According to experts, it is better to use the device 20 minutes before you wish to fall asleep. Follow these steps to use the device:

  • Hold the device in your left hand. Make sure the frequency setting is slow, steady, and comfortable.
  • When the device shuts off after 20 minutes, switch hands and then hold it the same way to complete another cycle.
  • A user must begin to drift off once the first circle is completed. But if that’s not the case, you can continue the pattern until you feel relaxed and fall asleep.

It usually takes one hour to be fully charged. And you can use it for the next 20 hours without experiencing any charging issues. The device is safe for every person, even for children over 6 years old. 

However, if you have a history of diseases such as heart problems, nerve damage, or pregnancy issues, then it’s best to consult with your physician.

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Chill Pill vs. CalmiGo: Top Choice?

When it comes to buying a stress-relieving device, people feel confused between the Chill Pill and CalmiGo.

But the fact is, CalmiGo requires a lot of effort on the user’s end.

The CalmiGo allows you to take prolonged exhales so you can decrease the feelings of anxiety and stress and balance the carbon dioxide level in your body. According to studies, many people inhaled carbon dioxide for up to 15 minutes, and some of them experienced a terrible panic response. Thus, long exhales can help get rid of excess carbon dioxide from your body, which gradually diminishes your stress symptoms.

But there is no such thing associated with Chill Pill. All you need to do is hold the device in your palm, and it will do the rest automatically without your intervention. You just need to adjust the frequency of the device and switch hands after 20 minutes. And you might fall asleep at that specific time.

Chill Pill vs. Sleeping Pills: What’s Better?

Do you know the worst part about sleeping pills? They do not offer you peaceful sleep. Though they are very effective, but they don’t calm your body and mind. Sleeping pills are a temporary solution. You can use them for 6–12 months as they are not healthy for long-term use.

Another reason you shouldn’t rely on sleeping pills is that they are very addictive. In fact, some powerful pills can even kill you while you are asleep. According to studies and surveys, sleeping pills can cause approximately 320,000 to 507,000 deaths in the U.S. every year. That’s why experts believe that sleeping pills are as detrimental as smoking cigarettes.

The pills contain harmful chemicals that can be very hard on your body, and a person might lose control. People who take sleeping pills regularly often experience a lot of side effects, such as sleepwalking, sleep talking, and many others.

On the other hand, the Chill Pill is a very harmless device that naturally relieves insomnia. The best part is, it comes with no side effects. It’s not even addictive or detrimental to your health because it contains no chemicals.

It is a simple handheld device that emits electronic waves and sends signals to your brain to relax your mind and body. These waves are not harmful but have very soft and calming effects. So, if you want to choose something effective and long-term, then the Chill Pill device is probably the best solution to consider.

Unlike pills that stop working after regular use, the Chill Pill is a device that delivers 100% results every time you use it. So undoubtedly, the Chill Pill device is a far better solution than medications that are dangerous for your health in the long term.

Features of the Chill Pill Device:

  • Natural and non-addictive:

People fight anxiety with pills and therapies, which help a lot, but sadly, they lead to issues like addiction. However, The Chill Pill is a completely natural and non-addictive solution that doesn’t create another problem to fix. It comes with no side effects, is 100% natural, and has non-habit-forming features.

  • Compact and Portable:

The Chill Pill is a small, compact, and portable device that you can carry anywhere you want. Whether you are watching a movie, attending a class, hanging out with family, or even in a business meeting, it calms your body naturally in minutes.

  • Affordable for All:

The best feature of this incredible device is that it is very affordable for all. It is the best alternative to drugs and medications, which are quite expensive and cost tons of money regularly. However, this intelligent device is a one-time purchase, which makes it the best cost-saving solution for everyone dealing with anxiety.

  • Electrotherapy Stimulation Technology:

Many people freak out initially because they do not understand the proper procedure for using this device. So, I would just like to point out that it follows the electrotherapy stimulation technology, which is completely safe and effective in reducing anxiety without causing any issues.

  • Easy to Charge:

The Chill Pill device is very easy to charge. Before using the device, you can charge it with a USB or laptop. Once it’s fully charged, you can hold the device for hours to enjoy a comfortable full night’s sleep.

Pros and Cons Of The Chill Pill:


  • Improves sleep quality.
  • Relieve stressful hormones.
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and risk-free
  • 100% natural and non-addictive,
  • Best for all, even for children.
  • Long battery life
  • A good alternative to drugs.
  • Reliable and flexible.


  • Some users have reported stomach issues after using the device.
  • Sometimes it doesn’t work after switching hands.

Price of the Chill Pill Device:

The Chill Pill device is currently available with attractive deals and discounts.

  • $49.50 for 1 Chill Pill
  • $89.99 for 2 Chill Pills (buy 1 get 1 with 60% off)
  • $128.56 for 3 Chill Pills (buy 2 get 1 free)

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The Chill Pill Ordering Process:

The ordering process is very simple to follow and only takes 1-2 minutes. Visit the official website to place your order and choose the desired quantity of Chill Pill devices. Once you add the device to the shopping cart, you can choose from a variety of payment methods and select either the PayPal option or a credit card.

When you order the Chill Pill device from the official website, you can always expect an original product with amazing discounts and offers. Plus, you can enjoy the quick delivery process. Your order will take 3-5 days maximum, depending on your location.

Return Policy:

If you are not happy with the results of your Chill Pill device or want to return it for any reason, don’t worry! You have the option to return it. You can simply return the device with a 60-day money-back guarantee. (If it’s brand new and not defected)

Reach out to the support team and get assistance to complete the return process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How often should I charge my device?

The Chill Pill device comes with a 500 mAh battery, and you need to charge it every 20 hours. Fortunately, it preserves the battery once you shut it down after 20 minutes of use. This means it can easily run for several days on a single charge.

  • Is it safe to hold it all night while you sleep?

Yes, of course. The whole point of the device is to make users fall asleep. It is safe to keep in your hand all night because it only stimulates neural pathways that reduce anxiety and improve calmness. The device is comfortable to hold and it doesn’t get lost or fall off.

  • Who shouldn’t use the Chill Pill device?

Well, the Chill Pill device is the best solution for everyone who deals with problems such as shunts, nerve damage, or even carpal tunnel syndrome. However, it is not recommended for people who have heart issues because electrotherapy may prove harmful to them in the long run.

  • Where can you buy it?

The Chill Pill device is currently available online. It is therefore recommended to buy it from the official website of Chill Pill, where it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and different deals and discounts.

  • Can I use The Chill Pill during pregnancy?

There are no issues or complaints reported about using the Chill Pill device during pregnancy. It’s best to consult with your physician for further confirmation.


The Chill Pill has become a fascinating product for most customers. Why? Because it relaxes your mind, relieves stress and panic attacks, and reduces the symptoms of insomnia if you use it for 2 days in a row.

Based on my research and customer feedback, the device is an excellent solution for people who struggle with anxiety and related issues. This means the device is worth buying, reliable, and 100% safe for all.

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