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10 Best Bars in Pilsen

best bars in pilsen

10 Best Bars in Pilsen

Pilsen is the epitome of neighborhood pride. Its cultural roots run deep and the passion that its citizens have for it runs even deeper. And any neighborhood with this much character is bound to be a good time.

Punch House

best bars in pilsen

Photo Credit: Punch House

1227 West 18th Street

After seeing your favorite band at Thalia Hall, head downstairs to this intimate, 1970s-inspired bar that boasts some pretty incredible cocktails, served in glasses, carafes, fish bowls, and even snow cones. Try: Pisco Punch.


2149 South Halsted Street

This corner bar has a dive-y feel but serves up surprisingly delicious food. It’s a comfortable place where you’ll find people from all walks of life, and the prices for beer are pleasantly cheap. Try: Basket of Tater Tots (and thank us later).

La Vaca Margarita Bar

best bars in pilsen

Photo Credit: Yelp

1160 West 18th Street

As a place that specializes in margaritas, there’s probably not much more explanation needed. If you need more convincing, this cow-decorated bar also has great outdoor seating for the summer and some spectacular breakfast tacos. Try: Spicy Mango Margarita.

Tack Room

best bars in pilsen

Photo Credit: 16 on Center

1227 West 18th Street

Also at Thalia Hall, this is another great place to stop after a show if a dimly lit piano bar is more your style. Having only been around for a little over a year, this bar has already attracted plenty of fans. Try: 606 Sour.

The Barrel

best bars in pilsen

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

2015 South Damen Avenue

This is a true neighborhood bar, as it’s one of those places where the bartenders are real Chicagoans who are friendly to those who enter and encourage good, healthy conversation. Not to mention, they have probably more Chicago beers under one roof than most places. Try: Any local beer that you haven’t had yet.


best bars in pilsen

Photo Credit: Yelp

1519 West 18th Street

Named after its own neck of the woods, this “gastrocantina” with a can’t-miss building exterior encourages community interaction, as it features food and drinks inspired by Pilsen’s roots that incorporate newer elements. And it’s great for brunch. Try: Not Your Mother’s Horchata.

Caminos de Michoacan

best bars in pilsen

Photo Credit: Yelp

1659 West Cullerton Street

This dive bar might get overlooked, but if you stumble upon it, they’ve got karaoke, cheap drinks, and a pool table. Who needs more than that? It’s known for getting pretty rowdy in the best way possible. Try: Your shot at the mic after you’ve had a few.


best bars in pilsen

Photo Credit: Simone’s

960 West 18th Street

This bar is beloved by just about everyone who’s been there. It’s all about uniqueness and sustainability, with a bar built from bowling alley lanes, table tops built from high school desks, and a rooftop garden. Try: The Revenant.

Jack’s Place

best bars in pilsen618 West 18th Street

Bars like these in Chicago are gems to the people that frequent them. This tiny place run by locals has a jukebox and cheap liquor to go if you like brown baggin’ it every once in a while. Try: Finding a better one-stop shop (we bet you can’t).

Del Toro

best bars in pilsen

Photo Credit: Knapp Photography via Yelp

2133 South Halsted Street

This place needs to go on your Chicago restaurant bucket list. The food and drinks are equally amazing, and the people who own it are from the neighborhood and are dedicated to sharing comfort foods with outstanding flavors. Try: Pepino (Cucumber) Margarita.

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