Cheap Super Bowl Tickets

Considered the hottest ticket in sports and entertainment, the Super Bowl has stood long as a national spectacle, drawing the attention of thousands of viewers in person and on television. So, getting cheap Super Bowl tickets might not be that easy. But nothing is impossible with a few tips and tricks! 

How To Buy Cheap Super Bowl Tickets 

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The Super Bowl is the yearly playoff championship game of the NFL that determines the season’s champions. It started in 1966 after replacing the National Football League Championship Game. As thousands anticipate Super Bowl LVII 2023, one can only imagine the demand for tickets. The event will be held at State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona, on February 12, 2023. 

The only way to get Super Bowl tickets directly from the NFL is through a lottery system. The League doesn’t sell tickets to ticket agents or resellers. Fans can enter the lottery system free of cost, and a lucky few of them that get selected get the chance to buy a maximum of two tickets at their face value. 

Since there are only a few tickets available for the general public every year, it can be quite tough to purchase cheap Super Bowl tickets through this method. But if you get selected, you might not want to miss the opportunity as you will not get the tickets at face value elsewhere. 

You can enter the lottery between February 1 and June 1 through a registered email or by mailing to Super Bowl Random Drawing P.O. Box 49140 Strongsville, OH 44149-0140. You’ll get a notification by October or November if you get selected.

Most NFL teams offer a set amount of Super Bowl tickets to their personnel, players, and season ticket holders. This creates an opportunity for a secondary market as many of these tickets reach ticket agencies who buy the tickets from the personnel and season members. 

Although coaches and players are not allowed to resell the tickets above the face value, the story changes when the tickets go into the hands of resellers and agencies. So you might not find cheap Super Bowl tickets when the tickets are in high demand.

Since buying directly from the NFL at face value is only for the luckiest lot, you might want to play safe by getting your ticket at the secondary market. There are many reliable websites online that offer tickets to the Super Bowl. It’s safer to buy from them compared to ticket scalpers, and e-commerce sites like eBay and Craigslist, as buying from unknown companies is risky.

While buying Super Bowl tickets from the secondary market, ensure that the site is reputable. The ticket prices can vary depending on the seat location, game popularity, teams, venue, and more factors. The best way to get cheap Super Bowl tickets is by waiting for the right time.

Ticket prices are the highest when the conference championship games have just ended, and people have started looking to buy them. You won’t want to buy during this time if you don’t want to pay hefty prices. Sometimes, it’s a smarter option to wait until the day of the game to snag a good deal. 

Cheap Super Bowl tickets are often available when the game day approaches as the secondary market dramatically lowers the prices during this time. But that is not a given because there is no guarantee there will be any tickets left to sell, especially if popular teams are playing. Even if not, it’s the Super Bowl; those planning to attend the games are mostly people who can afford to splurge!

Nevertheless, you can wait for the last one to five days or even the last hour before the games start to snag cheap Super Bowl tickets. Buying online is the safest option as you’d probably be getting your tickets from a reliable website. But if you wish to resort to the scalpers, there are many things to be wary of!

Note that scalping is illegal in some states. You’d want to make sure that you’re not disobeying a law while trying to watch your favorite team play. In Addition to that, there are specific laws that prohibit scalpers on the venue’s premises. Even if you’re certain those laws do not apply to your area, you should be extra cautious about whom you’re buying the tickets from.

Research and learn as much as possible about the latest ticket prices and avoid buying seats sold below the face value; they’re probably fake. Scalpers’ tickets generally cost higher than the actual ticket prices, so you should be ready to spend more. That said, there may be genuine sellers out there trying to sell their tickets because they had to cancel. 

Getting cheap Super Bowl tickets isn’t easy. Even the most affordable seats are priced at around $4500. So either way, you’re spending a lot of money. But you might be able to save a considerable amount by putting in some effort and using these tips. Ticket prices can fluctuate depending on the demand, so keep track of them online and secure them immediately if you find a suitable one.

Remember that the safest places to purchase Super Bowl tickets from are the official NFL website or a reliable secondary website. If you plan to buy yours elsewhere, ensure that you’re alert and ready to spot a fraudster when you see one!

How Much Are Cheap Super Bowl Tickets?

Cheap Super Bowl tickets start at around $4500 for seats way back in the upper level. However, prices are subject to change based on the event, venue, teams, seat location, and other factors. You can find cheap tickets online and compare their prices to get the best deal. 

How To Buy Cheap Super Bowl Tickets?

You can get cheap Super Bowl tickets on the secondary market if you purchase at the right time. It is recommended that fans keep an eye on various reliable sites to quickly book their preferred tickets when they are available at the best prices.