CEO Chad Richison’s Goal of Fostering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Inside Paycom’s Employee Commitment

In today’s competitive business landscape, company culture has become a critical factor in attracting and retaining talent. Workers seek out workplaces that prioritize respect and appreciation for their contributions, valuing them as individuals which positively impacts the bottom line. While a ping-pong table in the office is a nice perk, what they truly value is feeling that their health, wellness and personal identities are respected.

Paycom, a human capital management software provider, has garnered significant recognition for its commitment to fostering a diverse, inclusive and supportive work environment. This attentiveness is reflected in a range of accolades and initiatives designed to create a workplace where all employees can thrive. Culture initiatives start at the top with CEOs like Chad Richison and becomes infectious leading to Paycom being recognized for a range of workplace awards.

Excellence in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Paycom’s dedication to diversity has not gone unnoticed. The company was named one of America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity in both 2023 and 2024 by Newsweek. This prestigious award highlights Paycom’s continuous efforts to ensure diversity is celebrated and every employee feels valued.

Let’s start with how they attract and retain top talent for their corporate campuses and locations across the United States.

DEI Training

A Pew Research Center study 56% of employees said focusing on increasing DEI at work was a good thing most employees, and 64% of employees surveyed by WebMD Health Services thought they would benefit from DEI if their company was truly committed, and the majority want to work for companies that offer the programs.

The purpose of the training, available through their own Paycom Learning product, is to provide foundational awareness and skills needed by individuals to develop DEI capability. In addition, Paycom hosted multiple DEI speakers and thought leaders, including an Indigenous poet laureate and founder of The Black Wall Street digital wallet and actor Hill Harper to name a few. These initiatives help build a culture where employees embrace their uniqueness and feel valued.

Talent Acquisition and Development At Paycom

The company’s recruiting program, with the assistance of its Talent Acquisition Campus Recruitment and DEI Strategy Team, participated in nearly 50 DEI recruitment events throughout the year, informing potential team members about Paycom’s available opportunities to bolster its diversity across the organization.

As one example, the company took part in the Grace Hopper Celebration, recognized as the world’s largest gathering of women technologists. The conference served as a platform for learning, networking and celebrating achievements. Women leaders and interns represented Paycom, showcasing the company’s commitment to promoting professional development.

Better Conversations Series

The goal of Paycom’s Better Conversations series is to enable participants to broaden their perspectives, enhancing their ability to interact and discover value across differences. Employees share personal experiences, stories and topics often avoided at work. These sessions establish a structured space that fosters dialogue rather than debate. Through these conversations, employees develop cultural competency by utilizing the talking and listening boundaries method, which encourages them to engage with each other despite differences in current events and polarizing topics.

Paycom expanded the program by collaborating with each Employee Resource Group (ERG) to host monthly events. In total, 24 Better Conversations sessions were conducted during the year, involving 1,149 team members. The company reported that 100% of its leaders participated in at least one Better Conversations session. Think about the communication and upskilling that had on the organization’s leaders.

Comprehensive Wellness Coverage

A 2023 CNBC survey shared that 51% said they want fully-covered health-care premiums more than any other benefit typically covered by employers. This aligns with Paycom’s emphasis on health and wellness benefits as a top priority. Employees have access to robust wellness resources for both mental and physical health, including:

  • Affordable, $1-per-pay-period individual health insurance
  • Soundproof privacy booths for personal virtual appointments
  • Professional in-house well-being advisors available on-site for guidance
  • On-site interfaith spaces
  • Weekly companywide guided meditation sessions

According to a National Alliance on Mental Illness 2024 survey, 92% of employees – regardless of gender, age, career status, etc. – think mental healthcare coverage is important to creating a positive workplace culture. Additionally, a 2024 Pollfish survey commissioned by Paycom reported nearly 75% of workers have experienced at least one mental health-related problem in the last year. The survey found that less than half of full-time U.S. workers (49%) have access to mental health-related benefits or programs from their employer. Many also cite finances as the most significant obstacle to accessing mental wellness-related care. Nearly 70% of full-time U.S. workers believe they would benefit from regular care as well.

It is clear that providing mental health-specific benefits is more vital than ever and as such, Paycom places an immense importance on mental health among its workforce. The company offers:

  • $0 copay for in-network therapy and counseling, making mental health care accessible without financial burden.

Support for Parents and Families

Having been named among the Greatest Workplaces for Parents and Families in 2023 by Newsweek, Paycom understands the challenges of balancing work and family. It offers paid parental leave, paid adoption and foster leave and paid secondary caregiver leave.

Additional support includes:

Maven (Maternity Suite): A leading family benefits program, Maven guides employees through various stages including pregnancy, adoption, surrogacy, postpartum, early pediatrics and their return to work. Maven offers 24/7 access to video chat and messaging with top-rated providers in over 20 specialties, such as fertility and family bonding, maternity and newborn care, Maven Milk, parenting, pediatrics and menopause.

UrbanSitter: Employees have access to a discounted childcare platform offering full-time and part-time recurring care, occasional care and backup care. They can choose their own caregiver, and UrbanSitter facilitates the entire transaction, including finding, booking and paying for the service.

Lactation Rooms: New mothers have access to dedicated spaces for pumping breast milk across campuses, including small refrigerators designated for milk storage.

In-Office Work-Life Integration

In recent years, workers have adapted to remote work, yet the benefits of in-office work have become increasingly evident. A Microsoft survey found connecting with colleagues to be a major motivation for in-person work with 85% of employees citing rebuilding team bonds as a significant draw. The survey also revealed 51% of employees believe their relationships outside of their immediate work group have weakened and 43% feel disconnected from their company as a whole. According to an Owl Labs survey, 63% of full-time U.S. employees said they are more likely to ask the opinion of those they physically work with, rather than their remote colleagues. The social connection of being with other people is a powerful lever for bringing workers back to the office.

Like many companies today, Paycom has focused on enhancing its in-office perks. Employees enjoy access to a fully equipped fitness center, green spaces and a cafeteria serving catered lunches, providing excellent opportunities for relaxation and connection.


Paycom’s dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion shines through its extensive support systems and recognition as a leading workplace for diversity. Its comprehensive benefits, supportive programs for parents, robust and dedicated recruitment strategies illustrate a culture that values every employee. Paycom’s focus on fostering an inclusive and supportive environment sets a benchmark for other companies to follow.