Celebrity Numerology: What do the Numbers Say About the A-list?

Nowadays, people, whether commoners or celebrities, want to have something as a guide in life. Here’s when numerology comes to the bigger picture. Numerology uncovers your potential and tells you what you are going to accomplish. It helps set goals and prepare your future, and it reassures you that you are on the right path. 

Another benefit is that it helps you to plan for future obstacles and to understand the possibilities that are coming your way. Nothing will happen if you choose to believe it or not, it is all about being broad and open-minded. Be aware that even celebrities cannot resist the temptation of being enticed with numerology! 

Even some of the famous people you may know have tried as well. Below, numerology will be discussed along with what the numbers say about the A-list celebrity numerology. Read more to find out!


If you have read Harry Potter novels, you may have encountered that one of the subjects that they offer is arithmancy. It is about the mystical power of numbers and it is magical in some sense, as it can be used for divination. What does this have in relation to numerology? Arithmancy is just numerology in reality. 

Numerologists believe that there is power in numbers, and they have different kinds of vibrations. These unique properties that these number vibrations offer are what makes it possible to know your thorough analysis from your behavior, romance life, and many more.

So when did numerology come from? Many believe that it came from Pythagoras, who is a philosopher and founded mathematics theories and principles as well. You will not be surprised to know that Pythagoras and his followers believed in the mystical property that numbers offer, too.

The world revolves around numbers, and many discoveries lead to this saying, “All is number”. Everything can be measured and be calculated as long it is described in numbers or even proportions.

There are a lot of theories out there that not only numbers vibrate, but people, things, food, and color, vibrate, too. It is about making a connection with nature, and everything must be in harmony.

Characteristics and Attributes of Number 1-9

One of the advantages of numerology is that if you want to maximize the most of your path, it will reveal your fate and life objective and the life lessons you will encounter along the way, which are useful knowledge.

There is so much more to numerology than predicting what will happen or selecting the right mate, date, or even deciding a name. It is the bridge between who you are now and who you are capable of being. It’s a turning point that makes it possible for you to lead your best possible life and be the greatest individual you can be.

The numbers one to nine have distinctive properties that are the direct product of their intrinsic vibration, according to most numerologists. Some of these properties come from Pythagorean texts, and others come from the use and approach of numbers by cultures around the world.

  • For number 1: independent, determined, outgoing, assertive, and natural-born leader
  • For number 2: patient, empathetic, loyal, caring, and intuitive
  • For number 3: independent, creative, playful, and sociable
  • For number 4: humble, organized, loyal, practical, and a hard worker
  • For number 5: outgoing, playful, adventurous, daring, and quick learners
  • For number 6: creative, artistic, responsible, and caring
  • For number 7: intelligent, distant, truthful, and analytical
  • For number 8: a natural-born leader, good in handling money, action-wise, and a good mediator
  • For number 9: compassionate, charismatic, focused on giving services to others, and sociable
  • For number 11: intuitive, emotional, peace-lover, and empathetic
  • For number 22: a talent for teaching, systematic, tenacious, and rational
  • For number 33: honest, a good helper, and selfless

How To Calculate Your Life Path Number

Your life path number is based on when you were born. What date is that special day? 

If you want to seek advice and insight in a special, unique, different way, you may try out this method. Each and everyone can have their life path number using this life path number calculator. You may just be surprised with your result.

While there is another available option if you want to manually calculate it. You can write down your full birth date, reduce each number to a single digit, and add these single digits together. You should use the calculator instead to avoid the hassle and trouble.

Celebrity Numerology

Celebrities That Engaged In Numerology

Celebrities all over the world had chosen to talk to many numerologists to find out more about themselves. They are not shy about it at all, rather, they are passionate than ever. 

1. Rihanna

You would never imagine that this celebrity star is a fan of numerology as well. She is very creative and it can be shown in her music as well.  

As the creative person she is intended to be, she defines her life goals and direction. Rihanna is very aware of her actions and herself. Whenever she’s making life choices, she takes her fans into the mind and is only full of determination. She is a real talent, and her numbers prove it.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

The number “7” is synonymous with Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo’s charts demonstrate very clearly that in his search to seek further responses and reveal facts to the world, choosing this life path helps him.

He is really committed to seeking solutions that help people see the facts and move into a new perspective that they might once have overlooked. Among those who know or have worked with him, he makes very good business decisions and is well known. Finding the facts and building the truth is one of his key goals in life. 

3. Jessica Alba

Numerology tells Jessica Alba that she has tremendous potential to become a valuable spiritual counselor. In numerology, 33 is as great as 11. What numerology sees in her name is an achievement and profound knowledge of the spiritual realm.

4. Keira Knightley

She is one of those people that has number 1 as a life path number. With immense dedication to fulfill her life’s mission, she came to this world. Her push is what always makes everyone ready to step forward and face new difficulties. She’s like a born leader. Her mind is her most valuable asset.

5. Giorgio Armani

He has life path number 8. He did so well materially, provided that the number 8 has the patented nature of money, wealth, and success at its very heart.

6. Celine Dion

Her unique number is 3. She is living a lifestyle-related to the life path of number 3. She’s very creative and able to quickly articulate herself. Like many talented people, authors and musicians, she is in that group also. 

Their biggest attribute is talent. They are also extremely intelligent and do not mind communicating with other individuals in meaningful discussions.

7. Prince

Prince was a great musician, claiming that number 7 reflected the day he was born, his first hit album was made in the decade, and his name’s first letter was unique and associated with Heaven. He felt his life as a whole was influenced by it.

8. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey was born at 2:30 AM, it is a fact among his fans. He spoke about how he was influenced by this specific position in the film, “23” and made him understand a new side to numbers that he never felt made sense. 

He also changed the name of his business to match the number and claims that his relation to the earth is dearly linked to “23.”

9. David Beckham

David Beckham was thought to be fascinated with how the number ’23’ is related to everything in life. The number is undermined by their famous pair and chemistry, David and Victoria Beckham, the woman he married. 

It was also thought that ever since he first began playing for Real Madrid, this was the explanation behind switching his jersey number from 7 to 23.

10. Beyonce

Beyonce is intrigued by number 4. She also had an album with that number named after it. Beyonce also had it tattooed.

Many other celebrities believe in numerology as well. If you are curious about your favorite celebrity’s life path number, simply search their birth date, and try it out in the calculator to see the result. 

Numerology has not been easily accepted before, but slowly, it is making its way to society. The reason for this is many people are now being open to these sorts of things. And it will help in some way if you know. It will never become a loss if you try it.

Numerology is a unique method that brings the gift of insight and intuition as an advantage to the people. It can serve as a blueprint and a roadmap so that you will know what you will encounter along the way. 

It is about maximizing numerology to make sure that you will arrive at your destination—the place where you are going to be and the you that you were supposed to be.

Celebrity Numerology Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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