Celebrities: Gambling Addict, or Just Stupidly Rich?

Michael Jordan, Ben Affleck, Michael Phelps, Charlie Sheen… the list of celebrity gamblers just goes on and on. Whether they prefer to play at exclusive poker clubs, place bets, or enjoy a massive selection of slot games online at Amazon Slots, it often seems they are luckier than the rest of us. But is it really so? 

Play What You Can Afford to Lose

One of the main rules of successful gambling is to stake only what you can live without. Only recently, pop-sensation Drake put down a hefty bet worth over $200,000 on roulette. Luckily, he won, but would it be a total disaster if he didn’t? This celebrity gambler’s net worth is estimated to be $250 million. For him, placing a $200,000 bet is like placing a $20 bet for an Average Joe. His passion for gambling is so strong that he even owns the opulent  Astronomia Casino watch, designed by the famous Jacob the Jeweler – a favourite among rap and hip hop stars. With a hefty price tag of $620,000, this timepiece is walking the thin line between luxury and kitsch. Still, there is no accounting for taste. 

Drake is not the only one willing to afford some losses with a high price tag. Basketball superstar and television commentator Charles Barkley explained his gambling problem is not exactly a problem, as he can afford to lose. Michael Jordan claims he has no gambling problem but a “competition problem”. Okay, if that is what he wants to call it. 

However, it is not only casino classics and sports betting that attract celebrities. Professional golfer, John Daly, is a famous slot fanatic. He was once playing $5,000 per pull. This guy is also living proof that slots can bring you big bucks. At the same time, Daly is one of the very few who uses his gambling experience to warn others about the dangers of unreasonable gambling and gaming addiction. 

Are Celebrities Really Luckier Than Us? 

To put it simply – no, they are not any luckier. They can simply afford to place bigger bets. And with bigger bets, usually, come bigger wins if you are lucky to be right. Furthermore, one should never forget the element of character, especially for individuals like Drake.

Celebrities are typically people with incredibly high self-confidence and tend to be more prone to boasting about their successes. They love attention and constantly seek it. Imagine what would happen if Drake had lost the $200,000. We would probably never hear about it. 

This time around, he was successful, so he immediately posted it on social media with all the bells and whistles on. Most celebrities are simply rich enough to afford great losses in the amounts that would last a lifetime for the rest of us. Whether that is stupid or not, it is not for us to say, but that Drake casino timepiece definitely has some nouveau-riche shine to it.

Featured Image Credit: GamblingSites.org

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