Casino Myths: What Not to Believe


We know that with the internet and all the information available to you, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. We know that Dominic Andreasson is an expert in guest post topics, and he will help us bust some casino myths. We can also assure you that none of these myths is valid at any of these online Swedish casinos you can find at So, let’s leave what we see in the media behind and get to the bottom of these myths.

Counting Cards Is Not Illegal

Gambling and casinos have always been portrayed differently in movies than they are in real life. One of the biggest myths is that counting cards is illegal, and that you can get arrested for it in Sweden. 

Movies and series falsely depict this; it isn’t illegal at all. However, casinos are not particularly fond of players that count cards. 

Swedish casino personnel are well trained to pick out individuals that participate in card counting. So, if you’re on a suspiciously lucky streak, you will probably be singled out. 

Casinos usually have protocols to prevent players from participating in card counting. If you know how to count cards, then you need to use your skills wisely. When doing so, be vigilant about the table dealer that will be monitoring the overall gameplay. If you are caught, you could be thrown out or barred from the casino.

Slot Machines Don’t Have Big Wins After a Dry Spell

Some people have the misconception that when a slot machine hasn’t paid out in a while, there is a big win coming. This is false information. 

Slot machines do not monitor the number of players or games played before they pay out. Slot machines are built to operate using a random number generator. Each spin is calculated individually, and it doesn’t consider historical data. 

Each time someone spins, they have an equal chance of winning. This is how slot machines have been built. 

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Casinos Are Pumping Oxygen Inside

We love this one. Everyone in the casino is getting high on oxygen, right? Well, unfortunately not. This is another myth that people seem to believe is true.

This myth tends to be a belief because oxygen keeps people alert and full of energy. This will then keep people focused on the game they’re playing and encourage them to spend more time at the casino. 

The fact of the matter is that even if casinos wanted to do this, it’s simply impossible. It goes against health and safety regulations in Sweden. Oxygen is a highly flammable gas, and this would lead to insurance complications, among other issues. 

Although you may notice that the air temperature in Swedish casinos tends to be a bit cooler, it doesn’t contain any extra oxygen.

Casinos Are Rigged

It is a misconception that casinos rig their machines to take peoples money and payout as little as possible. It’s important to note that this isn’t true at all. Casinos don’t rig their machines to take players’ money.

Machines are actually configured to have a lower payout threshold than what is put into the machine. This being said, you could still make a lot of money on a slot machine. 

It’s also important to note that all Swedish casinos are regulated. Governing bodies are responsible for ensuring that casinos do not rig their machines.  

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Gambling Is All Luck

Last but not least, we cannot deny that gambling isn’t always based on luck. Some professional gamblers make a living just from playing. That’s not just by chance.

There are several national and international card game tournaments. Players have to be particularly skilled to be successful at these games. There are professional Blackjack players that have become successful authors as they are experts in the industry. This confirms that gambling is not all luck.

There are, however, many machines that you play that are primarily based on luck. Slot machines are great examples of this. 

If you play table games, you can educate yourself on the game’s rules and practise beforehand. It all depends on which games you play. Some players get lucky, while others improve their skills. 


Now that we have busted all the casino myths together, you’ll know what’s true and what isn’t.

Casinos are made to be places of entertainment. Don’t worry about the myths that people make up. Go out and enjoy yourself.

Featured Photo by Kaysha on Unsplash