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If you want to experience a highly engaging and immersive experience at a game by the Panthers, don’t hesitate to get your hands on Carolina Panthers suites. The luxury that comes with these private suite tickets is enough to make you want to come back for more. The privacy inside your own seating space, the fine perks and amenities that surround you, and the exceptional angles make a Carolina Panthers VIP box highly coveted. Don’t let doubts delay your choice in purchasing a suite ticket. Surround yourself with the best amenities that allow you to have a top-notch experience while attending a game at the venue. You’ll surely enjoy a highly interesting experience in the midst of amiable luxuries and convenient features. 

How To Buy Carolina Panthers Suites & Boxes

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The Carolina Panthers are a major NFL team established in 1993. They belong to the NFC South Division and are known as one of the two teams to play for multiple states. The Panthers are the newest franchise in the NFC. Their first season game was played in 1995 at Memorial Stadium. The following year, they moved to their current ballpark at Bank of America Stadium. The thrill and experience that Carolina Panthers suites bring cannot be compared with anything else. If you wish to enjoy the game from an exciting point of view, don’t hesitate to grab them as soon as you can. 

Aside from getting unrivaled privacy and unparalleled views, the best perk of being a holder of Carolina Panthers VIP Club seats is the access to several exclusive perks and privileges. You’ll find various enticing amenities, including the service of in-suite catering as well as an in-seat attendant who will see to your experience at the venue to make sure that no setbacks prevent you from having the best time of your life. Keep a note that most suites will bill a separate fee for catering. You’ll also be able to access private restrooms so that you don’t have to wait for anyone to do your needs. 9

VIP club access is another interesting perk that comes with Carolina Panthers suites. You’ll be able to access the Club Level at the stadium and get exclusive entry to the Silver Club. With full access to the Silver Club Level, you’ll be able to enjoy interesting perks and amenities like climate-controlled lounges, private restrooms, HDTVs, and upgraded bars. VIP parking is also available for suite ticket holders. In addition, guests can also access a private VIP event entrance at the North Gate. Dedicated suite entrances are also available at the LUXE entrance or either of the two Silver Club entrances. 

Finding Carolina Panthers suites at Bank of America Stadium shouldn’t be hard. If you’re quick enough, you’ll get several suite options to choose from. This large football stadium has a seating capacity of 74867 people. The BoA opened as Ericsson Stadium in 1996 and soon became a beloved football arena. This classic American stadium lies at 800 South Mint Street in Charlotte, North Carolina. The stadium is also the site of the annual Duke’s Mayo Bowl. There are 151 executive suites at the venue. So make sure you go through the different options to find the best Carolina Panthers VIP box to fit your preferences.

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy an explosive game experience, you’ll not go wrong with Carolina Panthers suites. There are two suite levels at the stadium you can choose from. The Executive Level Luxury Suite comes with a seating capacity to fit up to 12 to 22 guests. Along with the tickets, you’ll also get 3 to 5 VIP parking passes as a dedicated entrance to the suite level. The amenities that come with this premium suite include interior and exterior seating, HDTVs, a wet bar, private restrooms, in-suite catering, and a spacious lounge area. Guests who hold tickets to these executive suites will also get access to the exclusive Silver Club. 

The Gallery Suite is a perfect Carolina Panthers VIP box to fit groups of 16 people. These suites come with 0 to 3 parking passes, a private entry, and exclusive access to the Silver Club. The luxury suite comes with well-furnished seating areas and interesting perks such as indoor and outdoor seating options, multiple HDTVs, a private restroom, a wet bar, as well as in-suite catering. Check out the capacities based on the level of the suite. Gallery Suites on 400 levels have varying sizes ranging from 14 to 20 tickets. No matter which suite option you choose, you should get them early because they are quite exclusive and have a good chance of selling out because of their limited nature. 

Since their formation in 1995, the Panthers have won 2 conference championships and 6 division championships. They have also secured 8 playoff appearances. Over the years, the team had developed heated rivalries with some of the professional NFL teams. Their top rivals include the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Atlanta Falcons. There are scheduled matches of the team against their rival teams. So there is a high level of excitement among the fans. Watching a heated game in the convenient space of a Carolina Panthers VIP box will offer a highly intriguing and memorable experience. You’ll also catch exciting games with other teams like the Arizona Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, and San Francisco 49ers, among others. Turn the whole experience into something you’ll never forget by securing a Carolina Panthers VIP box today. 

Carolina Panthers Suites & VIP Box Prices And Details 

How Much Do Carolina Panthers Suites & VIP Box Cost?  

If you wish to buy tickets to Carolina Panthers VIP boxes & suites, you’ll find that they feature different prices. This is based on various factors such as the type of suite, the day of the week, and the opponents. You’ll be able to bag them at a price between $14999 to $25000. Individual tickets cost between $152 to $750.

How Many Guests Can Fit In A Carolina Panthers Suite & VIP Box? 

Choose from the available suite selections to find the perfect Carolina Panthers VIP box or suite to fit your group size for an exciting event. The Executive Level Luxury Suite comes with an allocation of 12 to 22 tickets. The Gallery Suite is another premium seating option that comes with 16 tickets each. 


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