Captivating the King Season 2: What Fans Can Expect from the Next Chapter?

Captivating the King Season 2 successful release has already generated discussion on the internet. Fans and reviewers alike have already expressed their admiration for the series and have developed a favorable attitude toward the program. The program revolves around the busy streets of Seoul, and the drama revolves around Lee Eun-Ha, a young lady who is brilliant and has a great deal of drive in her attempts to achieve her goals in life. Throughout the program, we can see how her life becomes more difficult as she becomes entitled to many things, particularly the royal palace.

A compelling tale that provides a fresh perspective on the event has already been presented by the program. The article that we are going to discuss today is going to be about the upcoming parts of the program, and we are going to find out all there is to know about the series in great depth. The viewers of the series are eagerly anticipating the revelations in the next season and are wondering what it will be like. You will find all the information you want here.


  • Period drama
  • Romance
  • Melodrama
Developed byStudio Dragon (planning)
Written byKim Seon-deck
Directed byCho Nam-Tuk
  • Jo Jung-suk
  • Shin Se-Kyung
  • Lee Shin-young
Music byPark Se-Joon
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes16
Executive producers
  • Kwon Byung-Wook
  • Kim Seok-won
  • Cho So-Yeon
  • Park Chang-joo
  • Kim Na-Kyung
  • Kang Ha-Yeon
  • Kim Seung-ho
  • Joo Sung-min
  • Cha Young-hu
  • Oh Sang-hwan
  • Bang Soo-Yeon
Running time70 minutes
Production CompanyC-JeS Studios
ReleaseJanuary 21 –

March 3, 2024

Captivating the King Season 2 Release Date:

There are a great number of individuals who are searching for information on the official renewal status of the series. Regarding the renewal, we have seen in recent times how a great number of international drama series have been renewed on many occasions.

If you are pleased to read that the authorities have not yet made any announcements on the future of the program, you will be relieved to know that the series has not yet been canceled.

The upcoming season of the series is something that a lot of people are looking forward to, and if you are one of those people, then you need to take the time to find out the latest information. For more information, please continue reading the article. It is anticipated that the second season of Captivating the King will be released to the public by the latter half of the year 2024 if the series is renewed before the end of this year.

As the first season of Remarriage & Desires has already been made available to viewers, they are curious about what the show will be like in the future.

Captivating the King Season 2 Cast: 

Check out the amazing cast of the series here.

Jo Jung-sukYi In / Grand Prince Jinhan
Shin Se-kyungKang Hee-soo / Kang Mong-woo
Lee Shin-youngKim Myung-ha
Choi Dae-hoonYi Seon
Lee Gyu-hoPark Jong-hwan
Yang Kyung-wonYoo Hyun-bo
Jo Sung-haKim Jong-bae
Son Hyun-jooKang Hang-sun
Kang Hong-seokJoo Sang-hwa
Park Ye-youngCourt Lady Dong
TBAJi Nam-gyu
Kim Ki-namEunuch Kim
Na Hyun-wooChu Dal-ha
Song Sang-eunJa Geun-nyeon
Han Dong-heeHong-jang
Jung Seok-yongSe-dong
Go Soo-heeJeom Yi-ne
Kim Bo-yoonBun-young
Lee Yoon-heeKim Je-nam
Jang Young-NamRoyal Queen Dowager Park
Ahn Se-eunRoyal Princess Jangryeong
Hong Jun-wooGrand Prince Moonseong
Ha Seo-yoonQueen Oh
Jeon Su-jiCourt Lady Han
Um Hyo-supOh Wook-hwan
Baek Seok-gwangMin Ji-hwan
Kim Seo-haMin Sang-hyo
Jo Jae-ryongJung Je-pyo
Ahn Si-haQueen Kim: Yi Seon’s wife
Song Ji-wooCourtesan

Captivating the King Season 2 Plot:

The show’s official synopsis reads: “Yi In (Cho Jung-Seok) is a prince. He has a lot of concern for his elder brother, King Yi Sun, who is his older brother. While Yi In is being held captive by the Qing Dynasty, he makes a solemn vow of allegiance to his elder brother. It is not long until King Yi Sun learns to despise his younger brother because he perceives his allegiance to be a betrayal.

Due to this, Yi In is subjected to a great deal of emotional suffering. Afterwards, Yi In comes across an unidentified baduk player who places bets on her games. The performance of the baduk player has him absolutely captivated. Through a series of events, Yi In ascends to the position of king. Even though he is a powerful person and has the greatest position, he feels depressed and weak on the inside.

When Kang Hee-Soo (Shin Se-Kyung) was becoming well-known as an undiscovered baduk player, she came into contact with Prince Yi In and fell in love with him. Because of a chain of events, she ends up working as a spy. She makes her way to King Yi In to exact her vengeance.

Captivating the King Season 2 Official Trailer

Guys, if you’re curious about the official trailer for season two of the series, you should watch it and find out everything. The official trailer for season two has yet to be verified, but if any information becomes available, we will notify you. Till then you are advised to watch season one of the series and find out more

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If you want to watch the series, you may do so online using Netflix. We already know that Netflix boasts some of the top TV programs of all time, and when it comes to coal and drama series, the OTT platform has already featured some of the best.

If you have any queries about any Korean drama series you see on Netflix, you may use our website to learn more about them. Check out the series to learn more about it.

Ratings of the show

7.7/10 IMDb
80% Rotten Tomatoes


The Korean drama program has already captured the attention of a global audience. And there is no question that I like this drama series.