Can Babies Have Ginger?

Ginger is one of the most common and popular spices in India. You can find Ginger in almost every Indian household. Ginger is also among the healthiest and most delicious spices. It acts as a flavoring agent for food. It provides medicinal benefits too. It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects. Ginger is a flowering plant. It dates back to 500 BC. It originated in Southeast Asia. 

Health Benefits that Ginger provides: 

  • If you are facing trouble with digestion, then it is highly recommended to add ginger to your diet. Ginger speeds up the process of digestion. Consuming Ginger in your diet is an effective way to double up your digestion. It breaks down the food that we eat by promoting healthy enzymes in the digestive system of our body. 
  • Ginger has also been popular to boost immunity in people. Raw Ginger has a bioactive compound which is known as Gingerol. Gingerol has antifungal and antimicrobial properties that help in boosting up the immunity of a person. If you are having cough, headaches, fevers, infections, or any other such problem, then Ginger is a savior for you. The properties of ginger will help you to fight against all these symptoms and problems.  
  • Morning sickness and Nausea are the most common problems felt by every other person. The best way to relieve them is by consuming ginger in your diet.  Ginger can easily regulate your blood pressure to calm your body. As you know Ginger has antioxidant effects, hence, it will be very effective in improving the health of your skin.
  • If you are looking something for to lose weight, then Ginger is what you should look for. Ginger boosts your metabolism and keeps you fuller so that you don’t overeat. Thus, it helps aid in weight loss. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that help to protect your brain from chronic inflammation effects.

Ginger has almost the solution to every problem that you are facing. Consuming ginger in your diet will give you the ability to fight over any problem and will provide you with the health benefits that we have discussed above. After Knowing How much ginger is beneficial for you, you must be thinking to consume it regularly in your diet. However, confusion would have arisen in your mind about adding ginger to your toddler diet. 

Can babies have raw ginger?

A newborn baby starts consuming solid foods after 6 months of birth. At this stage, parents try to introduce new flavors of spices and foods in their baby’s diet so that he becomes habitual of them as he/she ages. Parents should be very specific about what they are offering their toddlers in their diet as side effects are associated with any of the solid foods. They always stay confused by one question: Can Babies Have Ginger? Because ginger contains many health benefits that are associated with the body and skin. However, it becomes a hard choice as they do not want their baby to face any side-effect generated by consuming ginger. Well, if you are also one of those parents or a member of a family where there is a baby, then you will be informed whether Can Babies Have Ginger or not, in this article. We will discuss everything related to giving Ginger to babies in their diet.

Ginger is considered safe for babies. It does not generate any side effects in toddlers. It acts as a beneficiary for babies. Here are the benefits that are associated with consuming ginger in your baby’s diet. They are:

  • When you start giving solid food to your baby, they can feel the problem of Gas. It can be irritating for them. They will find themselves very uncomfortable. If you give a considerable or small amount of ginger to your baby, it can reduce the problem of gas, primarily the gas which is present in the intestine. It will also remove any stomach problems if your baby is facing them.
  • With seasonal changes, health changes are normal. Seasonal change can bring many problems such as cold, coughs, fevers, and flu. At such times, adding ginger to your baby’s diet will help him to get relieved and recover fast.
  • Food poisoning is very common nowadays but it can generate a severe problem. It can complicate the digestion process of a baby. When a baby is of 6 months, his liver is in the way of developing, however, food poisoning can make things worse. Adding ginger extracts to your baby’s diet will help to reduce the chances of a destroyed liver. 
  • When your baby is of 6 months, all his organs start developing, respiratory organs are one among them. Ginger provides a boost to the respiratory system of the baby. A considerable or small amount of ginger can make the baby strong enough to fight whooping cough and similar problems.
  • Your baby might feel constipation and indigestion problems. Ginger has anti-oxidant properties that can help to improve digestion problems. Giving Ginger to babies will overcome the problem of constipation and indigestion in them.

I hope that above mentioned are enough reasons to answer that can babies have raw gingers.

Should you consult a doctor?

Try to give some amount of ginger to your baby in their diet and see the reactions. An allergy through consuming ginger is very rare. However, if you found any allergy in your baby, then must consult with a doctor so that any further problem doesn’t arise. Another piece of advice is that do not give an excessive amount of Ginger to your baby. Only give them a considerable or small amount of Ginger. 

Ways to give ginger to your baby:

  • You can prepare Ginger Tea by adding a few pieces of Ginger to the water and heating it. Give the Ginger Tea twice a day.
  • Add ginger powder to their milk. 
  • Ginger is a delicious seasoning. You can add ginger to a meal or in a blend of veggies. You can also serve them Grass Fed Beef and Ginger pouch which is available at myserenitykids.