Buying Property in the Plant: See 8 Benefits

Have you ever thought about buying a property in the plant? At first glance, it might not make much sense, right? After all, why pay now for something that you will only receive in the medium term and, depending on the builder, may still involve risks?

However, the reality is that, even in the face of these issues, many people are choosing to buy a property in the plant, and this choice is based on several benefits, giving the realization of a successful business.

So, read this article by Sky Marketing and discover 8 benefits of acquiring a property in the plant. 

1. Lowest Price

Which consumer doesn’t consider a more affordable price before purchasing something, right? And this is exactly one of the main benefits of buying a property on the floor: the tendency to present lower prices!

This happens because a project under construction has fewer expenses than those established in a condominium already ready, and for this reason, the purchase of a property in the plant is ideal for couples and families who want to spend less.

2. Possibility of Appreciation

The valuation of a property purchased in the plant can be up to 30% of the cost initially spent after the project in question is completed and ready. And why does this happen? Because this benefit is directly linked to what was mentioned above, and the logic behind it is very simple.

It works like this: as investing in real estate has some risks, it is only fair that, during the construction of the enterprise, its risks are eliminated as the process progresses. In other words, the risks that previously pulled the price down cease to exist and give way to the appreciation of the property.

3. Ease of Payment

For those who decide to finance the property, another benefit of buying on the floor is the possibility of sharing the entry in a much more comfortable way. Although the real estate financing negotiated in the plan requires a higher down payment than the down payment of ready-made apartments, the buyer has the option to dilute this amount between the installments paid before the key delivery date.

With this benefit, it is possible to pay a down payment greater than the price requested in common financing and, with this, generate other advantages, such as the reduction of the interest rate and the reduction of the total amount which will be paid only to amortize the interest involved in the purchase.

In addition, in the current economic environment, construction companies offer greater payment flexibility to potential customers to increase the percentage of sales of their units, making it possible to negotiate and bargain more easily with construction companies than with owners of apartments or ready-made houses.

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4. Customization Opportunity

The opportunity to customize the property appears as another advantage in acquiring an apartment or a house on the floor – eliminating the need to spend money on redecorating in the future to leave the property with a style that approximates the profile of the family.

In addition, another advantage is the fact that the property will be brand new, and this will also apply to plumbing, electrical systems and other structures, representing a minimal chance of having to spend more money on the maintenance of your property.

5. Use of Modern Facilities

In the same way, from the purchase of a property in the plant, not only the unit chosen by the customer will have the benefits of having a modern electrical and hydraulic network, as well as the entire enterprise, will be covered with new and quality materials.

Therefore, the possibility of infiltration from the upstairs neighbor’s floor or the presence of a defect in the elevators becomes rarer in newly built projects, making life much easier for residents.

6. Establishment of a Longer Term for Change

From the investment in a property in the plant, the deadlines for the construction of the enterprise are traced by the construction company in the first moment of the project elaboration and are informed to the purchasers of the projected units.

Thus, this item works as a two-way street: at the same time, as it is a guideline for verifying the good progress of the construction, it helps in family planning, providing more peace of mind when packing the furniture and looking for a carrier to carry it out the change.

7. More Security with Documentation

The purchase of a property in the plant also makes the bureaucracy with documentation and paperwork uncomplicated, precisely because the unit has no previous owners and, with this, a lot of time is saved for the realization of the registration of the enterprise.

In this way, it is emphasized the need only to research about the construction company or developer in question for the buyer’s own safety. Seeking to know about the financial health of the company and also about feedback from those who have been a customer is a good tip for you to carry out your business without the possibility of future regrets.

8. Making an Investment

The purchase of a property is the realization of an investment, considering the application of the money in a business that offers the possibility of return in the event of a possible resale or even in the case of a lease.

Also, being rent-free makes the family environment much safer, allowing buyers of off-plan property to invest their finances in other elements, such as taking a vacation trip or changing a car.

In this way, the purchase of a property means an investment for the future, which is increasingly sought after by the Brazilian population, guided by the security and satisfaction that having your own home provides.

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How to Buy a Property in the Plant

Now that you understand a little better what are the main benefits of buying a property in the plant , it is very likely that you are considering making such an advantageous investment. To make you more confident about the process, we are going to show you the most common steps in this type of acquisition.

Discover the Project

The first step to buying a property in the plant should be to know the project of the enterprise. After all, as the property is not yet built, you cannot see the details of the construction with your own eyes, right? Fortunately, to minimize this problem, there are several support materials.

Depending on the company and stage, you can check out the descriptive memorial or even see the unit decorated on site. Models, photographs and videos are also usually available, which helps to have a good perspective of the environment. Visit the sales office and speak with the construction company’s representatives about the work.

Look for the Best Value for Money

Although off-plan properties are almost always an excellent investment, to have the best financial return and quality of life, you need to look for the best value for money. This must be analyzed from a number of factors, not only related to the enterprise itself but also to its own demands and expectations.

Among the most important items, we can highlight the location, which provides better returns in upscale neighborhoods or growing regions. Also, consider the project itself, the common spaces, the standard of finishes and, of course, the sale value. Do the math and close the deal only after you are convinced that it is a profitable transaction.

Research the History of the Construction Company

A builder with experience and credibility in the real estate market offers much more security for customers, doesn’t it? As it is an investment with considerable value, you will not want to run the risk of suffering a large loss or even having to wait a little longer to move because of delays in the work.

Keep in mind that the company is not only responsible for the construction but also for articulating the business, making sales and formalizing registrations, seeking the proper authorizations and keeping the documentation crystal clear. Therefore, focus on those that already have previous successful projects and a good reputation in the segment.

Request Documentation and Authorizations

As we said above, any residential development needs to have the proper authorizations from the local city hall and the documentation up to date, under penalty of suffering fines, embargoes and even interdictions. Records with public agencies must be made available, and you can request them from the construction company.

Another point is to verify if the contract has protection clauses since some situations must be officially foreseen for the protection of the buyer and the company. Check, for example, the maximum delivery time and tolerance for delays, penalties for non-compliance, guarantees against structural problems and so on.

What are the Advantages of Buying with MRV?

Did you see how the acquisition of a property in the plant works? Although it may seem complex at first, after increasing your knowledge of the subject, you can see that it is not difficult at all. However, it is necessary to do this with a credible construction company and, for this reason, we are going to show you some of the advantages of buying with MRV. 

High Standard in Projects

One of the great advantages of buying with MRV is the high standard in the projects. Even with highly competitive prices and excellent payment terms, the construction company maintains performance standards, that is, quality parameters that must be followed by all projects and units delivered.

Best Payment Terms

When buying with MRV, your money is worth more. The construction company is directly interested in closing a deal and offers the best payment terms for customers, requiring much less bureaucracy and laborious procedures than other institutions in the real estate market. This makes the whole process simpler.

The company is present in several channels, and it is not for nothing that it continues to be the segment leader in Latin America. There is the possibility of installments that can reach up to 70 installments, easy entry and monthly installments that fit in your pocket. In addition, the commercial sector is qualified and ready to meet your demands.

Good Quality Technical Assistance

Do you want to buy a property in the plant, but are afraid of not knowing how to act before, during and after the negotiation? Well, know that having good quality technical assistance is another advantage of buying with MRV. The virtual service works 24 hours a day, with dozens of employees working to make your dream come true.

The concern with consumer satisfaction is among the company’s main guidelines, which makes MRV invest in employee training and offer a 5-year warranty after purchase, which can be used for various services, including clogs in the plumbing. , electrical problems and so on.

Innovation in the Services Provided

MRV is also strongly concerned with being in tune with the new demands and expectations of Pakistani society. Therefore, it bets on the constant innovation of the services provided, aiming at an excellent service both in the physical and digital environments. That way, when you buy with the company, you can use different solutions.

The Viver MRV App, for example, was developed to facilitate daily life in the condominiums delivered by the brand, allowing smart registration of residents, vehicles and the use of internal spaces. Meu MRV is for those who are not yet living but want to monitor the progress of the work or make requests for technical assistance.

If you are looking for the property of your dreams, be sure to research units that are under construction and do the analysis: buying a property in the plant can be an extremely advantageous option for your family and for your pocket!


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