Buy Discord Members – Top Sites in 2023 (Real & Fast)

Today’s digital world places significant value on active online communities. Discord, a platform initially designed for gamers, has evolved into a leading space for these communities. It now hosts various groups, from hobbyists to professional communities. However, building such an active community on Discord isn’t an easy feat—it requires a significant number of members. That’s why people often choose to buy Discord members.

For those seeking to quickly boost their community’s size and visibility, buying Discord members is an increasingly popular strategy. While it might seem unconventional, many community builders have found it to be a valuable tool. 

In this article, we aim to shed light on this novel approach. We will explore the process of buying Discord members and delve into the related safety aspects. We will also review some of the best sites offering these services. 

Additionally, we’ll unpack the potential benefits and risks, and the impact on your server’s growth. Lastly, we’ll explore alternative strategies for organically building your community. Stay with us to learn how to elevate your Discord community to new heights. 

TLDR: For a quick and reliable solution to enhance your Discord server’s growth, we highly recommend UseViral, the top choice for buying high-quality Discord members.


How to Buy Discord Members

To buy Discord members, choose a reputable service provider like UseViral or SidesMedia. Select a package based on desired member count, provide your Discord server link, and confirm payment. The provider will gradually add members to maintain authenticity. Always opt for providers offering real, active Discord members.


Is it Safe to Buy Discord Members? 

Buying Discord members is generally safe if done correctly. Using a reliable service like UseViral or SidesMedia, which delivers real and active members, can ensure your server’s safety. They add members gradually, avoiding bans or suspensions. However, always remember to adhere to Discord’s guidelines for long-term safety.


Top 3 Sites to Buy Discord Members

#1 – UseViral

UseViral is our top pick for those looking to buy Discord members. What sets UseViral apart from the crowd is their high-quality member profiles and excellent customer support. They offer various packages, making it an affordable option for those who are starting small and want to expand gradually. 

UseViral promises real and active members, crucial in maintaining an organic feel to your server. Their members can engage with your existing members, thereby fostering a lively community. While buying members, it’s important to maintain the authenticity of your server, and UseViral does this wonderfully.


#2 – SidesMedia

Coming in close second, SidesMedia is another excellent site for purchasing Discord members. Known for its quick delivery and reliability, SidesMedia can provide a boost to your Discord server, ensuring it appears bustling and attractive to organic visitors. 

The platform provides high-quality members, which is crucial for the long-term sustainability of your server. A lively server with active members can significantly enhance the experience for everyone involved. SidesMedia’s services come at a competitive price, offering value for the money you invest.


#3 – SeekSocially

Lastly, we have SeekSocially. Although not as highly rated as UseViral or SidesMedia, SeekSocially is a decent choice for those on a tight budget. They offer a range of packages for different needs. 

SeekSocially provides good customer support and a straightforward buying process. However, their delivery speed might not be as quick as our top two choices, and the activity level of their members isn’t as high. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to dip your toes in buying Discord members, SeekSocially can be a reasonable starting point.


Benefits when you Buy Discord Members

Rapid Growth and Increased Visibility

When you’re trying to build a thriving online community, time is a precious commodity. Buying Discord members can help expedite the growth process, quickly transforming your server from a quiet hangout to a bustling hub of activity. Potential members are more likely to join a server that already has a substantial and active community. The increased activity from your purchased members could encourage organic growth, drawing in users who might not have found or joined your server otherwise.


Greater Engagement

With more members comes the potential for greater engagement. Even if not all bought members are actively participating in discussions, their mere presence can foster a more dynamic community. Active servers are more attractive, not only to new members but also to existing ones. They encourage people to log in, participate in conversations, and invest time in the community.


Monetization Opportunities

A thriving Discord server can offer tangible benefits, particularly for content creators, streamers, or businesses. It can become a platform for promoting your work, engaging with your audience on a more personal level, and even monetizing your content through donations or memberships.


Risks and Considerations When Buying Discord Members

Potential for Inauthentic Interaction

While purchasing members can certainly boost your server’s numbers, it’s important to remember that not all bought members are created equal. Some may not be real people at all, but bots, or inactive accounts. This could lead to a server full of members, but little genuine interaction or engagement.


Discord’s Terms of Service 

Buying Discord members also runs the risk of violating Discord’s Terms of Service. This could lead to penalties, including temporary or permanent bans. It’s vital to understand the potential implications and consider whether the risk is worth the reward.


Reputation Risks

There’s also a risk to your server’s reputation. If it becomes known that a large portion of your server’s population was purchased, it could devalue the perceived authenticity of your community and discourage new, organic members from joining.


Dependency on Purchased Members

Finally, relying on bought members could create a dependency, where you need to keep purchasing members to maintain the appearance of an active server. This is not only a financial consideration, but also a strategic one. Over time, it’s important to cultivate a self-sustaining community that continues to grow organically.


The Impact of Purchased Discord Members on Your Server’s Growth

Instant Boost in Numbers

Purchasing Discord members can offer an immediate increase in your server’s numbers. This instant growth can make your server seem more appealing to potential new members, enhancing your credibility and reputation.


Attraction of Organic Members

A large member count can serve as social proof, attracting more organic members. People are often more inclined to join servers with a larger membership, as it indicates that the server offers value and active engagement.


Increased Activity and Engagement

Purchased members can potentially increase activity and engagement, assuming they’re genuine users. They can participate in discussions, react to posts, and contribute to the overall community vibe.


Amplified Reach

More members mean a broader reach. If your members are engaged and share your server’s content on other platforms, it can help increase your server’s visibility, attracting more organic members. 


Greater Monetization Opportunities

A larger member count can open up additional opportunities for monetization. This could be through partner programs, server boosts, or exclusive paid content for members.


How to Naturally Grow Your Discord Community

Promoting Your Server on Other Platforms

To grow your Discord community organically, promoting your server on other platforms can be highly effective. Leverage your presence on social media, blogs, forums, or websites related to your server’s niche. Post about your server, highlight its unique features, and encourage followers to join. Utilize platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram for broader exposure. Remember, consistency is key in social media marketing. 


Collaborating with Other Discord Servers

Collaboration can be a great way to tap into an existing community and attract new members. Look for servers that share a similar interest but aren’t direct competition. You can host joint events, share shoutouts, or even create partnership roles. This not only helps you attract new members but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration. 


Offering Exclusive Content and Rewards

People love exclusivity and rewards. Offer exclusive content to your Discord members that they can’t access anywhere else. This could be sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes content, or unique opportunities related to your niche. 

Additionally, consider setting up a reward system for active members, like unique roles, special permissions, or access to exclusive channels. This not only encourages more activity but also gives members a reason to stick around. 

By implementing these strategies, you’ll be able to create a bustling Discord community that grows naturally and sustainably over time. The key is to engage, encourage, and offer value consistently. With patience and commitment, your server can reach impressive heights.


The Future of Discord: Why Your Server’s Growth Matters

The importance of growing your Discord server should not be underestimated, particularly given the future trajectory of the platform. Discord is not just a chat application; it’s becoming a social, entertainment, and learning hub, where like-minded people gather to discuss their interests, share knowledge, and form lasting communities. This is why a lot of users are trying desperately to get discord members.


Discord’s Expanding User Base 

The user base of Discord is rapidly expanding, with an increase of millions of new users each year. This continuous influx of potential members provides a fruitful ground for your server to flourish if nurtured correctly. 


Evolving Features

Discord is regularly updating its features and functionalities to enhance user experience and engagement. Making the most out of these features can set your server apart and attract more members. 


Rise in Online Communities

With the rise of online communities, Discord servers have become integral in providing a space for these groups. A thriving server can attract brands for potential collaborations, opening new opportunities for monetization. 

Growing your Discord server is not just about numbers. It’s about creating a community that resonates with your goals and vision. By investing time and resources into growth strategies, your server stands to gain in the vibrant, expanding universe of Discord.


Alternatives to Buying Discord Members

While purchasing Discord members can be a quick way to boost your server’s numbers, it’s not the only method to grow your community. There are other viable strategies to consider, which may offer more sustainable and organic growth over time.


Discord Advertising Services

Discord advertising services offer a way to promote your server to a wider audience. These platforms operate by showcasing your server to users who are actively looking for new communities to join. Such services often include options for targeted advertising, enabling you to reach users who are more likely to be interested in your server’s theme or content.


Organic Community Building

Nothing beats organic growth when it comes to fostering a vibrant and engaged community. This can be achieved through active engagement with your members, hosting events, offering exclusive content, and maintaining a regular posting schedule. Although it takes more time and effort, organic community building results in a more connected and engaged audience, which is invaluable for the long-term success of your server.


Exploring Discord’s Premium Services

Discord Nitro, Discord’s premium service, offers several benefits to users that are designed to enhance the overall experience. Nitro users have access to superior audio quality for voice channels, larger upload capacities, and the ability to use their custom emojis in every server. 

For Discord servers that regularly utilize Nitro boosts, this can create an attractive environment for potential members, as these boosts can increase the server’s overall functionality and aesthetics, making it a more attractive hub for interaction.


The Role of Discord Bots in Community Engagement

Discord bots play a pivotal role in enhancing community engagement within servers. Bots can provide a variety of services, including moderation support, organizing games, sharing news, and more. Their diverse functionality allows them to help create a lively and engaging atmosphere that keeps members entertained and active. 

Whether it’s a bot that initiates fun games, or a bot that ensures the server rules are upheld, the intelligent use of bots can be a key factor in developing a thriving Discord community.


The Importance of Server Aesthetics and Customization

A well-designed and organized Discord server is more likely to attract and retain members. Effective use of server icons, channel structures, emojis, and server boosts can make a server more visually appealing and easier to navigate. 

Server owners can also utilize unique aesthetics and customization to highlight the server’s theme or purpose, creating a more immersive experience for members. Whether it’s a server dedicated to a specific game, a TV show, or a hobby, a visually pleasing and well-structured server can help foster a strong, engaged community.


Conclusion: Key Takeaways and Next Steps

In conclusion, the growth of your Discord server plays a crucial role in building a thriving community. Buying Discord members, while controversial, can offer a rapid boost to your server’s numbers, drawing more attention and potentially leading to organic growth over time. Reputable platforms like UseViral and SidesMedia provide such services in a safe and reliable manner.

However, it’s important to remember that genuine engagement cannot be bought. For sustained growth and an engaged community, combining bought members with organic growth strategies is a more effective approach. Utilize Discord advertising services and invest time in organic community building by engaging with your members, hosting events, and offering exclusive content.

The journey to growing your Discord server may be challenging and time-consuming, but the rewards are worth it. Whether you opt to buy Discord members or grow organically, the key is to remain consistent, patient, and active in your efforts. Always aim to provide value to your community and foster a welcoming and inclusive environment. Remember, the success of your server is ultimately determined by the satisfaction and engagement of its members. So focus on building a community that resonates with your intended audience and mirrors your values and vision.