Busta Rhymes on His Ray-Ban Campaign, Little Simz Collab and Walk of Fame Star

The Timeless Legacy of Busta Rhymes

Who would have thought when Busta Rhymes released his evergreen hit “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See” in 1997, that it would become a favorite among the next generation and be remixed by several modern day musicians? The song has maintained its charm in the music industry, hence continually gaining new enthusiasts. Nearly thirty years from when it was first on top of the charts, Busta Rhymes has reimagined “Put Your Hands” for a campaign with Ray-Ban. In this campaign, various videos have been developed to show how rappers; Offset and Little Simz energetically drum their hands along with the beat of this famous song.

Moreover, they do all these while putting on trendy colored lenses of Meta glasses; thus adding an updated touch to an old classic.  Busta Rhymes shares his experiences regarding the durability of the track during a call he made from his apartment within New York City.  He feels grateful and amazed about how long people have continued to love this particular song. “For me, it’s a blessing and a gift and indescribable in words to explain how rewarding of a feeling it is to know these songs are actually being revamped by generations way after the song’s [release],” says Busta Rhymes, reflecting on what he had initially imagined versus reality. He reveals that even if he did not expect it, it was also not unthinkable that such popularity could persist beyond its release era.

Unpredicted Longevity

He adds that he didn’t think any farther than the time frame when making the songs at that time because there’s nothing more beyond those time frames anyway. I didn’t think that record was still going to be hot after 1997, I didn’t think it will hot in ’98 – I didn’t think it will hot in ’99, let alone getting hot in 2024.” This shock expressed by Rhymes underlines how this track has lived on in an incredible way. This journey has taken it from a hit single in 1997 to a renewed anthem for 2024, featured heavily within a major campaign, proving the timeless power of great music and its influence on both old and new generations of Busta Rhymes fans.

Rhymes along with Offset and Little Simz performed at “Hands Free Brooklyn” event held in Brooklyn to commemorate this campaign.  Rhymes’ son Trillian were also there as well as Coi Leray among others. This party was meant to be interactive and participants had the chance to engage in various hands free activities that included exploring the Ray-Ban Meta collection. At “Hands Free Brooklyn,” guests were allowed to partake in multiple hands-free pursuits, this interaction with Meta AI which created futuristic experience was one of such activities. Furthermore, immersive mirror and graffiti installations took their attention away from selfie-taking using cell phones forcing them to find new ways of recording moments. This exclusive approach enabled people to be fully present at the occasion while immersing themselves in the new Ray-Ban Meta collection.

Rhymes Shares His Insights

Just before he took to the stage, Rhymes gave an interview over phone where he discussed some fascinating issues. He explored his involvement with this latest Ray-Ban advertising campaign where he offered insight about how it was made and expressed his excitement about it all. In addition, Rhymes talked about his personal style, revealing some fashion choices that fit into the new Ray-Ban range for followers. The journey started on an interview Rhymes had, where he gave away some secrets of a collaboration with Little Simz that is coming up. This union is highly expected and it has further added the excitement to the ongoing Ray-Ban campaign. The artist also said that he adores the talent in Little Simz and he can’t wait to work with her in new musical ventures.

Busta Rhymes reveals he's "doing some shit" with Little Simz

Lastly, he spoke about how he felt when he was honored with having his own star along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. That special recognition is a proof of his huge influence on music industry as well as the enduring legacy for it. He appreciated this honor given by fans and shared what it means to him personally and from a professional point of view, it marks another milestone in his career and demonstrates his contribution towards global music. Through integrating these different aspects, “Hands Free Brooklyn” event successfully showcased Ray-Ban’s Meta collection which yearned for Busta Rhymes spectacular achievements as well as forthcoming projects. The hands-on events together with performances were unforgettable ones to all attendees.

Personal Style and Its Evolution Over 30 Years

Can you describe your personal style and how it has changed over 30 plus years in the limelight?

My fashion sense is still pretty much what it was when I first started. Even after three decades, I am still fashion-forward. In my fashion choices, I am always audacious and daring, because I love to dress up in bold and distinctive styles, I embrace outrageousness. This is because bright colors are something that attracts me; therefore they have been a significant part of my style since then. Throughout my career, one thing that has remained constant about me is that I love large pieces of clothing which are very flamboyant. This fondness for brightly colored and extravagant clothes comes from where I come from culturally as a child born into hip-hop.

Hip hop culture really shaped my taste for fashion by making me adventurous with it’s thorough self-expression. On top of this, having grown up in West Indian culture especially Dancehall Culture influenced what i wear, my family also being Jamaican contributes to my unique choices of style. Through these cultural influences, I have managed to keep an individuality in fashion that is true to its beginning.

Reflections on the Iconic Song

In the Ray-Ban campaign you performed your hit song “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See.” What was it like revisiting that song nearly 30 years later?

Looking back at “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See,” I realize that it came out before Little Simz’s time. The feeling can’t be described when you think about “Put Your Hands” being 27 years old yet now artists such as Coi Leray and Offset are breathing new life into it again! When making music, you do not anticipate the influence or even think beyond the time frame. I should admit here that over time, there were about fourteen different records by different artists whose samples I had to clear off that track. It has probably been one of my least involved ways of earning an enormous income and keeping a steady stream over time. To get paid for it, all I had to do was say “yes” to the songs I liked.

I have to give props to everybody who didn’t just ask me for clearance because some people were denied. You can’t mess up the legacy of a classic when you haven’t done justice to its original form. My utmost respect goes out to those who respected the original while putting their own spin on it without destroying its essence. By respecting this classic, they make sure that its legacy remains intact and celebrated by generations yet unborn.

A Fresh Perspective

How did it feel hearing Little Simz and Offset’s versions of the song?

The first time I listened to Little Simz and Offset’s versions of “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See,” it felt like an entirely different song from mine. Their renditions were so good I enjoyed them as if they weren’t mine in the first place. Whenever artists take a classic song, make it theirs so well such that even the real owner appreciates it anew, that truly speaks volumes to their talent. As for me, I am a big fan of Offset, nevertheless, it is not over yet; I still regard Quavo, Takeoff and the whole Migos movement highly. Whether they perform as a group or they operate on solo basis I love those dudes so much.

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Moreover, there is a mutual respect and acknowledgement amongst us since what we share with Migos brothers is something that makes me see myself in them and vice versa. This feels incredible because knowing that you can shape the future generations is very fulfilling. Also, I’m really into Coi Leray. She did incredible things to my record, besides which her work on the track was already cool before she even touched mine. However, it was quite remarkable how she brought freshness to the song track— Little Simz as well! In fact, I like her work very much too. Factually speaking, we are currently working together towards writing new songs. Her talent and innovation have been inspiring me all along while we’re now working together on these next projects.

Exciting Collaboration Details

What else can you tell us about this collab?

Well i can say that our phone conversation happened only yesterday night , and we’ve been collaborating in real time ever since; we are actually on our third song right now . Then again when he has sent two different tracks over the past few months I’ve featured two verses from them, therefore our collaboration has been continuous fluid. Only last night then we talked about an amendment that needed to be made for song 2, Specifically discussing adjustments required to make it perfect .

Tonight, my intention is to go mix up the studio stuff, add a little bit and do some corrections about it that must be done.. This process helps to ensure each track gets its final polish and meets our exacting standards. If everything goes perfectly according to plan tonight then most likely you all will hear it before summer’s end perhaps. We are excited about having these collaborations completed and ready to be consumed by fans soon; this timeline adds an element of anticipation for fans eagerly awaiting new music from our collaboration.

Amazing and Emotional Moment

How do you feel when you first heard the news that you will receive a star on the (Hollywood Walk of Fame?)

I would not lie, this was one of the most amazing moments in my life probably. It felt incredibly emotional and almost seemed like I was dreaming, to be told that you are receiving this distinction is something you don’t expect at all; some artists, even if they were talented or influential, never got such recognition. There are amazing icons who have never won a Grammy, an MTV Award, a star on Hollywood Boulevard or been honored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. These awards could elude someone for 90 years until they died at 160 after singing professionally for 120 years.

This recognition means so much to me; it comes at a time where I am enjoying success in business, creativity, happiness as well as joy. I’m living my best days even now though! Getting my name on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame is more significant during this period because it adds more value.

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