Bumble Dating Review: Is it Legit? 

Feeling the solo vibes creeping in? Well, you can shake things up and add some zest to your social calendar with Bumble. It’s not your regular or typical dating app – it’s a one-stop shop for finding friends, dates, or even networking connections. Imagine you’ve just landed in a new city, or maybe you’ve got an event coming up and need a plus-one. Just enter Bumble; it’s a reliable app in the world of online connections.

What sets Bumble apart from its competitors? Well, for starters, it puts the power in your hands. Bumble is a platform where ladies make the first move. No more waiting around for someone to slide into your DMs – as a lady, you’re in control. But wait, there’s more. Bumble isn’t just a platform for finding love. It’s a hive of activity where you can cultivate meaningful friendships, explore new interests, and expand your  circle socially.

So, if you’re searching for a romantic connection or just looking to meet new people, Bumble’s got your back. Simply set up your profile, upload your best selfies (because let’s be sincere, first impressions count), and start swiping your way to limitless possibilities. 


  • Bumble has a free version that allows for open communication
  • It has a very strict user authentication procedures
  • Moderators terminate accounts that are fraudulent or spam.
  • It gives women greater authority
  • If your profile is complete, you can select any badge of interest
  • Travel Mode accessible for travelers
  • It has latest interface design
  • It requires users to provide their real photos for identification
  • You can enable geolocation matching
  • Bumble has reasonably priced premiums


  • There may still be scammers even with the option to authenticate profiles.
  • Some may not find it desirable for women to initiate conversations.
  • There is a word limit on the initial profile section.
  • There is no retracing in the free version.
  • Daily right swipes are limited in the free version.

Who Can Use Bumble? 

Bumble’s user base is primarily composed of people between the ages of 18 and 29. It serves women looking for a more secure online dating experience without intrusive advances, such as unsolicited sexual photos and repeated, unsolicited messages. Presented as a safe haven for women, it creates an environment in which they can interact with possible partners without feeling overpowered by unwelcome attention. The architecture of the platform places a premium on the comfort and agency of women, setting it apart from other dating services.

One appealing aspect of Bumble is its dedication to providing a courteous and equitable environment for people of all genders. People who are looking for real connections without the pressure or discomfort that come with using standard dating services will find this platform appealing. 

Bumble targets a younger male and female looking for meaningful connections. Men looking for even opportunities for commitment find it more appealing than platforms where women predominate. Thanks to its roughly equal distribution of male and female users.

How Much Does Bumble Cost?

Bumble has weekly, monthly, and annual membership choices that are both free and paid for. Bumble Boost offers limitless swipes and other features for $9 per week or $17 per month. Bumble Premium, which adds sophisticated filters and Beeline access, starts at $20 per week or $40 per month. The annual plans start at $34 for Boost and go up to $77 for Premium. Premium has a lifetime subscription available for $230. On the dating site, users can select the membership level and tenure that best fit their requirements and financial situation.

Nice Features You Can Enjoy on Bumble 

Bumble is basically free. However, Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium, two premium programs, provide extra features. Most of the features that contribute to Bumble’s usefulness are unavailable to users on its free plan. Let’s discuss the special attributes of Bumble Dating.

Link Your Spotify Account

Bumble knows music matters in dating, from making mixtapes to sharing favorite songs. By linking your Spotify account, you can quickly see if you and a potential match have similar top artists. It helps you connect faster and start conversations more easily. Plus, it’s exciting if you find out you both love a niche band you thought only you knew about! This update makes starting chats less nerve-wracking by giving you something in common right from the start. 

Advanced Filter Options 

When considering your ideal match, it’s natural to have specific traits in mind, like finding someone equally active or seeking casual connections. Advanced Filters allow you to choose which attributes and interests you want a potential friend or partner to have, ensuring you only see relevant profiles. Subscriptions to Bumble Premium and Boost provide access to these filters. 

To pick your preferences, simply navigate to the feed of prospective matches, tap the two bars located at the upper right corner, and select “Set advanced filters”.

Personalizing your search based on important topics and beliefs can streamline your dating experience, helping you find compatible matches efficiently. Remember, select filters wisely to avoid narrowing your options too much.

Video Chat Feature

Before meeting someone in person, video conferencing is a pleasant method to get to know them. To initiate a video chat with your match, tap the grey video camera icon on the chat screen’s top right corner. Your match can choose to accept or decline the call. If they miss your call, Bumble will inform them so they can easily return your call.


Dating can sometimes feel like a guessing game, wondering if someone likes you or not. That’s where Bumble Beeline comes in. As part of Bumble Premium, Beeline shows you people who’ve already swiped right on you. These are your Admirers, eliminating the guesswork. To access Beeline, tap the grey heart icon and upgrade to Bumble Premium. 

Look for the pixelated square beside your Match Queue, revealing your Admirers. For Premium users, the square shows a preview of your first Admirer’s photo. Using the Beeline features gives you confidence, offers mental wellbeing, and eliminates dating nerves by showing who likes you. So you can now start conversations quicker with definite matches from your Beeline. Also, you can choose how you want to date and take a sneak peek at your Admirers with Bumble Premium.

Super swipes 

SuperSwipe is a premium feature that lets you express strong interest in a potential match. You can access SuperSwipe by signing up for Bumble Boost, Bumble Premium, or purchasing SuperSwipes separately from the main menu under your profile photo. Once you’ve chosen your option, go to your swipe queue and tap the star icon on a profile to indicate your interest. When you SuperSwipe someone, they’ll receive a notification that you’re interested in them. 

With Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium, you receive five SuperSwipes and one Spotlight per week as part of your subscription. Note that SuperSwipes and Spotlights expire and renew weekly based on the day you initially subscribed. For instance, if you subscribe on a Tuesday, any unused SuperSwipes and Spotlights expire the following Tuesday but refresh on that day for the next week.

Bumble BFF

If dating feels overwhelming, try building meaningful connections through friendship or business instead. Bumble BFF helps you meet new friends, while Bumble Bizz connects professionals for networking and learning. You can switch modes to BFF or Bizz via Settings without losing your Date mode connections. However, turning off Date mode completely deletes all connections and chats, and this action cannot be undone.

Bumble Event

Bumble introduces a new feature, Upcoming Events. This feature enables users to highlight their future plans directly on their profiles, facilitating easier first meet-ups with matches. When swiping, spot Bumble Upcoming Event profiles and match with events you plan to attend. The chosen event will then display on your profile, with a confirmation notification. To further narrow down matches, set Advanced Filters based on added events. Only those attending the same event can see it on your profile, and you can remove events anytime. Users can add up to 3 Upcoming Events, automatically removed after they pass. 

Spot light

To increase your visibility on Bumble, utilize the Spotlight feature, moving your profile to the forefront of others’ queues. Rather than waiting to be discovered, Spotlight ensures immediate exposure within the first few swipes of users.  

Users with Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium receive one weekly Spotlight, accessible by tapping the silhouette icon on the matching page. Additional Spotlights can be purchased for extended visibility. Utilize Spotlight during peak app hours, between 6 and 10 p.m., and ensure your profile is fully updated for optimal results. More exposure means increased chances of matching, making Bumble Spotlight a valuable tool if you want to boost your connections.

Incognito Mode

Incognito mode offers increased control over profile visibility while swiping. With Incognito mode, your profile remains hidden until you swipe right on someone, ensuring privacy. It’s included in the paid Bumble Premium subscription, offering a more exclusive Bumble experience. This feature ensures that your profile is only visible to those you’ve shown interest in by swiping right.

Profile Badges

Bumble’s Basic Info and Interest Badges allow you to present essential information upfront on your profile, saving bio space and time. Basic Info Badges cover work, education, location, and more, helping you connect with like-minded individuals. Add them by completing your profile and use them to filter potential matches. Interest Badges reveal hobbies and values, helping in compatibility assessment. Choose up to five activities or traits that represent you. While you can’t filter matches based on Interest Badges, they provide insight into your interests. So, you can utilize Badges to craft an authentic profile and potentially connect with someone who shares your passions.

Question Game

Do you need help initiating or spicing up conversations? Try the Question Game feature. Simply tap the button on the right side of your chat screen, select a question or input your own, and wait for both you and your match to respond before seeing each other’s answers. 

How to Open a Bumble Dating Account   

  • Type your name. Note that you cannot change the name you enter once it is saved on the app. Therefore, be careful to input it exactly as you would like to be called.
  • Include a few pictures—no more than two or six, for more visibility. However, in order for Bumble to validate your identity, you will need to authenticate your photographs using a live selfie. You’ll receive a blue badge and additional verified users on your feed after you accomplish that.
  • Then, enter your birthday (users must be at least 18 years old to enter).
  • Choose your gender (non-binary, male, or female). To select from a wide range of gender identities, hit More gender possibilities.
  • Choose your preferred Bumble Mode. Unlike the name segment, this section is flexible; you can change between modes at a later time, no matter which mode you select at this time. This gives you the choices of Date, BFF, and Bizz.
  • Then select the gender that interests you next. Here, you have three choices: Men, Women, and Everyone.
  • You can begin swiping as soon as you have finished editing your profile and possible matches display.


Is Bumble Dating a good site? 

Bumble is one of the best dating sites for those seeking real and serious relationships or connections. It has gathered some 50 million users across the globe. It is the only dating site that gives women control.

Can I be tracked on Bumble? 

It is impossible for someone to track you on Bumble only if you do not reveal personal/private information such as your home address.

What should I not put on a Bumble profile?

Bumble is an environment to catch fun while also feeling secure. Therefore, avoid posting nudities, pictures with underwear or pictures depicting any illegal activity.  

How Much Does Bumble Cost?

You can swipe through people’s profiles, connect with them, and exchange messages without cost.  However, if you want to enjoy added features, which are optional, you will have to purchase a subscription plan. The prices depend on location of the country you are residing. 


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